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Jargon Buster

Technical Words Explained


AbsoluteCare System

This feature allows all garments including delicates such as wool, silk and even clothing with water protection to be tumble dried. Unique drum movement and adjustments to the drying temperatures provides the best possible care for your garments ensuring shape and texture is retained.

Acoustic Alarm

With this feature, if you inadvertently leave your freezer or fridge door ajar, an alarm will sound so that you can prevent food spoilage.

Active Oxygen 2.0

A device that effectively purifies the air inside your fridge. This clever technology naturally helps the food inside the fridge to stay fresher for longer whilst reducing the formation of bacteria and odours.

Active Oxygen Technology

Neutralises unpleasant smells in a natural way and reduces odours inside the dishwasher by up to 70%. Great for in-between wash cycles.


Activ0° technology ensures an ideal storage environment for your fresh meat and fish. Temperature levels are controlled, protecting the taste, texture and nutritional properties of your food.

Adjustable Upper Basket

Two simple push levers allows the user to change the height of the upper basket, even with full loads.

AEG SoftWater

Before the washing cycle commences, water is purified and softened via a filter before entering the drum.

After Running - Cooker Hoods

The hood automatically continues to run on, for approx ten minutes, after normal operation to ensure that any remaining vapours and odours are effectively whisked away. The hood then automatically switches off.

AirDry Technology

The dishwasher door automatically opens 10cm during the cycle and uses natural airflow to finish the drying process to achieve perfect drying results every time.

Airstream Shelving - Refrigeration

Air vents at the back of the shelf allow an increased level of air circulation within the fridge. This improved circulation leads to food staying fresher for longer due to a more even temperature within the fridge.

Air Technology Ventilation

Air is constantly circulated around the fridge to maintain an optimum temperature with the correct humidity levels to prevent food drying out helping it to stay fresh for longer.

Allergy Care

Removes all detergent from fabric to minimise the risk of skin irritation.

Alternative Wash

The upper or lower baskets can be selected for the load. Allowing you to save water and energy with smaller loads. Available on select models.

Anti Allergy Technology

A cycle that is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It combines high temperatures and extra rinses to neutralise and remove 99.9% of allergens, dust mites and pollen.

Antibacterial Filter

Prevents the growth of bacteria and helps remove unpleasant odours from your fridge.

Anti-Bacterial Protection

Most of the fridge and fridge-freezer models we sell have natural silver elements within the lining of the fridge section which gives lifetime protection against bacteria, micro organism and algae growth, providing the safest possible storage environment for your food.

Anti Fingerprint Stainless Steel

Stain-proof and finger print resistant finish ensures the oven surface continues to remain sparkling clean.


An intuitive feature within an induction hob to make cooking a little easier. Anti-over flow automatically cuts off the cooking zone if liquid boils over onto the control panel.

Anti- Overheat

Prevents the induction hob from overheating during use.

Anti-Overflow Protection - Hobs

If liquid accidentley overflows onto the control panel, the hob will automatically switch off allowing you the opportunity to clean up.

Anti Stain Technology

This function manages detergent, water, drum rotation and temperature to eliminate stains in one wash.

Anti Stain Turbo 45

A fast anti stain programme which removes stains on juts 45 minutes and 20°.

Anti-Vibration Gaskets and Low Vibration Compressors

Prevent disturbance to the wine’s sediment balance. Vibration and humidity during storage will influence how your wine will taste upon serving. Caple wine cabinets create an ideal atmosphere of above 65% humidity, to preserve cork quality and prevent mould and odours.

Aquastop/Waterstop - Dishwashers

A device that cuts off the water supply in the case of leaks, and a safety water valve to guard against siphoning, even when the machine is switched off.

A-Rated - Refrigeration

Unlike your washing machine or dishwasher, your fridge or freezer is on 24 hours a day, so it is especially important that the appliance does not waste energy. Look out for cooling products that are the most energy-efficient performers minimising environmental damage and saving you money. Most models in our range have at least an A rating in the EC Energy Efficiency rating scheme and many of our models have an A+ energy rating, meaning that it uses up to 25% less energy than equivalent A-rated products.

A-Rated Energy

Without compromising on performance, A energy rated products use less electricity, saving you money and reducing the impact on the environment.


Automatically defrosts the fridge at regular intervals without the need to switch off the appliance or remove the food stored.

Automatic Boil Start - Hobs

The cooking zone may be set to operate at full power for a period of time before reverting back to a pre-set power level.

Automatic Pan Detection

This feature detects when a suitable pan has been placed on an induction cooking zone.

Automatic Pan Recognition - Hobs

The hob recognises the size of the pan and only heats up the base of the pan and not the whole zone, saving time and energy.

Automatic Re-ignition - Gas Hobs

If the flame goes out this is quickly detected by a heat sensor, and the hob will automatically attempt to re-ignite.

Automatic Weight Programmes - Microwaves

Simply select the appropriate programme; enter the weight and press start. The automatic programme then takes over to cook your dish to perfection.

Baby Cycle

A special wash cycle designed for bulky loads such as bedding and towels, cycle completes in less than two hours. Available on 8kg & 9kg machines.

Baby Cycle - Dishwashers

An intensive wash cycle designed to cleanse and remove harmful bacteria from dishwasher-safe crockery and cutlery used to feed babies and young children, to give you further peace of mind when caring for your family.

Best Care Technology

Ensures perfect drying results, while protecting your garments over time.

Boil Control

Maintains a temperature just below boiling of 94 C. when cooking on a Caple induction hob.


Extraction is increased to its maximum level to keep your kitchen free from odours.

