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Install an instant boiling water tap and say goodbye to your kettle for good; a space saving hot water tap is an absolute must have for any new kitchen. At Appliance House we have some fantastic boiling water taps on offer from top quality brands including Quooker, Abode, Grohe and Caple to name a few.

A hot water tap is a wonderful invention, so much quicker and way more stylish than a traditional kettle, plus you'll use only the water you need when you want it which will save you time, money and energy.

Tap manufacturers have engineered their boiling water taps from the highest quality materials. All models had been designed to include excellent safety features such a childproof locks so you can rest assured that whatever boiling water tap you choose it will be safe and easy to use.

We have a great selection of boiling water taps; The Quooker Fusion Boiling Water Tap and Grohe Red Duo are 3-in-1 kitchen taps offering hot, cold and boiling water from one stylish spout. All models come with excellent warranty packages with some manufacturers offering a superb 5 year warranty on their boiling water tap collections.

We have various single boiling water taps which dispense boiling water only, these would be a perfect addition to an existing kitchen. There are a range of design options; Nordic Round, Square and Classic. All available in chrome, brushed chrome or stainless steel.

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Every boiling water tap in our extensive collection will be delivered to you absolutely FREE of charge.

We offer excellent competitive prices on all hot water taps, teamed with free delivery you're guaranteed to find a boiling water tap at a great price when you shop with Appliance House.

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  • Quooker Hot Water Taps Quooker Hot Water Taps Boiling water literally on tap! The convenience and time-saving aspect of having a hot water dispenser tap that instantly produces boiling water is ideal for any modern busy life and in the long run, it can save you money on your electricity bills.

    We have a range of styles from Quooker and Carron Phoenix boiling water taps to choose from which once installed, will make your traditional electric kettle redundant! Instant hot water whenever you demand it is a huge benefit, something that is hard to really appreciate until you have experienced it. Having a hot water tap will also save you a little worktop space and be a stylish and contemporary addition to your kitchen.

    Whenever you want a cup of tea or coffee you won't have to put the kettle on and boil the water any more, saving you up to 90 hours a year - over three and a half days! At a push and turn of a handle you can have instant hot water. The fact that you don't have to put the kettle on every time you want boiling hot water means that you will be saving energy as well, making hot water taps an environmentally-friendly option. You won't know how you ever lived without one!
  • Boiling Water Tap Safety Features Boiling Water Tap Safety Features A vitally important feature of a hot water tap is that it is safe to use. All of our hot water taps have child-proof features which prevent any scalding accidents. The taps are also insulated so that you can touch it even when boiling hot water is pouring from it. The Quooker Boiling Water Taps feature a 'Push and Turn' mechanism similar to a medicine bottle to prevent children from turning the tap on accidentally. The taps also deliver the water as a fine spray, an additional safety measure of the Quooker taps; the inclusion of air in the water can help prevent any scalding unlike water being poured from the kettle or a hot pan. The hot water taps are always installed at the back of a worktop, over a sink, unable to be pulled forward or knocked over, the boiling water taps help keep even small children safer in the kitchen.
  • Quooker Hot Water Tap Styles Quooker Hot Water Tap Styles Our Quooker hot water taps are available in stainless steel, polished chrome or brushed chrome so you can match your tap to the style and interior of your kitchen. The Quooker taps are also height adjustable, making it easy to match the height of your existing tap but also a handy aid when filling pans, tea-pots, coffee jugs etc all of different heights. Some of the hot water taps also come with water filter options so that your water is filtered of impurities and limescale making the taste so much better and prolonging the life of the heating tank. 360 rotation also makes the taps very easy to use. The Franke Minerva boiling water taps
  • Hot Water Tap Installation Hot Water Tap Installation At Appliance House we supply you with everything you need to install your hot water tap. The tap, Quooker's patented heating tank, pipes and connections are included. Perfect for professional kitchens but equally as convenient for the domestic kitchen in the home, hot water taps will bring your kitchen into the 21st century. The growing popularity of the instant hot water dispenser in the office makes the tea-break effortless as there's no more waiting around for the kettle to boil.
  • Quooker Tap Efficiency Quooker Tap Efficiency Save water by only using the boiling water you need. The high vacuum insulated boiling water tanks save electricity costing as little as 3 pence per day to run, cheaper than boiling the kettle. The Quooker tanks maintain a temperature of 110C so by the time the water leaves the spout the water is a true 100 degrees Celsius. Fill a pan of water for cooking pasta or rice from a Boiling Water Tap and you've already saved 10 minutes bringing the water to temperature. Blanch vegetables, boil eggs, sterilise and prepare a bottle of baby formula, make a pot of coffee, the versatility of the hot water taps is second to none and the reason kitchen designers, chefs, celebrities and the press all recommend them and have become the 'must have' appliance in every kitchen.

    To find out more about our extensive range of Quooker hot water taps please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Delivery Remember, all Appliance House Hot Water Taps qualify for fast and efficient next day delivery to mainland UK. All small items are delivered within a specified 1 hour delivery window. You can also opt for our Buy Now, Pay Later scheme. Just sign our credit agreement and pay a small deposit and you could qualify for finance up to 15,000.
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