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Kaelo Worktop Integrated Wine Cooler

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Kaelo Built In Wine Server

Benefits of Kaelo

Perfectly Chilled Bottles: From the first sip to the last, every drop is served at the right temperature.

Dry serve technology: Maintains consistent temperature. Bottle stays dry. No drips and soggy labels.

Energy efficient:Low running costs 2p/hr

Compact design: Counter top installation.

Large Chamber: Suitable for large bottles, including champagne.

Multi Use:
Suitable for a variety of chilled drinks including breakfast juice, beer, wine and more!

Serving Perfection

Wine coolers store it right, Kaelo serves it right.

This built in, countertop wine chiller features a dry cooling chamber which creates a cold jacket around a bottle. The unique patented technology keeps your bottle chilled at its original opening temperature.

Store wine in a wine cooler at 10 degrees, once opened, pop it in Kaelo and you can enjoy serving wine at 10 degrees! Kaelo will keep the bottle at this temperature for up to two hours. This means every glass served, stays as chilled and tasty as the first.

At 103mm wide the chamber fits 75cl bottles including Dom Perignon and Krug shapes.

With two Kaelo models on offer, you can pick the right Kaelo to suit your needs...

Kaelo Dry Cooling Chamber

Kaelo Vs Kaelo Plus

Touch control

Mood Lighting Ring

Maintains temperature between 5-12 degrees

All the features of Kaelo and also:

Premium Lighting
Gradient light effects for effective mood lighting

Boost Mode
Chills down bottle by 3 - 4 degrees in 30 minutes

Red Wine Mode
Maintains temperature between 12 – 18 degrees

Energy Efficient

Adapted from extremely efficient medical technology, Kaelo’s cooling chamber is able to reach chilled temperatures in seconds.

This efficient method means the Kaelo is very energy efficient. It costs just 2 pence, per hour to run.

The Kaelo Crown

The Kaelo crown (the metal surround - sold seperately) controls everything and operation couldn’t be easier!

The whole crown is touch sensitive meaning you can touch anywhere on the metal to change the setting.

Whether you fancy a peaceful night in or you're throwing a party at home, the crown can help set the mood! Complete with a stylish light ring you can enjoy lighting for any scenario.

A hardwearing PVD coating ensures the crown is extremely durable and will continue to look fabulous for many years to come!

With a number of stylish finishes on offer you'll have no problem finding a colour to suit your style.


155mm hole

Classic Style

Countertop installation

Suitable for all worktop types

155mm hole, 162mm Recess

Routing depth 3mm

Discreet, minimalist style

Flat profile, recessed into countertop

Only suitable for solid worksurfaces

Chilled Drinks At Your Fingertips

To switch on, tap crown once. It will automatically start in Kaelo mode which is perfect for chilled drinks (5 to 12°)

To switch off, hold your finger down on the crown. Kaelo automatically switches off after 2 hours.

To change the light ring, tap the crown 3 times and continue to tap and browse the light options until you find a shade thats perfect for you.

The Kaelo plus offers three temperature modes; Kaelo, red wine mode and a boost mode.

To change between modes, hold finger on the crown, stop on red for red wine, aqua blue for boost and white for Kaelo.

Kaelo Mode: 5-12 degrees. White light.

Red Mode: 12-18 degrees. Red Light.

Boost mode chills a bottle by 3-4 degrees in 30 minutes.

If you’ve had one too many and forgotten which mode Kaelo is working in, simply tap the crown once and it will wink (flash a light) to remind you!

Please note: Red wine and Boost mode are only available on the Kaelo Plus model.


We've picked a handful of the most frequently asked questions about the Kaelo and Kaelo Plus. We're always here and happy to help should you have any further questions.
Can I adjust the temperature on a Kaelo?

You cannot set a specific temperature on Kaelo as the technology has been developed so you don’t have to! The chamber insulates the bottle so it maintains the bottles opening temperature. Open at 7 degrees, the Kaelo will store it at 7 degrees.

Instead of changing the temperature you can set various modes:

Kaelo Mode: Any drink between 5-12 degrees
Red Wine Mode: Red wine between 12-18 degrees (Kaelo plus only)
Boost Mode: Chills bottle by 3-4 degrees in half an hour. (Kaelo plus only)

What do I need to install a Kaelo?

You will need access to a power socket and sufficient space for the chamber in the unit beneath. A small vent may be required to allow airflow.

Kaelo is installed in 3 easy steps:

1. Create hole cut out in suitable worksurface
2. Slot in Kaelo
3. Plug it in!

Is ventilation required when installing a Kaelo?