Booster & Booster+

Induction hobs with Booster function offer extra power resulting in faster heat up and boiling times. Booster+ provides even further power and performance.

Boost function

Extremely fast preheat function for your oven to speed up dinner preparation!

Boost Function - Hobs

Increases the power output of the selected cooking zone by approximately 50% by ‘borrowing’ power from another zone. Note that when boost is selected for a particular zone, the partner zone contributing the power cannot be used.

Bottom Heat Only - Ovens

Only the bottom element is used to generate heat. This method is ideal for reheating or for when a crisp underside is required such as pizza bases and pastry cases. It can also be used for drying herbs and bain-marie cooking.

Bridge Function

Available on multi zone induction hobs. The bridge function provides flexibility as you can combine individual zones together to create one large cooking area. Ideal for those who cook often and cook large quantities of food/batch cooking.

Built-Under Double Oven

Conveniently fitted under a worktop, slide into position on legs, the built-under ovens offer all the advantages of a built-in double oven but in a slightly smaller space, giving you the advantage of two ovens where you thought you may have only had room for one.

Canopy Hood

Canopy hoods are designed to fit snugly under an overhead canopy kitchen unit. They’re discreet and save valuable space in the kitchen.

Cast Iron Supports

Cast iron pan supports are both stylish and highly durable, providing solid and robust support for your cooking pans whilst adding a strong contemporary look to your kitchen.

Ceramic Hobs

With either electronic touch or rotary dial controls and flexible cooking zones, the ceramic hobs combine great looks with smart function and design. The smooth ceramic glass hob surface is tough and durable as well as being practical and easy to clean.

Chef Mode

The chef mode creates three large induction zones, allowing you to cook with multiple pans at various temperatures all at the same time.

Child Lock

Controls can be locked for safety and to prevent alteration of the appliance settings.

Chimney Hood

As much as a visual statement as an essential kitchen tool. The extractors are available in a choice of options, from extra wide to standard models in a range of styles and finishes.

Classic Range

Caple Classic products provide a no frills approach yet still feature clever technology to make life as easy as possible for the user. Appliances offer excellent all-round performance, top build quality and a simplistic, modern design. Perfect for any kitchen.

Clean Filter Indicator

A visual indicator will alert you when you need to wash the grease filters or change the odour filter.


An induction hob featuring an integrated hood, all in one appliance meaning there will be no need to install a cooker hood with this clever design!


A special lifting mechanism allowing you to easily adjust the height of the lower rack in the dishwasher to make loading and unloading of the dishwasher as easy at possible.


Baskets slide smoothly in & out of the dishwasher when loading. This prevents crockery from rattling, protecting them from damage.

Conventional Hood

Conventional extractors fit neatly under a kitchen unit protruding slightly. The controls are usually positioned on the front.

Conventional Top and Bottom Heat - Ovens

Employs both the upper and lower heating elements. The heat travels to the centre of the oven by natural convection, which is the best position to obtain the selected temperature. Most foods can be cooked using this system, but it is best suited to foods, which require a dark crisp finish or long slow cooking.


Allows you to cook up to three separate dishes at the same time, without the risk of aromas mixing.

Counter Balanced Door

The door will remain in position, at any angle to make loading and unloading as easy and safe as possible.


A practical inner door storage system featuring shelves, clips and compartments for all your storage needs. Fridge compartments and shelves are available in many shapes and sizes and can be rearranged easily to maximise storage space.

Daily 60 - Hotpoint Laundry

This new wash programme has been designed to wash a typical load of 4-6 lightly soiled place settings within just 60minutes, whilst achieving an A class wash performance.

Defrost Function - Ovens

Perfect for gently defrosting meat, poultry, bread, cream cakes and much more.

Delay Timer

Allows you to delay the start time for between 1-24 hours.

Direct Flame Technology

Available on gas hobs, Direct Flame Technology provides even heat distribution across the surface of the pan, resulting in a saving of time and energy whilst creating even and excellent cooking results.

Direct Injection

Pre-mixes the detergent to create better cleaning power, allowing you to wash at lower temperatures yet still achieve exceptional results.


Touch controls allowing quick, precise heat level selection. Available in a rotary slide function too.

Double Oven

Fully flexible, with two ovens that you can use individually or at the same time giving you maximum capacity and flexibility. Installed in a taller unit, you can have everything at eye level for ease of use.

Double Ring Zone

Flexible induction heating zone suitable for a variety of pan sizes. Chose between a single ring or for larger pans opt for the double ring.

Double Zone

A zone that can be increased in diameter (2 size options) to optimise cooking possibilities whilst catering for various sized pans.

Dough Proving - Warming Drawers

The gentle heat of the warming drawer is the perfect environment for proving dough.

DualSense Technology

Whatever the fabric, delicate or hardwearing jeans, DualSense technology helps garments to retain their shape as the temperature and movement of the drum automatically adapts to suit different fabric types.

Dual Zones - Hobs

Available on selected hobs, this energy-saving feature allows you to select a smaller cook zone for small pans, and a larger zone for larger pans.

Dual Zone Wine Cabinet

Independently controlled wine cabinet offering dual stacked temperature zones for red or white wine.

Ducted Extraction - Cooker Hoods

Ducting out is the most effective method of extraction if the hood can be sited on an outside wall or an outside wall can be reached via ducting.

Dynamic Air

Airflow technology inside the fridge which ensures a constant temperature is evenly distributed at every shelf level. Dynamic Air Technology keeps produce fresh for longer.

Dynamic Crisp

Allows you to heat frozen food to the ideal temperature, ideal for when you're in a hurry!

Dynamic Defrost

This function defrosts food quickly and safely. The microwave will automatically calculate the time required for even defrosting after you programme the type of food and its weight.

