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Water Filter Taps Buying Guide

Single and Dual Lever Water Filter Taps 

At Appliance House we offer a wide selection of water filter taps to enhance your water drinking experience. Available in a range of styles and finishes we are sure to have a water filter tap that meets your requirements and fits in with the design of your kitchen.

More often than not, when it comes to drinking water we are unlikely to drink water from our own taps and much more likely to go to the local supermarket to purchase copious bottles of mineral water. We do this purely because of taste, however, there is a solution! Installing a water filter tap means that you can start to enjoy freshly filtered water straight from your tap that not only tastes great, but is also good for the environment.

Browse through our Water Filter Tap Buying Guide to find out about the best features to look out for and more.

What does a water filter tap do?


In essence, a water filter tap removes impurties that give your standard tap water that distinctive taste which makes it fairly unpalatable. They deliver fresh tasting, taint free water while leaving all the essential minerals still present.

All tap water in the UK is cleaned and safe to drink by the time it reaches our kitchen tap. However, the water travels a long way to get to our house. During the journey, water picks up tiny bits of dirt along the way. A filtered tap ensures these nasty impurities don't make it into your glass.

Filtered taps leave the essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium in the water. Rust, sediment, chlorine, bacteria, pesticides, metals and other impurities are filtered out by a carbon filter and the ph balance of the water is regulated to improve the taste significantly.

In the long run, installing a filtered water tap will save you money. There will be no need to buy bottled mineral water plus you will also save time by not having to de-scale your kettle, steam iron or coffee maker as often. It tastes much nicer too!

What are the benefits of drinking filtered water?


Did you know filtered water is so important for children and their developing immune system. It naturally detoxifies your body as drinking water helps to absorb nutrients from food which is good for your digestive system. Drinking 6-8 glasses of filtered water is also great for your skin and can help to aid weight loss.

Drinking more filtered water is easy with a filtered water tap as you can grab a glass of fresh tasting water, anytime you please. Buy a re-fillable water bottle and you can drink on the go without creating excessive amounts of plastic waste. It's good for you and the environment!

Can I get filtered water without having to change my tap?


Yes, you can, with a filtered water diverter system!

We have the Abode Swich which is a simple, unobtrusive dial that is installed close to your tap, on your work surface. With a twist of the Swich you can switch between normal domesticated tap water or filtered water from your existing tap, with ease.

Can you use a filtered water tap in a hard water area?


Absolutely! A water filter tap would be perfect for use in a hard water area as it will reduce limescale build up in your tap, helping to prolong the life of your tap

All filtered taps come with filters(of course!). You will generally find two types of filters. Classic filters are for use in soft or moderate water areas. For those living in hard water areas you need to look for a high resin filter. High resin filters are designed specifically for harder water and will work to soften the water.

Always check the filter options. Filters are specific to the tap brand you buy.

Water Filter Taps


Modern water filter taps are hugely popular as they look stylish and are really convenient.

They are available in single lever or dual lever operation in a whole array of designs and colour options. There's plenty of choice. Our range of water filter taps would look at home in both modern and traditional kitchens.

A small selection of top of the range water filter taps even offer sparkling filtered water! There's also the option of a 4-in-1 tap. A 4-in-1 tap delivers standard hot and cold water as well as filtered and boiiiing water. These can be found within our Hot Water Tap section. 

Replacement Water Filter Cartridges


As well as the filter taps, we also stock water filter cartridges, an essential for any filter tap.

We recommend cartridges are replaced at least every 6 months. Replacement cartridges are extremely simple to install. Release with a quick 90 degree twist and then a turn in the opposite direction will lock the new filter in place.

These cartridges reduce the amount of impurities in your water, so it is essential to replace them at the recommended intervals.

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At Appliance House we offer free delivery on all orders over £25 within mainland UK. Our delivery service is fast and efficient. We provide a 1 hour delivery slot on small parcels and 2 hour delivery slot on larger items.

You can even spread the cost of your new filter tap with our affordable 0% APR, 3 month payment plan. Applying for finance is easy, click here for more details. T&C's apply.

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