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Small Appliance Buying Guide

Small Appliances Buying Guide.

We sell small appliances as well as the big ones at Appliance House. Our small appliance collection includes air fryers, toasters, blenders, soup makers, kettles and irons too. These small appliances help to make everyday life a little bit easier.

Whether you plan to blend, whisk, iron or simply toast a bagel or cook a quick, healthy meal, we have a great selection of small appliances to lend a helping hand.

We've put together a short Small Appliances Buying Guide which includes useful features to look out for when searching for these products. Find out more below;

Air Fryers - Blenders - Irons - Kettles - Toasters

Air Fryers


Air Fryers - Dehydrator, Rotisserie

An Air Fryer is a small kitchen appliance, like a mini oven, that sits on the work surface and cooks healthy, tasty food quickly. You can also buy multifunctional air fryers that come with extra settings such as rotisserie or dehydrator for even more cooking options.

Don’t be fooled by the name, an Air Fryer does not fry your food, instead they work like a fan oven but are much, MUCH smaller in size. Air circulates around the inside and because of their small interior the air inside an air fryer can circulate quicker which reduces cooking time significantly.

Best Air Fryer Features & Things To Consider:

  • Digital Timer - All air fryers include a timer but we’d recommend choosing a model with a digital timer and not a manual dial. This makes timings more accurate and visibility of cooking times is better.
  • Additional Cooking Functions - If you plan to cook a wide variety of dishes look for models with extra options like bake (perfect for desserts), rotisserie (great for roasting meats), dehydrate (dehydrate fruit and veg for snacks) and grill (ideal for fish).
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts - It is always worthwhile looking for an air fryer that has dishwasher safe parts (baskets/lid/removable racks) for easy, thorough cleaning.
  • Temperature Control - Precise temperature control is important to ensure perfect results. Most models enable users to set the temperature within a range of 80 to 200°C.
  • Consider How Much Food You’ll Cook - Cooking for one or a family? Small models (4L) have sufficient space for around 2-3 servings, larger air fryers (12L) will easily create 4 main meals for a family of 4 or more.



Hand blenders, mixers & soup makers.

If you love to create milkshakes, soup or smoothies a blender is a must for you! A blender will whizz up delicious smoothies, blend soup to a smooth consistency and help to make the lightest and creamiest milkshakes in no time at all.

If you take smoothies on the go, bottle blenders are a great option for you. They offer the ultimate convenience as they are designed with unique travel/sports bottles that attach to the device. Ingredients are blended with the touch of a button, straight into the bottle. Screw on the lid and you're good to head off to work or the gym with a healthy smoothie in hand. Quick, easy and perfect for modern living

Hand blenders are a useful gadget for the kitchen too. They're great for blending small amounts of soup or creating pureed baby food. If you plan to make smoothies a lidded blender would be preferable. Lidded blenders prevent spillages and generally create a smoother consistency for drinks and milkshakes.

Multi functional hand blenders are an essential kit in many households. They include plenty of accessories including mini choppers, whisks and a blender. With extra accessories you can whip up cream, beat eggs, dice vegetables and blend lovely fruit smoothies with ease. A must for anyone who enjoys cooking or simply wants an easy way to prepare food for the family.

Thing to consider before buying a blender:

  • Capacity of the jug, bottle or beaker - If you regularly make large batch recipes, look for a model with a bigger capacity.
  • Blade Chopping Capability - Do you want to crush ice with your blender? Make sure the blender specification says it is capable of it. Some do not have enough power. If your blender is not suitable it will blunt the blades and affect performance.
  • Dishwasher Safe Blender Parts - It can be difficult to clean some blenders, especially around the blades. It is always worthwhile looking for a model that has dishwasher safe parts and a removable blade section for easy, thorough cleaning.

If you regularly make homemade soup a soup maker is worth consideration. Soup makers include a heating element so you can cook and blend your ingredients all in one small appliance. They are time saving, create minimal mess and cook nutritious meals with ease. Dependant on the model selected it is possible to create delicious smooth and chunky soup.



