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Quooker Fusion Square 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap with Tank

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Benefits Of A Quooker Fusion

Saves water: Use the right amount of water every time. No overfilled kettles!

Very energy-efficient: Helps to keep your household bills low.

Safe: Cannot be accidentally knocked over like a kettle.

Space saving: More room on the work surface.

Convenient: Instant boiling water. No waiting for the kettle to boil.

Kitchen aid:
Quick and easy food and drink preparation.

Improves water taste:
Carbon filter inside tank purified boiling water.

Uses For A Quooker Fusion

Instant Soup
Make Tea
Prepare Baby Bottles
Clean Greasy Cook-Wear
Cook Noodles
Make Coffee
Skin Tomatoes
Poach Fish & Vegetables
Sterilise Jars
Blanch Vegetables
Pre Heat Plates & Bowls
Remove Wax
Filtered Water
Enjoy Spritzers (With The CUBE!)
Make Cocktails

Black Quooker Fusion Square

Quooker Safety Features

Quooker Child Safety Handle

A sophisticated Quooker safety system ensures boiling water cannot be activated by accident.

To activate boiling water, the handle must be pushed twice and then turned.

Quooker Insulated Spout

Allows user to place pan on the worktop and move the spout over the pan to fill.

After operating the Quooker Fusion the spout remains cool to touch.

Quooker Aerated Flow

Boiling water from a Quooker tap does not flow as a solid jet of water.

Water flows as fine drops of water to prevent the risk of scalding/burns.

The vast majority of accidents involving boiling water are due to kettles being knocked over.

Unlike a kettle, a Quooker Tap is firmly secured to the work surface so they cannot be tipped over making it a much safer choice.

Quooker Tanks

Quooker’s unique high-vacuum insulation tank acts like a vacuum flask. Here, water is stored under pressure at a high temperature.

The boiling water is safe, sterile & ready for you, whenever you need it!

With three tank options to choose from, you can pick the right Quooker tank to suit your needs.

Quooker High Vacuum Tank

PRO3 Tank Size:

Capacity: 3L
Height: 47cm
Diameter: 15cm
Re-heat from empty: 10 Mins

Popular choice for most households.

PRO7 Tank Size:

Capacity: 7L
Height: 50cm
Diameter: 20cm
Re-heat from empty: 15 Mins

Bigger capacity makes it a great option for busy offices.

COMBI Tank Size:

Height: 50cm
Diameter: 20cm
Re-heat from empty: 15 Mins

Popular choice for garden offices and out buildings.

* The Quooker Combi Tank provides up to 15 litres of instant hot water (60℃) and 7 litres of boiling water (100℃) from a single tank. It is an efficient way to produce hot and boiling water where only a cold water feed is available.

Quooker Taps Efficient & Economical


Heat cannot escape from the tank, it takes 10 Watts of energy to store water at 108℃. Water only starts to boil when the tap is turned on and water is dispensed.


The standby power consumption is just 3p per day.

Quooker Fresh Filtered  Water

Fresh, Filtered Water

An active carbon filter inside the tank removes impurities from the water before it reaches your cup.

As water leaves the tank, fresh water flows in.

How To Use A Quooker FusionTap

Activate Boiling Water On Quooker Tap

To activate Boiling Water push twice and twist.

Red light illuminates when boiling water is dispensed.

Activate Filtered Water On Quooker Tap

To activate Filtered Water push, wait and twist.

Blue light illuminates when filtered water is dispensed.

For filtered water a Quooker Cold Water Filter must be purchased seperately.

Activate Standard Hot & Cold Water On Quooker Tap

To activate standard hot and cold water use the side lever. Turn up for cold and down for hot.

Left and right changes the flow of water.

Fusion Round Vs Fusion Square

The Fusion Tap is available in a round spout or a more angular, square spout.

This tap technical specification guide gives you a quick round up of the size differences between the two.

Quooker Fusion Round Spout

Fusion Round Dimensions

Height: 366mm
Reach: 220mm
Tap Hole: 35mm
Radius: 360º

Quooker Fusion Square Spout

Fusion Square Dimensions

Height: 291mm
Reach: 220mm
Tap Hole: 35mm
Radius: 360º

Quooker Hot Tap Comparisons

Quooker Fusion
Qettle Original
Franke Omni
Caple Vapos 2
Spout Options
Square & Round
Temperature ℃
Tank Capacity (L)
3, 7 & Combi
2, 4 & 7
Cold Filtered Water
Optional Extra
Chilled Filtered Water
Optional Extra: Includes Chilled Sparkling Water
Optional Extra
360º Rotatable Spout
Finish Options
Chrome, Stainless Steel, Black, Patinated Brass, Gold, Rose Copper, Gunmetal
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel, Gold, Copper, Gunmetal, Black Steel
Tank Dimensions
3 Litre: 470H x 150⌀ 7Litre/Combi: 500H x 200⌀
2 Litre: 170W x 223D x 298H 4 Litre: 182W x 230D x 385H 7 Litre: 235W x 295D x 385H
230D x 182W x 345H
248D x 232W x 347H


We've picked a handful of the most frequently asked questions about Quooker taps. We're always here should you have any further questions about our Quooker collection.
How does the PRO3 tank keep the water hot & safe to drink?

