Quooker CUBE Filtered Chilled & Sparling Water Unit

Quooker CUBE Filtered Chilled & Sparling Water Unit

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Benefits Of A Quooker CUBE

Reduce Plastic Waste: No need to buy bottles of sparkling water and filtered water!

Saves Water:
Every glass is full of fresh bubbles! Bottled sparkling water goes flat quickly often resulting in it being thrown away. Plus, the CUBE instantly dispenses chilled water so there’s no need to run the cold tap.

Space Saving: Slim, compact tank takes up little room under the sink.

Convenient: Instant sparkling and chilled water. No lugging heavy bottles from supermarket.

Improves Water Taste: Equipped with a carbon fibre filter the CUBE purifies and removes unpleasant odours from water.

Sparkling Water From Quooker Cube + Fusion

Save Money With The CUBE

Sparkling water from the CUBE costs just 29p per litre. On average, a bottle of sparkling mineral water costs around 90p per litre. That’s a saving of 61p for every litre you drink!

Quooker state a litre of filtered water from the CUBE costs just 3p, compared to 65p for the bottled equivalent. Another huge saving of 62p per litre!

Uses For A Quooker CUBE

Chilled Filtered Water

Enjoy Spritzers

Create Cocktails

Make Homemade Tempura Batter

Make Iced Tea

The Quooker CUBE

The Quooker CUBE is a chilling and filtering unit specifically designed for Quooker.

The CUBE is plumbed into your Quooker tap and supplies chilled filtered and chilled sparkling water all from one spout!

The standby power consumption is just 5W per day.

Quooker CUBE Tank Dimensions & Weight:

Width: 15.3cm (22.3cm With Co2 Cyclinder)
Depth: 27cm (34cm With Co2 Cylinder)
Weight: 12kg

Holiday Mode:

Planning a 2 week holiday? It's cheaper to switch off the CUBE during this time.

Once home, it is important to flush both the sparkling and filtered water through the system. Flush around 1 litre through each, After one minute the water flow will automatically switch off.

The CUBE will begin to cool the new water to the desired temperature, this usually takes 30 minutes but varies depending on the temperature of the incoming mains water.

Quooker Co2 Bottles

Volume: Co2 Cylinders offer 60 litres of cold sparkling water.

Installation: Bottles are stored securely in a magnetic base at the side of the CUBE.

Replace: When less bubbles in water and water flow slows down it’s time to change the cannister!

The interactive display shows how much sparkling water can be drawn from the cylinder in use.

The CUBE comes with one CO2 cylinder.

CUBE Co2 cylinders* can be purchased directly from Quooker in a pack of four. This set provides 280 litres of sparkling water.

* The cylinders are owned by Quooker and must be returned once empty. The return shipment is free of charge.

Quooker CUBE Filter

The CUBE has an Active Carbon and Hollow Fibre Filter that purifies incoming before is reaches your glass.

It filters out bacteria, chloride, chemicals and pesticides. The result; water that not only tastes great but smells better too!

This filter will last up to 12 months or 3,500 litres. When it’s is time to replace, the CUBE will beep. This can be snoozed for 72 hours.

Simply replace the filter and reset the timer on the display and the CUBE will automatically monitor its usage.


We've picked a handful of the most frequently asked questions about the Quooker CUBE. Should you have any further questions about our Quooker collection please get in touch.
How do you operate the sparkling and filtered water from your Quooker tap?

Once the Quooker CUBE is installed, switching between chilled filtered water, chilled sparkling water is easy.

Water type is selected with a push of the textured handle. A light ring will illuminate to indicate which water type is being dispensed.

Filtered Water: Single push, hold & twist - Solid blue light.

Sparkling Water: Single push & twist - Flashing blue light

How do you change the settings on a CUBE?

The CUBE is designed with a touchscreen display with three buttons. Navigate through the menu using the side buttons and confirm your selection with the middle button.

Can you change the effervescence level?

Yes! There are two sparkling water levels to choose. Within settings you can select 100% for full bubbles or 50% for less carbonation.

What is required for the installation of the cube?

The CUBE requires a standard 13Amp plug socket, 220-240V and has a wattage of 100W.

It must be installed close to a cold water feed with the tank in an upright position for safe operation. Water pressure must be a minimum of 2 bar and up to a maximum of 4 bar.

It is only compatible with Quooker taps manufactured from October 2017.

How fast is water dispensed for chilled and sparkling water?

Water flows at an average of 2.4 litres per minute for chilled water.

Water flows at an average of 2 litres per minute for filtered sparkling water.

How long does it take to chill water inside the CUBE tank, from empty?

From an empty CUBE tank, the average chilling time is 30 minutes.

When a new tank is first installed, it will take 40 minutes to cool the tank.

What's In The Box

CUBE Tank, power cable, communication cable, T-joint, shut-off valve including pressure reducer, blue striped hose, white striped hose, fibre washers and hose screens.
Filter, filter bracket, white plastic hose, screws, connector and safety clamp.
CO₂ Cylinder, CO₂ reducing valve including transparent plastic hose and magnetic cylinder holder.
Installation Guide
Tips For Use
Warranty Information

Quooker CUBE What's In The Box

Quooker Taps & Accessories

We have a superb range of Quooker taps and accessories worthy of a home in any stylish kitchen!

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