Ironing isn't everyones idea of fun but it's a job that needs to be done if you want to eliminate creases from your clothes and look smart for the day ahead! It's important to find an iron that will glide through the ironing pile with ease.

With our selection of irons you can enjoy crisp, perfectly ironed sheets and crease free shirts in no time. Here are a few features to look for when buying a new iron;

  • Steam Iron - Steam irons help to remove creases from your clothes and sheets. Steam shot irons feature a small water tank. The user is able to set a steam rate to tackle light or deep creases. With the steam shot setting switched 'on', your iron will give powerful bursts of steam which helps to remove stubborn creases. This is particularly useful for removing creases from shirts. Steam irons are the most popular type found in most households. Steam generator models are much bigger as they hold more water in a separate water tank. The iron sits on top of the water unit. Steam generator irons provide high pressure steam so are good for tackling large loads or heavily creased items but their size can cause storage issues.
  • Smooth Soleplate - Consider the material of the soleplate. Ceramic plates will glide smoothly over garments making ironing quicker and easier. Irons featuring an anodised coating are even more desirable and provide the best scratch resistance.
  • Iron Weight & Cord Length - Always remember to check the length of the cord and the weight of the iron as these are really important factors to consider. Steam irons weigh around 1.5kg when the water tank is full. Steam generator irons generally weigh less as the water and components are stored within the base unit. A longer cord length is recommended as it will provide greater flexibility during ironing.



Kettles & Travel Kettles

An electric kettle is an essential small appliance, especially in the UK as we are a nation who love a good cup of tea! We have travel kettles and standard kettles on offer at Appliance House. If you're thinking about converting to a hot tap please visit our Hot Water Tap Collection or Quooker Tap Collection. We have a superb selection of hot taps suitable for both modern and traditional style kitchens.

If you're searching for a new kettle here are a few things to consider before choosing a model to suit your needs;

  • Capacity - Always check the minimum and maximum capacity of a kettle. Most kettles maximum capacity is around 1.7L. If you plan to make just one cup of tea at a time you need to look for a kettle with a low minimum fill level. A mug holds around 300-350ml of liquid so, look for a kettle with a minimum fill around this level. This will stop you boiling an unneccessary amount of water and using more energy to heat it.
  • Water Fill Indicator - A clear water level indicator on a kettle is a really handy feature. You can see just how much water is in the kettle which will stop you overfilling and wasting water.
  • Boiling Time - The more powerful the kettle, the quicker the boiling times! Top of the range models feature multiple temperature settings, ideal for serving coffee, herbal and green teas at their optimum temperature.



Another kitchen essential in the trustworthy toaster. We have four slice toasters that are ideal for families or toast lovers! Our two slot toasters are great for smaller kitchens.

If you're looking to buy a new toaster it is worth seeing what features to consider to ensure you pick the best toaster for you;

  • Slot Size - Slot size on toasters varies between models. Long slot toasters are designed to fit two slices of bread in one slot. The appliance is slimmer and longer in style. If you regularly toast crumpets or tea cakes look for toasters with extra wide toaster slots or adjustable slot widths.
  • Toaster Controls - Most toasters come with a defrost, reheat and cancel button as standard. Defrost is great as you can toast frozen bread without defrosting. Reheat will warm your toast. Toast can go cold quickly so this is another useful setting. Top of the range toasters may include a bagel setting which will toast one side of the bagel.
  • Style & Number Of Slots - Toasters are available in a wide array of colour and style options. You can choose from brightly coloured toasters through to stainless steel designs. Models include push control or touch control. We always recommend choosing a toaster with independent controls. Slots are usually controlled in pairs, this allows you to brown bread, buns and bagels to varying degrees, ideal if you want to toast crumpets and bread at the same time. Finally, you can opt for a two slot or four slot design. Four slot is the preferred toaster for families and bigger households.

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