Dynamic Reheat

Reheat ready-made food from frozen or at room temperature.

Dynamic Steam

Water is brought to the boil instantly and remains at boiling point for the duration of the cooking, great for cooking vegetables and fish.

Eco Cycle/Eco Wash

Save up to 70% in energy with an energy efficient cycle specifically programmed for cottons, synthetics and fast wash cycles.

EcoWash - Hotpoint Laundry

An environmentally friendly wash cycle combining low energy consumption levels with great cleaning performance.

Efficient Burners

New high efficiency burners where the flame sits straight on the bottom of the pan for quicker boiling times and faster cooking; saving up to 20% more energy.

Electric Hobs

Ceramic and induction electric hobs offer a sleek, streamlined look in the kitchen. With slim glass cooking surfaces they are easy to clean, and induction hobs are as easy to control as gas.

Electronic Control - Ovens

A perfect blend of high tech and contemporary design, the top of the range ovens are electronically controlled. The oven temperature is maintained at a constant level to provide even heat and optimum cooking performance.

Electronic Temperature Control - Refrigeration

Accurate temperature control is essential to maximise the freshness of your food. Premium fridge-freezers feature accurate electronic control and temperature display for both fridge and freezer sections.

Electronic Timer - Ovens

No need to plan your life around meals, the programmable timer means you can set the start and finish times to suit the demands of your day and your cooking.

Emergency Stop - Hobs

Allows you to switch all cook zones off at the touch of a single button - ideal if the doorbell rings.

Enamel Coating

The enamel oven interior coating offers an easier to clean finish.


Thin door design, allows side to wall installation for a flush fitted look.

Extendable Zone - Hobs

The cooking zone can be extended giving you a much larger area to accommodate big saucepans, fish kettles and other special cooking dishes.

Fast Fix - Hotpoint Laundry

A unique hinge mechanism enables the appliance to be neatly installed without cutting the plinth and then the patented Fast Fix system allows the front décor panel to be fitted in minutes, even if the dishwasher has already been installed.

Fast Heat - Ovens

This time-saver preheats the oven approx. 30% faster by using all the heating elements at once.

Fingerprint Resistant

A special treatment that ensures no finger marks will be left on the exterior of the appliance.

Fixed Hinge - Refrigeration

The benefits of this type of hinge are that you can add more weight to the door, and open it at a larger angle, making access and use easier. The doors close automatically at an angle of approx 15%.

Flame Failure Device

If the burner is accidentally extinguished the thermostat reacts and shuts off the gas supply to the burner.

Flame Safe

A sensor found in Caple gas hobs to ensure the burner immediately cuts the gas supply if the flame accidentally goes out.

Flexible Fitting

A feature designed into many Caple under-counter wine cabinets - allows the height of the plinth to be adjusted between 100mm and 150mm to ensure that you’ll have no problem fitting the appliance beneath your work surface, great for European kitchens.


Customise your cooking areas. Flexi-Bridge allows you to combine up to four hob zones together to create a large cooking zone providing exceptional, heat distribution to accommodate pans of any shape or size.

Flexi Cook

Allows you to combine multiple burners into one, large cooking zone. Ideal when cooking for large numbers and you have big pots and pans on the go.

Flexi-Load System

Adjustable internal elements ensure that there is adequate room to fit crockery and utensils for up to 15 people.

Flexi-Power Inverter Motor

Unique sensors automatically adjust water pressure, temperature and time to suit the load meaning you use the correct amount of water and energy which is better for the environment.


Flexi Rack allows you to change the layout of the racks in your dishwasher to suit your requirements.


A zone which allows you to move pans freely from one zone to another. The hob responds and activates heat once it has determined the correct size of the pan. When using two zones, you are able to operate each zone independently of one another.

Flush Burners

Designed to make the cleaning of the hob as easy as possible as they are removable and dishwasher safe.

Flush Mounted Hob

Recessed into the work surface. Suitable for solid surfaces like marble, granite, Getacore, wood, Corian, Quartz, concrete or slate.

Food Care Zone

A dedicated zone within the fridge that maintains a constant temperature of 0°, the perfect temperature for storing meat and fish.

Freeze Function - Induction Hobs

"Freezes" the control panel at its current settings to allow the surface to be wiped down (if something spills). Saves the user having to switch off the hob to clean it or risk disturbing the settings. Reverts back at the touch of the key or after approximately 20 seconds.

French Door Fridge Freezer

Two doors on the top of the fridge open to reveal a large capacity fridge with freezer drawers beneath.

Fresh Air Flow Technology

A fan positioned at the top of the fridge evenly circulates the cool air to ensure food constantly remains at the perfect temperature.

Fridge Freezer

A fridge and a freezer designed to fit in a single tall housing unit. Each has its own door, but shares the same compressor unit, saving energy and money.

Frost Free

Available on selected fridge-freezers, this innovative system eliminates the formation of ice on food and the freezer interior, meaning you never have to worry about defrosting again. Intelligent electronics ensure that the defrost operation is only initiated when the appliance actually needs it.


A fast freeze function, ideal for freezing fresh food quickly to preserve flavour and freshness.

Full Width Variable Grill

Enables you to grill large quantities with precise temperature control. For added efficiency grilling is performed with the oven door closed.

Fully Extendable Shelf Rails

The height of convenience, telescopic shelf rails allow you to pull out the oven shelves to access an item without having to lift it out of the oven. Ideal for basting or tasting quickly and safely.

Fully Frost Free

Means exactly what it says, no more defrosting ever. And there’s more good news, food stays fresher longer due to the circulation of cold air in both the fridge and the freezer preventing the build up of ice.