The Pro3 tank is a high-vacuum insulation tank that acts like a vacuum flask connected to the water mains.

Air within the insulated wall of the pro tank is so thin that heat cannot escape. This means it has minimal running costs as it only uses 10 watts of energy to keep the water stored at 108ºC.

Inside the tank an active carbon filter removes impurities from the water. Storing the water under pressure ensures the water remains fresh.

Water is not constantly boiling inside the tank. Only when the tap is turned on and water exits the tap, does the water start to boil. Once the water is dispensed, the temperature lowers to 100ºC . As water leaves the tank, fresh water flows into the tank.

Is a Quooker tap expensive to run?

The standby power consumption of the Pro3 tank is 10W, similar to a WiFi router. It costs only 3 pence per day.

What size Quooker tank do I need for my family home?

The 3 litre Quooker tank is suitable for most households. This is called the Quooker PRO3 Tank.

What services are required for a Quooker tap installation?

To install a Quooker Tap with a tank you will need a 13 amp power socket (2 x 13 amp sockets if installing a CUBE), waste and a hot and cold water supply.

The services must be below the worksurface and within 500mm of where you plan to install the Quooker System

A minimum 2 bar water pressure is required.

Combi tanks only require a cold water supply.

If you don't have enough space to install the tank in the unit directly beneath, a Quooker extension hose can be used. This allows you to install the tank up to 2 metres from the sink.

How does a Quooker tap work?

A Quooker system includes a tank installed in a kitchen unit. This tank is connected to the Quooker Tap.

Within the tank, water is stored under pressure at 108°C. This allows you to enjoy instant boiling water (100°C) whenever you need it, without having to bring water to the boil!

It's possible to install a CUBE tank next to the Pro Tank to enjoy chilled filtered and sparkling water from your tap too.

Does a Quooker tap include a filter?

Quooker Taps do not come with a filter as standard, however inside every Quooker tank there is a HiTAC filter. This carbon filter improves the taste and smell of the boiling water. It effectively removes impurities and absorbs chlorine, pesticides and other pollutants from the water.

The HiTAC filter does not remove limescale. If you live in a hard water area we would recommend investing in a Scale Control R which will prevent limescale build up in the tank.

There are two filter options available for your tap that can be purchased as an extra; A Cold Water Filter or the CUBE.

The Cold Water FIlter allows you to switch from tap water to cold filtered drinking water with ease. The CUBE offers chilled filtered and sparkling water, all from one tap!

Is a Quooker tap suitable for hard water areas?

Yes! If you live in a hard water area you can add a Quooker Scale Control R Kit to your tap which reduces water hardness and prevents limescale build up.

Scale control plus cartridges are easy to replace. A flashing LED light and alarm will alert you when it needs to be changed.

Cartridges must be replaced every 12 months. For very hard water areas, this time may be shorter.

How long does a Quooker tank take to re-heat once emptied?

The Quooker Tanks take the following time to heat from empty:

Quooker Pro3 Tank: Around 10 minutes.

Quooker Pro7 Tank: Around 15 minutes.

Quooker Combi Tank: Around 20 minutes.

Can you connect a Quooker to a water softener unit?

You can connect the Quooker tap to a water softener as long as the water has a pH level over 7.

What's In The Box

Fusion Tap
Quooker Tank of Choice (3L, 7L or Combi)
Fusion Installation Kit - Packing ring, brass fixing plate, fixing nut, white tap support (for thin worktops) and two inlet hose screens
Quooker inlet valve with packing ring
Angle stopcock with filter and packing ring
Inlet couplings and packing rings
Installation Guide
Tips for Use
Warranty Information

Fusion Installation Components

Quooker Accessories

We have a range of Quooker Accessories that will compliment the Quooker Fusion beautifully.


The Quooker, Fusion Square Boiling Water Tap dispenses instant 100°C boiling water along with hot and cold water. You can even add the Quooker cold water filter to turn it into a 4-in-1 tap that dispenses taint free, cold filtered water too!

The Quooker Fusion Tap with a square spout is an outstanding quality tap that is not only striking in appearance but is incredibly easy to use too. Boiling water on tap means you can fill cups or pans to the required level, without wasting water, which will help you to save money, time and energy.

The Fusion Square Tap is available in an array of finishes such as stainless steel, black, patinated brass and polished chrome.

It is the perfect tap for any modern kitchen!

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