To allow sufficient airflow to the Kaelo unit a small vent is recommended. If the air around the Kaelo is above 32 degrees the unit will not operate properly and will shut down.

Ventilation is not required when Kaelo is installed into a void with a volume larger than 128,000,000mm3.

Ventilation is required when Kaelo is installed into a void with a volume smaller than 128,000,000mm3.

For example, a unit 800mm wide, 800m high and 200mm deep would not require ventilation.

200mm x 800mm x 800mm = 128,000,000mm3.

Can a Kaelo be used outdoors?

As the Kaelo is an electrical item it can only be used outdoors if it is under cover and protected from the elements. If the ambient temperature is above 32 degrees the unit will not function properly and will automatically shut down.

Can I install Kaelo on a yacht or hot tub?

Kaelo’s are suitable for marine applications and make a super addition on a yacht but it must be installed in-cabin so they can keep dry.

It is important to ensure Kaelo is kept away from chlorinated water, such as hot tubs and swimming pools due to their electrical components.

Kaelo can withstand 15 volts DC for short periods of time.

Is it easy to clean my Kaelo?

Yes! The dry-chill chamber has no seams so it couldn’t be easier to clean. Should you spill liquid inside the Kaelo use a dry cloth or sponge to soak up the liquid then clean and dry as usual.

To clean the crown, use warm water and a microfibre cloth.

The rubber chamber mat that sits at the base of the Kaelo should be cleaned at least once a month. For extra convenience, the mat is dishwasher safe.

What's In The Box

Kaelo or Kaelo Plus

Crown (Curved or Flush)

Rubber mat, power adapter and user guide

Technical Specifications

Adapter Input Voltage: 100 to 240V AC, 2.5A, 50-60Hz

Kaelo Input Voltage: 12v

Max Power Usage: Max 85 watts

Auto Switch Off: After 2 hours (Tap within the last hour to extend Auto Switch Off by an extra hour)

Ambient Temp. Limit: 10 to 32ºC

Kaelo will automatically switch off if the temperature is above 32ºC/90ºF


Introducing the Kaelo Worktop Integrated Wine Cooler, a revolutionary appliance that ensures your wine is always at its perfect serving temperature, allowing you to enjoy every glass to the fullest. Available in two models – the KAE-B11 (Standard Model) and the KAE-C11 (Plus Model), Kaelo offers unmatched convenience and style for wine enthusiasts.

Effortless Integration:
Kaelo seamlessly integrates into any new or existing surface of your choice, making it the ideal companion for your kitchen island or home bar. Its underside is compact, no larger than an A4 sheet of paper, requiring only a hole and a power socket for installation. This simplicity ensures a hassle-free setup in any space.

Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient:
Running on minimal energy, Kaelo costs as little as 2p per hour to operate, making it an energy-efficient choice for wine cooling. You can enjoy your favorite wines without worrying about high electricity bills.

Award-Winning Innovation:
Recognized for its excellence, Kaelo received the prestigious 'Best Kitchen Innovation' award at the 2022 Designer Awards. Its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features set it apart as a leader in the wine cooling industry.

- Maintains the perfect temperature of any chilled drink stored between 5-12 degrees Celsius.
- Touch-control features and customizable lighting to suit any mood, enhancing your wine-drinking experience.

Kaelo Plus (Additional Features):
- Red Wine Mode: Keeps your red wines at their ideal temperature, between 12-18 degrees Celsius.
- Boost Mode: Chills down your bottle by 3-4 degrees over 30 minutes, ensuring your wine is ready to serve quickly.
- Premium Lighting: Touch control features with more lighting choices and gradient effects, allowing you to create different moods in your space.

Customizable Lighting:
Tailor your ambiance with Kaelo's customizable lighting options. By tapping the Crown three times, you can choose the perfect light to complement your mood, enhancing the atmosphere of your surroundings.

Personalized Crown Finishes:
To match your kitchen aesthetic, Kaelo offers a variety of crown finishes. While the models are sold without a crown, you can select your preferred crown from a range of options available here. This customization ensures that Kaelo seamlessly blends into your interior design.

Elevate your wine experience with Kaelo, the ultimate solution for wine enthusiasts seeking convenience, style, and precision cooling.

Appliance placement
Housing colour
Inner colour
Interior light
Lamp type
Number of temperature zones
Controls & Display
Built-in display
Control type
Built-in freezer
Bottles capacity
1 bottle(s)
Temperature range (zone 1)
Standard - 5 - 12 °C / Plus - 5-18 °C

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