Fully Integrated - Dishwashers

Need a dishwasher, but don’t want to spoil the seamless lines of your new kitchen? Fully integrated models offer all the innovative features you’d expect from all of our quality brands but you get to choose a door panel to fit with your kitchen design.

Gas Hobs

Extremely controllable and easy to use, gas hobs are the choice for cooking enthusiasts. Most gas hobs are available in several colour options with many also available in stunning stainless steel.

Glass Care Programme

A dedicated glass washing programme that cleans glasses at 45° ensuring they are carefully cleaned to perfection. Suitable for precious glass, crystal and china.

Half Grill

On selected ovens you have the option to select just the centre section of the grill element as an economical way to grill smaller quantities of food.

Half Load - Dishwashers

If you don’t have enough for a full load and can’t wait, simply load the crockery, plates, pots and pans anywhere in your dishwasher, select the programme temperature and press the half load button. The programme time is reduced and up to 30% less water is used.

Heat Exchanger - Dishwashers

The unique heat recycling reservoir maximises performance by using heat that is generated in the main wash to pre-heat cold water used for the rinse cycles before it enters the dishwasher. Pre-heating the water minimises the risk of thermal shock which can occur when cold water strikes warm delicate items which can cause cracking or breakages. As an additional benefit this system is also an extremely energy efficient method of heating the water.

Hinged Pan Supports

Cast iron pan supports with a hinged mechanism which allows you to lift up the supports to easily clean the hob surface below.


This feature provides fully automated control of the cooker hood directly from the hob. Simply turn on the hob and the hood will automatically power up. Selecting power boost on your hob with intensify the speed of extraction within the hood. Lights are operated via a wireless signal between the hob and the hood.

Hold Warm - Ovens

This convenient function keeps food items warm at temperatures between 66oC and 100oC at the touch of a button.

Holiday Setting - Refrigeration

Save energy while you are away. Holiday Setting allows the freezer to keep running as normal whilst the fridge is set to 12oC when empty with the door closed. This prevents any unpleasant odours and energy consumption is minimal.

3D Hot Air Cooking - Bosch

The element around the fan distributes the heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven for same temperature cooking on three levels. Sweet and savoury items can be cooked at the same time. At higher temperatures (200-220oC) the effect is to evenly grill on three levels - with no turning of the food required. Use high temperature 3D hot air cooking, for example, to cook an entire full English breakfast.

Hot Air Grilling

An ideal cooking method for meat and poultry where a rotisserie effect is desired. The grill and fan operate alternately, which results in even crisp food and can use up to 50% less energy than traditional roasting.

Humidity Control - Refrigeration

Allows adjustment of both temperature and humidity levels to maximise the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Lettuce, for example should be stored at high air humidity compared to other fruit and vegetables.

Humidity Sensor

A feature found on the steam oven range, sensors control the steam levels in the cavity to cook food perfectly time after time.

Hydro Clean

Steam clean the entire internals of your oven without the need for detergents. The oven is lined with a special coating with cleaning properties that are activated during the 35 minute, 90°C steam clean cycle.

Hygiene +

A 4-stage water filtration system is teamed with a durable stainless steel interior to provide hygienic cleaning and improved drying results.

Induction Hobs

Induction technology is now widely recognised as one of the quickest, safest and most efficient methods of cooking available. It uses an electromagnetic field to instantly generate heat, giving you the control and responsiveness of gas, but with far more energy efficiency. Heat is only generated when the pan is placed on the hob - it stops as soon as the pan is removed - and while an induction hob cooks almost twice as quickly as a standard ceramic hob, and 40% quicker than gas, the ceramic glass of an induction hob does not get as hot as that of standard ceramic hobs, which makes for a safe and easy-to-clean cooking surface. The hob will only operate with pans with a ferrous (or magnetic) base.

Induction Hob Pause Function

This allows you to temporarily stop the entire hobs cooking activity and then restart it at the same settings.

Injection Steam

Used in Caple Steam Ovens; Creates a consistent temperature by heating up the water tank, bringing the water to the correct temperature before injecting steam into the oven cavity.

InnoWave Technology - Microwaves

Inverter technology is used to regulate the microwaves inside the oven. This results in a more consistent, precise level of power, allowing food to be cooked faster and more evenly. Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 15%, and cooking times reduced by up to 10%.

Integrated Hood

Integrated hoods look like they’re part of the furniture. Hidden behind a furniture door, they pull out when you need them.

Intensive Heat - Ovens

This time-saver delivers immediate intense heat from below, which is particularly effective for foods with a crispy base such as pizza. It makes it unnecessary to preheat the oven when baking cakes and quiches, and is also ideal for baking with tin, glass or porcelain moulds, which tend to reflect heat or are poor conductors of heat.

Inverter Motor

A powerful and intensive speed motor that is capable of extracting cooking vapours with excellent efficiency.

Island Chimney Hood

Dramatic and designed to be suspended over a central island unit in larger kitchens - an interior designer’s dream come true.

Ixelium Treatment

A revolutionary, easy to clean treatment used on many Whirlpool ovens to protect them from scratches ensuring a constant, perfect shine for years to come.

Larder Fridge

Larder fridges are so called because they provide a huge amount of space to keep all your fresh foods cool, just like a larder. Models include the extra large and eye level options, all featuring our latest technology and design.

LessFrost Technology

Features a unique evaporator wrapped around the freezer cavity, rather than in between the freezer drawers, to ensure a significant reduction of frost formation.

