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Kitchen Sink Accessories Buying Guide

Waste Disposal Units, Waste Sorters and Plumbing Kits

Waste matters. With each person throwing away over half a tonne of waste each year it's never been more important to recycle and dispose of domestic waste in a sensible way. Using a waste disposal unit or recycling sorter bin is a great eco friendly way to get rid of food waste and packaging.

At Appliance House, we have a great selection of sink additions including; plumbing kits, waste disposal units and recycling waste sorters. Our Sink Accessories Buying Guide provides plenty of helpful information specifically related to these products.

Waste Disposal Units

Waste Disposal Unit - Fitted Under Sink

Waste disposal units are becoming more and more popular due to their absolute convenience. Cleaning up after meals is easier than ever once you have a waste disposal unit at hand.

Nobody likes the smell of a kitchen bin when it’s full of days old food scraps. The use of a food waste disposer reduces the amount of bin bags going to landfill so it is an environmentally friendly way to get rid of waste. Plus, it offers a hygienic way to dispose of food waste too.

Q1 - Where does food waste go once when using a waste disposal unit?

Waste Disposal Unit - Waste

Almost all your food waste can go straight down the sink to be ground down by the waste disposal unit to a consistency safe for waste drains. Once liquefied into small particles, waste travels through the sewer pipework system to your local sewage treatment plant. By using bacteria to break down the food waste, sewage treatment plants use a natural process to decompose organic material.

Q2 - What food can you put down a waste disposal unit?

Waste Disposal Unit - Suitable Food

Waste disposal units come with varying levels of horsepower. The greater the horsepower, the more powerful the unit. More powerful waste disposal units cost more however, they are capable of grinding down more food waste and tougher food scraps.

You should always run water through the system before, during and after use to ensure all debris is cleared.

Waste disposal units will grind down the following;

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps (NOT fibrous fruit peel such as banana skin, celery, corn on the cob)
  • Egg shells
  • Small bones (chicken/fish/prawn shell)
  • Meat
  • Diary

Some top of the range waste disposal can deal with processing fruit stones, nut shells and fibrous fruit peel. ALWAYS check the capabilities of your waste disposal unit before you dispose of any waste.

NEVER flush these items through the system;

  • Oyster shells
  • Large bones
  • Cigarette and ash waste.
  • Paper (Tea bags & coffee filters)
  • Metal or plastic waste
  • Grease, oil & fat.

Q3 - Do you need a specific sink to fit a waste disposal beneath?

Most waste disposal units are suitable for connection to a sink with an 89mm or 3.5” waste outlet.

Waste disposal units are compact however, it's always worth checking you have sufficient space below your sink before choosing a model.

Waste Sorters

Waste Sorter Bins Installed In Kitchen Unit

Also known as a recycling bin or waste sorter are a must for any new kitchen. A waste sorter provides a tidy and neat way of disposing of your household waste. Separating plastic, paper and general waste has never been easier.

Waste sorters are designed to fit a 300mm or 600mm wide kitchen cabinet. They are mounted within the cabinet and are manually pulled out to access the bins. Pull out recycling waste sorters are available in a number of configuration options and sizes.

You could choose two small 15L bins, one medium sized 30 L bin or a configuration of three bins offering up to a large 60L capacity.

Plumbing Kits

Plumbing Kit

A new sink can transform your kitchen space, but it won’t work without a good plumbing kit! Thankfully, we have an array of plumbing kits suitable for all types of set ups. From single or dual bowl to waste and overflow fittings, we have what you need. We also have basket strainer waste fittings and drainer mats to compliment your new sink.

Plumbing kits and waste fittings are available in a multitude of colour from white and grey to stainless steel, chrome and black.

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