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How To Reduce Waste In The Kitchen To Make A Positive Impact On The Environment!

Posted by Lorraine on 7th Feb 2023

A huge amount of household waste accumulates in the kitchen, however, by implementing just a few changes you could make a significant difference to the amount of waste generated in your home. Everyone should be aware of recycling and reducing waste as much as possible. It's Zero Waste Week so there is no better time to start considering ways that you could reduce waste, if you are not doing so already! Zero Waste Week is an ongoing campaign raising awareness of the environmental impact of waste.

We’ve put together a short list of things to consider that will help you to reduce waste in the kitchen to help make a positive, environmental difference. If everyone recycled just one more item, the collective impact would be massive.

Pull Out Waste Sorters.

Waste Sorters are essentially neat, slim bins that are fitted within a kitchen unit and sit discreetly behind a door fascia.

By installing a Pull-Out Waste Sorter in your kitchen you can separate your household waste into individual bins which makes recycling even easier for you. There are a variety of size and configuration options available that are suitable for installation within a 600mm or 300mm kitchen base unit.

Waste Disposal Units.

Waste disposal units are a fantastic addition to any kitchen offering an extremely convenient and practical way to dispose of food waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Fitted discreetly beneath your kitchen sink, a waste disposal unit will grind down food waste into very small particles that can easily be flushed away via the standard waste system. This prevents food waste ending up in landfill which is great news for the environment. With more waste being disposed of down a waste disposal unit you’ll spend less time emptying the bin meaning you’ll reduce the amount of plastic bins liners you use too!

Soap Dispenser.

Refill stations for cleaning products such as washing up liquid are becoming more popular. With the inclusion of a built in soap dispenser you can save money and reduce the amount of plastic bottle waste in your home. We have a small number of built in soap dispensers available at Appliance House that look stylish and can be refilled with ease.

The Nordic Soap Dispenser from Quooker has a push down spout which is cleverly designed to be operated with one hand. Hidden under the work surface, the soap reservoir can be refilled from above with minimal effort. Soap Dispensers are suitable for hand soap or washing up liquid. We love the ‘Method’ range of cleaning products that are biodegradable and made with naturally derived ingredients. ‘Method’s’ washing up liquid range are available in super size, environmentally friendly refill pouches in a variety of scents, perfect for keeping a soap dispenser fully loaded!

Think Taps! Filtered Water Taps;

If you regularly buy bottled water, try to change your ways by investing in a re-useable water bottle and consider installing a filtered water tap in your kitchen too! Drinking plenty of filtered water is not only good for your health but this small change will also significantly reduce the amount of plastic bottle waste in your home.

In the UK all tap water is cleaned and safe to drink by the time it reaches our kitchen tap however, the water has travelled a long way, picking up tiny bits of dirt before finally reaching our kitchen tap. If you choose a filtered water tap any metallic taint and little bits of dirt that may have been collected along the way are removed before reaching your glass while essential minerals will remain in the water.

Boiling Hot Taps.

Reduce water waste in your home by installing a boiling water tap in your kitchen. With an instant hot water tap you use exactly the right amount of water required for the intended purpose, when you need it. According to studies at Strathclyde University, Brits wasting a whopping £145 million per year over-filling their kettles! By opting for a boiling water tap just think how much time, money and energy you could potentially save and the positive contribution you would be making to the environment. With modern and classic designs to choose from you will have no trouble finding a hot water tap to compliment your décor.

Energy Efficient Appliances.

It is worth looking for energy efficient appliances to replace old, inefficient models. Most modern appliances are graded for efficiency, you’ll find a vast array that offer an A energy efficiency rating or better which will help to reduce utility bills.

Look for dishwashers and laundry appliances that offer eco-cycles or half load options. These environmentally friendly cycles are uniquely designed to reduce electricity and water consumption, resulting in lower running costs for you.

Many laundry and dishwasher models now offer technology which will automatically adjust the settings during the cycle. Engineered with unique sensors these machines have the capability of monitoring the load and will automatically adjust the water pressure, temperature and time settings to save on water and energy whilst continuing to provide outstanding end results.

Unlike other appliances, your fridge freezer is on 24 hours a day, so it is really important to invest in a highly efficient model. It is worthwhile looking for a fridge freezer that features special technology such as subtle reminders that the door has been left open or models that have a power saving holiday mode, small but beneficial energy conserving features.

Should you be looking to upgrade any of your appliances, for just £10, we offer an environmentally friendly recycling service where we will collect your old appliance with the purchase of a new model.

If you require any further advice or wish to talk to one of our team about our range of waste disposal products or energy efficient appliances and taps then please give us a ring on 0330 002 0229. We are a friendly team and always happy to help.      

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