LongFresh - ZeroDegree

A Zero Degree compartment offering precision chilling at the touch of a button. The compartments feature adjustable temperature settings and separate humidity allowing you to create unique chilling conditions, relevant to the item being stored. This will maintain the freshness, vibrancy and flavour of fresh food.

Low Profile Hob

Designed to sit on top of the work surface with the smallest of edges, easy to fit.

Low Temperature Cooking

Ideally suited for keeping high quality pan-fried meat at the desired level of rareness or otherwise for an extended period of time without it spoiling. Juices and textures are retained whilst you get on with preparing the rest of the dinner.

MaxiSense Combi

Turn a specific area of your hob into a hot plate! This function allows for up to three pans to be placed and used anywhere within dedicated the cooking 'hot plate' zone. Temperature and timers can be individually controlled.

Memory Recall

If you regularly cook at a certain temperature then this function is ideal. After switching the hob off, it is possible to recall the last used setting.

Metal Filter - Cooker Hoods

A metal filter provides the ultimate in filtering efficiency. The dishwasher-proof metal mesh requires periodic cleaning but can be used over and over again.

Metal Touch Controls

Some state-of-the-art ovens now feature the latest in touch control technology with metal touch controls, which only require the lightest touch to activate them.

Modular Hobs

Essentially a mini hob! Hob modules can be mixed together in any sequence and number providing countless cooking options. Combine gas, electric, induction or teppan for a bespoke solution.

Multiflow Technology

Clever technology to ensure products inside the fridge are stored at precisely the correct temperature and humidity to retain their fresh flavours and nutritional values.

Multi Function 8

Offers multiple cooking methods to ensure perfect results whatever your recipe.

Multifunction Oven

Multifunction ovens are the optimum choice for anyone who takes cooking seriously. Giving you total control with maximum flexibility, there’s a wide choice of multifunction ovens with between five and thirteen separate cooking programmes.

Multiple Zones

Keep all your wines at the perfect temperature in one cabinet. Caple wine coolers offer multiple zones allowing you to store different wines at varying temperatures; Rosés and whites 8°-14°C, Sparkling wines 6°-10°C. Full bodied reds 16°-18°C & lighter reds 13°-16°C.

Multiposition Flaps

Foldable flaps suitable for securely holding cups or glasses in the dishwasher.

Multi Recipes

Programmed recipes automatically select the correct function and best settings to create outstanding cooking results at home.

Multiwaves Technology

Unique technology to ensure the 'microwaves' reach every part of the food to allow even cooking, heating and defrosting of every dish.

No Frost Compressor Cooling System

State of the art technology that maintains precisely the right temperature, regardless of the ambient room temperature.

NoFrost Technology

Reduces the humidity inside the freezer, preventing ice build-up.

ÖKOMix Technology

Detergents, softeners and water are evenly pre mixed and activated before they enter the drum. Clothes receive a thorough clean as each fibre is easily reached and cared for.

Oko Timer

An energy saving timer function that will automatically switch off the hob zone once the timer is finished. It then uses residual heat to complete the final few minutes of cooking.

One Hand Ignition - Hobs

Push and turn the ergonomically designed control knobs and the gas ignites automatically. As well as offering the convenience of only using one hand there is also no separate ignition button to clean.

Openspace Oven - Hotpoint

The revolutionary design means Openspace ovens have 20% more space than a standard 60cm single oven, giving you a huge 70 litres. Then, you can insert the divider to create a double oven with two independent cooking zones.


The most efficient and suitable cycle is automatically selected based on load size. Sensors adjust washing and drying times to prevent garments being over washed or dried.

Oval Zone

Can be used as a single zone for smaller pans or double zone when using large pans, griddles and fish kettles.

Oven - Clean Function

A cleaning function that returns your oven to a fresh and spotless condition in only 1 hour. Caple ovens with this feature are designed with a special nickel free, micro-porous enamel which allows the oven to reach up to 250 .C oxidising any residue, making it really easy to clean.

Paper Grease Filter - Cooker Hoods

The print and stripe markings darken considerably when the disposable paper filter is saturated to indicate that it needs replacing.

Perimetrical Extraction

A highly effective extraction process that quietly removes odours. Reduced noise and increased pressure results in improved motor performance for kitchen extraction.

Piezo Control

Piezo are a range of appliances which are controlled by pressure sensitive keys rather than touch controls.

Pizza Function - Ovens

Designed with the pizza-lover in mind, but equally useful for quiches and tarts, this innovative function delivers cooking power for a perfectly crisp, browned base while keeping the topping moist. Suitable also for frozen food, and in many cases no preheating is required.

Plasma Technology

An extremely efficient odour removal process found in a selection of Caple cooker hoods. Any air travelling through the filter is purified by the plasma, removing 95% of all odours. Extends the life of the charcoal filter from around 6 months to 5 years.

Plate Warming - Ovens

Food stays warm for longer if served up in preheated ovenware. Plate warming allows you to preheat porcelain ovenware between 30oC to 65oC.

Pop-Out Controls

Not only make the oven easy to operate but also they maintain a clean line when the oven is not in use, making the oven control panel easy to clean. Some of the top of the range Logixx models also have an illuminated red band.

PowerDry 3D

An airflow system that drains the steam out of the dishwasher ensuring every item in your dishwasher will be completely dry at the end of the cycle.

Power Settings - Cooker Hoods

All hoods feature multiple power settings, which can be set to effectively remove odours, smoke and moisture caused by cooking in the kitchen area. Many hood models also feature an intensive extraction setting, which gives an extra boost to the performance of the hood when required.


Fix different pre-set heats within the MaxiSense Combi zone to turn the area into a hot plate with full power at the front to simmer at the back. Simply slide your pan to the preferred heat zone without stopping to adjust the temperatures during cooking.

Precision Temperature Control

Temperature sensors precisely control the temperature within the oven to within 2 degrees for optimum cooking results, helping to provide a consistent temperature within the cavity.

Premium Slider

With one easy movement you can select a choice of 9 heat levels using the high speed, precise, slider control. Each cooking zone can be regulated by its own slider.

Pre-Wash Option - Laundry

For especially dirty clothes, a pre-wash will loosen dirt and remove it from the clothes prior to the main wash.


Inserted into a joint of meat a probe will monitor the temperature during cooking. Once the desired temperature is reached the oven will create an audible signal and the display will notify the user too, ensuring your roast is cooked to perfection.

Programme Status Light Beam

A light is projected onto the floor when the dishwasher is on. The light turns off automatically when the cycle has finished. Ideal for quiet dishwasher models, prevents the opening of the dishwasher during a cycle.

ProSense Technology

Automatically measures each load and tailors the time, water and energy consumption for the wash cycle for your clothes. This process protects fabrics whilst also saving energy and time.

ProSteam Technology

A washing cycle that includes steam to leave clothes refreshed, odour free and with up to 30% less wrinkles, resulting in less ironing too!

Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

The ultimate in self-cleaning power and convenience. During the pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle, the oven is heated to around 480oC, at this temperature any deposits are quickly reduced to a thin layer of ash, which can then be simply wiped away with a damp cloth to leave a completely clean oven. The process is completely safe and costs less than 50p each time.

Pyro Proof Telescopic Runner

Shelves glide out effortlessly and safely making it easier to check food during cooking. They can be left in the oven while running a pyrolytic cleaning programme.

Ready 2Cook

A powerful convection system which quickly and efficiently heats the oven to the desired temperature, eliminating the need for pre-heating.

Ready To Wear

A special cycle that allows you to wash and dry a small load of laundry in just 60 minutes.

Recirculating Extraction - Cooker Hoods

If an outside wall cannot be reached the extractor can be set up for recirculating. Air is drawn into the appliance through the filters to neutralise odours and remove grease particles. The cleaned air is then returned to the kitchen. A carbon filter or recirculating kit is necessary for recirculation (most an optional accessory).

Recirculating Kit - Cooker Hoods

Contains a carbon filter and any other necessary components to ensure that odour free air is returned into the kitchen. To ensure that the hood performance is maintained, the carbon filter should be replaced on a regular basis.

Reduced Ironing Option - Laundry

The laundry is tumbled gently periodically during the normal programme spin cycle, and then at the end of the spin phase, keeping laundry fluffy and tangle free. The result is reduced creasing, and therefore easier ironing.

Removable Pan Supports

A great option for saving space, pan supports allow you to load pans vertically and secure them in place.

Residual Heat Indicator

A series of indicator lights for each burner on the front control panel, which show you if there is a residual heat on the hob. In the event of a problem with the individual burner the indicator lights also act as warning lights on some models.

Run-On Timer

The cooker hood continues to extract for a further 5 minutes to ensure all odours are removed from the air and will automatically switch off.

Sabbath Setting

The oven can be set to maintain a temperature of 85oC for between 24 and 73 hours.

Safer Touch Doors

Oven doors are either double, triple or even quadruple glazed depending on the model to ensure that the temperature of the door is always well within safety standards.

Safety Glass Shelves - Refrigeration

The safety glass shelves do not shatter when broken, reducing the risk of cutting yourself on shards of glass. They often have an anti-spill trim too, and can hold up to a pint of liquid in case of accidents. Easy to clean with a scratch-resistant, non-slip surface and height adjustable allowing you to maximise the interior storage space.

Safety Lock - Dishwashers

The control panel or door can be locked to stop little fingers from interfering when the machine is running.

Safety Lock - Hobs

Featured as standard on many touch control models, it prevents the hob from being inadvertently operated.

Satellite Spray Arm

A multiple, double rotation arm that sprays water jets at various angles inside the dishwasher to ensure water reaches every corner of the dishwasher resulting in efficient washing and rinsing for an impeccable clean.

Self Cleaning Technology

A time saving and energy efficient pyrolytic cleaning process. Pyrolytic cleaning heats the oven to extremely high temperatures. Tough grime and food deposits in the oven cavity then turn to ash which can be removed effortlessly.

Self Closing Door

Automatically closes the fridge door from an angle of 25-30°, closing in a soft, silent motion.

Semi-Integrated Dishwashers

These still allow you to fit a décor panel to your dishwasher. However, on these models the control panel, which can be in a range of colours to suit your furniture and other appliances, is clearly visible.

6th Sense Cooker Hoods

Models with 6th Sense will automatically switch on and select an adequate extraction level to deal with the smoke, heat and steam detected in the kitchen. It will switch off again once the air quality has been restored to a suitable level.

6th Sense Freezers

Maintain a constant temperature resulting in a cost-effective and eco-friendly appliance. Automatically boosts freezing only when required.

6th Sense Hobs

Sensors within the hob continuously monitor the temperature of the pan and know when the water inside reaches boiling point, temperature remains constant even when food is added to the pan.

6th Sense Induction Shelf

A removable, magnetic induction shelf. Food is immediately detected once placed in the induction tray, settings are automatically adjusted to ensure food in the tray is cooked evenly throughout. Efficient cooking process conserving up to 50% in energy and time when compared to a regular Whirlpool oven.

6th Sense Infinite Care Dual Sensor Technology

Monitors and adapts the temperature and humidity inside the drum for the softest drying results.Saves time and energy.

6th Sense Live

Enables remote control of the appliance. An application can be downloaded to your mobile or tablet and then you can switch on the appliance allowing you to change the settings or check the status while away from the home!

6th Sense Ovens

Complete with a multitude of pre-set recipes a 6th sense Whirlpool oven will automatically adjust cooking, temperature and time settings. 2 sensors continually monitor your dishes and the internal temperature to ensure perfect results every time.

6th Sense PowerClean Dishwashers

Detects the level of soiling and adjusts the programme, temperature and time accordingly to ensure perfect, sparkling results whilst reducing time and energy consumption by up to 50% compared to regular dishwashers!


A built in food probe accurately measures the core temperature of the food allowing you to cook food exactly to your liking; rare medium or well done.

Sense Premium

Caple Sense Premium products provide the best experience in both performance and style using cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas. Oven models offer a professional level of functionality.

Sense Range

Caple appliances within the sense range are sleek in design and offer the latest technology and excellent performance.

Sense Range - Auto Function

Offers multiple preset recipes. Simply select food type, enter weight and the oven will automatically select the ideal temperature & setting resulting in perfectly cooked food. You can also personalise the recipes and store them with this function.

6th Sense Refrigerators - FreshControl Technology

Temperature inside the appliance is continuously balanced and monitored, it will adjust instantly and much faster than classic models helping to keep food fresher for longer.

6th Sense Technology

Technology built into your appliance to make every day tasks as easy as possible for you whilst conserving energy and efficiency. Within each appliance category 6th Sense Technology plays a varied and important role.

6th Sense Washer Dryers

Models are capable of determining the best washing and drying cycle for your load. Progress during the cycle is monitored and settings with automatically adjust even whilst the cycle is running resulting in a reduction of water, time and energy compared to classic models. 6th Sense dryers monitor the level of humidity and end the cycle automatically once the clothes are dry.

Sense Wine Cabinets

Selected models come with a temperature range of 5°C-18°C, ideal, for storing wine at the correct temperature. When set at 5°C it is also perfect for chilling and storing beers and soft drinks.

SensiDry Technology

This clever technology allows for fabrics to be gently dried at half the temperature of standard tumble dryers without significantly increasing the running times. A gentle and efficient drying programme.

Sensitive Wash - Laundry

By prolonging the maximum wash temperature, increasing the water level, and adding an extra rinse, this programme reduces exposure to allergens that irritate sensitive skin.

Sensor Drying

Sensors monitor moisture and temperature levels inside the drum so the machine knows when to stop once dried to the specified level of dryness.

Sensor Vented

Sensors in the drum constantly check moisture levels. The machine will only stop when clothes are completely dry.


Advanced technology reduces the noise levels to the lowest decibels possible, even when cooking and extracting on full power this technology will keep extraction noise levels to a minimum allowing you to enjoy the cooking experience.

Silent Technology

Ensures efficient and silent or low level operation of Whirlpool appliances (Hoods, dryers)

Single Bridging Zone

Link two zones together to create a larger cooking area.

Single Oven

Neatly installed in a unit or under a counter, single ovens offer convenience and functionality. Sleek, smart and elegant in design ensuring you achieve the look you desire in your kitchen.

Sliding Hinges

Exclusive to AEG - allows you to install the dishwasher with any length door without the need to cut the kitchen plinth. Great option for kitchens designed with no plinths.

Sliding Hinges - Refrigeration

The integrated door fitting method offers a slide connector pre-fitted at the factory, which offers a simple low cost route to adding door furniture. It offers adjustment in depth and height for precise fitting.

Slimline Dishwasher

Smaller household, or just not the space for a full size dishwasher? A slimline model reduces the water used for dishwashing, and often have the same AAA energy rating as the top of the range standard dishwashers.

SoftGrip Mechanism & Soft Spikes

Soft grip rubber clamps carefully hold wines glasses and champagne flutes in place during a washing cycle and the soft spikes provide extra support around the rim of the glass. A secure, stable and gentle way to hold glasses eliminating the need to hand wash.

Small Utensil Detection - Induction Hobs

If you leave a serving spoon on the induction zone when it is turned on, the hob will not recognise it as being suitable cookware. As an added safety mechanism, the hob will automatically switch off giving you peace of mind.


Slow motion, slow-closing hinges. Allows an appliance door to shut effortlessly with a soft and silent motion.

Solarplus Grill - Hotpoint

Found on all Experience double ovens, the Solarplus Grill gets to full temperature after only 15 seconds and it is 20% quicker than a conventional grill. The grill mesh is also practically self-cleaning saving you valuable time and inconvenience.

Sports Wash - Laundry

A programme for modern sports clothes with Sportswear microfibre technology like those used for gym, cycling or jogging.


A baking programme that uses steam to enhance the baking results. Cakes and bread with be light and fluffy on the inside with a perfect golden top.


Delivers exactly the right amount of steam into the cavity to lock moisture into baked, roasted or steamed food resulting in succulent, juicy and flavoursome meals every time.

Steam Cooking

Looking for a healthier way of cooking? Steam Ovens are a fast, healthy and convenient way of sealing valuable vitamins and minerals into your food. Taste is maintained, as there is no flavour transfer; so different dishes can be cooked together.


Cooking with steam and traditional heat to guarantee food is cooked gently for the best results.


Allows you to cook with SousVide. Seal in flavours and nutrients under vacuum then use a gentle steam setting to cook and create tasty, healthy dishes.

Steam Recovery System

An energy efficient recycling process found in Caple Steam Ovens. Water is collected during the cooling process and recycled.

Steam Technology

Provides a deep intensive clean; steam is injected into the drum towards the end of a full wash cycle.

Stop Frost Technology

Easy & effortless defrosting in 1 minute. Prevents ice build up. Simply remove the ice-collector and rinse it under the tap for 1 minute.

Stop+Go Function

A 'keep warm' setting to be used when cooking is interrupted. When ready to return to your cooking, Stop+Go remembers the previously selected setting.

Supercool - Refrigeration

Putting new food into your fridge causes the internal temperature to increase; the more you add, the greater the effect. Your fridge has to work harder to cool down, and the food already stored in there can get warmer. So for maximum preservation, Supercool will prepare your fridge by rapidly reducing the temperature, keeping the contents cool, and quickly lowering the temperature of the new groceries down to 2oC.

Superfreeze - Refrigeration

Adding new food to the freezer raises the internal temperature, and the freezer has to work harder to avoid food already in there from warming-up, and possibly even part defrosting. The Superfreeze function rapidly lowers the temperature in the freezer, ensuring that the fresh food is frozen food quickly, while surrounding frozen food stays frozen. So even when the door is open for longer periods, the contents are protected.

Super Silent

Appliances run extremely quietly, as low as 41db(a) thanks to the brushless motor and sound insulating panels.

Super Wash

An intensive super wash function which can be combined with other wash cycles providing a great cleaning performance.

SurroundCook Oven

Heat is distributed evenly around the cavity to ensure your dish is receiving the heat it needs to cook and brown consistently all over.

Switch Fan

Switch between ducting out or recirculation mode with the touch of a button, even after your hood has been installed. This function gives you the option to select the most energy efficient mode for your cooking needs.

Tailored Programmes

Semi-automatic programmes which recommend cooking parameters whilst advising on the best temperature and shelf positions for the dish you are cooking. It allows you to adjust the temperature and time settings to your own preference.

Telescopic Hood

For the smaller kitchen where space is at a premium. These clever hoods pull out from the wall when you need them, and can be fitted with a light pelmet or optional stainless steel finish front décor panel.

Telescopic Shelves

Shelves glide out effortlessly and safely making it easier to check food during cooking.

Telescopic Rails

The height of convenience, telescopic shelf rails allow you to pull out the oven shelves to access an item without having to lift it out of the oven. Ideal for basting or tasting quickly and safely.

Temperature Alarm

If the temperature becomes to high a visible and audible alarm will alert you.


An airflow system that ensures heat is always evenly distributed.

Tilting Grill

The upper grill element can be titled allowing easy access to the oven surface above making it much easier to clean.


An LED light projects onto the floor highlighting the remaining time left for the programme.

Time Delay

This option allows you to programme your washing machine or dishwasher to start up to 24 hours after you set it. So you can time your washing to be ready for when you get home, or take advantage of cheaper late-night electricity rates.

Time Saver

This function uses increased power speed and water pressure resulting in the cycle taking 50% less time to run.

Top Heat Only - Ovens

Perfect for flash browning dishes like cauliflower or macaroni cheese, when you need to achieve a gratin finish. This is available on Neff range cookers.

Top/ Bottom Heat - Ovens

Providing conventional cooking heat sources at the top and bottom of the oven. Heat travels to the centre of the oven by natural conduction. This is ideal for baking pastries and scones.

Total Electronic Control - Hotpoint

Openspace features total electronic control, with independent time and temperature controls for both the Small, Main and Extra Large Spaces. So when you are in Double Space mode you can set separate times and temperatures for each space ensuring all your dishes are cooked to perfection.

Touch Control - Ovens

The ultimate in sophisticated technology, the touch sensitive panels deliver precision cooking to your fingertips. Available as Touch Control on glass or on Stainless Steel, the technology offers you total control with ovens that are efficient, easy to clean, and a pleasure to use. They look fantastic too!

Triple Zone

A zone that can be increased in diameter (3 size options) to optimise cooking possibilities whilst catering for various sized pans.

Triple Zone Wine Cabinet

Independently controlled, temperature zones for red, white or sparkling wine. Featuring an upper, middle and lower zone with varying temperature settings for each area.

Turntable - Microwaves

A turntable in the base of the oven rotates through the microwave to make sure they’re evenly distributed.

TwinTech Technology

A cooling system that maintains an ideal humidity and optimum temperature in both the freezer and fridge compartments to ensure produce is stored in the best possible conditions. The TwinTech cooling system prevents food in the fridge from drying out whilst helping the freezer to remain frost free.

VarioDrawer - Dishwashers

This additional loading level on some Neff and Bosch models offers more flexibility, making room for larger utensils such as soup ladles or serving spoons or even espresso cups. The VarioDrawer dramatically increases the capacity of the dishwasher.

Vertical Flame

Found on AEG Gas burner hobs to ensure that heat is evenly distributed across the base of the pan; 20% more efficient than standard burners.

Wok Burner

A triple- crown burner that spreads a wider flame, ideal for wok cooking.

Wok-Style Burner

Selected gas hob models feature a powerful wok-style burner, which provides an intense heat to the pan and spreads the flame over a greater surface area for quick and even cooking.


An efficient drying program that delicately dries your woollen garments in 1-hour.

Woolmark Platinum Care

A delicate wash cycle with low spin speeds and gentle drum action to ensure woollen garments wash beautifully whilst retaining their shape.

Wool Plus

A special programme that uses a gentle drum movement to reduce the risk of shrinkage on woollen items.


Less vibration, lower spin speed and more peace and quiet thanks to a high-performance traction motor that directly rotates the drum.

Zone Wash - Intensive Washing Technology

Provides an ultra intensive wash cycle where the cleaning jets can be directed to a specific zone to remove stubborn baked on food with ease.


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