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Our freestanding fridge freezers are not to be missed as we have a wealth of styles and colours to choose from. All models within our range have been manufactured to the highest quality and feature the best in modern technology. We source all our products from respectable brands including Gorenje, Whirlpool and iivela to name a few.

If you love the retro look then you cannot miss our energy efficient, freestanding retro fridge freezers by iivela and Gorenje. Our exclusive iivela model is unbranded to allow you to install the appliance alongside any other brand. It is simply a superb quality fridge freezer with a low price tag making it a fantastic choice for everyone.

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We offer FREE delivery on all orders over 25 within mainland UK, meaning youll receive your freestanding freezer with no additional delivery charges!

We even offer anenvironmentally friendly recycling service should you need to dispose of your old appliance. Simply add the recycling service to your basket at the checkout and when we drop off your new freezer well take your old one away for you! T&Cs apply.

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Whirlpool, BSNF8151, Free-Standing Fridge Freezer
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from 499.00 was 549.00 save 50.00
Whirlpool, BSNF8151, Free-Standing Fridge Freezer
FEATURES: The Whirlpool BSNF8151 Free-Standing Fridge Freezer features Whirlpool's ExcellentFIT thin door design which allows side to wall installation for a flush fitted look. 6th Sense fresh control technology creates a perfect atmosphere in the fridge, making fruit and veg last up to 4 times longer.

The fridge contains 3 shelves, a bottle rack and two salad drawers. The door holds three and a half balconies.

The freezer contains three transparent drawers. A built in Microban filter provides extra hygiene by preventing the spread of bacteria and helping to remove unpleasant odours.

Features include:
- Nofrost technology means there is no need to defrost
- Fast cooling switch which is great when adding new items
- A+ energy rating

, In mm - 1888 x 595 x 663
COLOURS: Stainless Steel or White
Whirlpool, BLF8121, Free-Standing Fridge Freezer
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from 399.00 was 449.00 save 50.00
Whirlpool, BLF8121, Free-Standing Fridge Freezer
FEATURES: Whirlpool, BLF8121, Free-Standing Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating

Featuring ExcellentFIT thin door design. This allows side to wall installation for a flush fitted look.

6th Sense technology that monitors the temperature inside your freezer, providing a cold boost if ever storing fresh food, ensuring food quickly frozen.

Plus, built-sensors automatically adjust the cooling temperature inside the fridge.

3 Glass shelves

4 transparent freezer drawers

Available in 2 colours, In mm - 1888 x 595 x 663
COLOURS: White, Stainless Steel
Whirlpool WQ9B1LUK Freestanding Fridge Freezer
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from 2,100.00 was 2200.00 save 100.00
Whirlpool, WQ9B1LUK, Freestanding Fridge Freezer
FEATURES: The Whirlpool Jupiter WQ9B1LUK Fridge Freezer in Optic Inox from the W Collection is packed full of special features and has a great energy efficiency rating of A+.

Whirlpools unique 6th Sense technology in the fridge ensures food is kept fresher for up to 4 times longer by adjusting humidity and temperature levels automatically.

Say goodbye to fridge odours with a hygienic antibacterial Mircoban filter.

The freezer features FreezeControl technology which preserves food for longer and reduces freezer burn by up to 50%. No defrosting is required saving you time due to NoFrost Technology.

, In mm - 1874 x 909 x 698
COLOURS: Stainless Steel
Gorenje, ORK193, Freestanding Retro Fridge Freezer
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from 849.00 was 1018.99 save 169.99
Gorenje, ORK193, Freestanding Retro Fridge Freezer
FEATURES: Gorenje, ORK193, Freestanding Retro Fridge Freezer in Various Colours uses revolutionary ionair technology which mimics the natural process of ionization and refreshes refrigerator air. The fridge freezer monitors your habits and monitors the time you most often use the fridge, by anticipating this the unit will reduce the temperature of the fridge freezer by one or two degrees to counterbalance this.

The XXL space box is the largest in the appliance and is ideal for storing large items like a turkey, several pizzas, or even cakes. Furthermore the improved insulation means the accumilation of frost on the food and ice in the appliance interior is reduced.


Decorative cover

Egg/Ice bin: Egg/Ice bin: 1 x 7

SimpleSlide height adjustable door shelves: 2

LED strip on the ceiling

4 glass shelves

The wire bottle rack

Bottle shelf with fixed trap

Number of cheese and butter storage: 1 MultiBox container

FreshZone drawer

, In mm - 1940 (H) x 600 (W) x 640 (D)
COLOURS: Various Colours
Gorenje, RF60309, Freestanding Retro Fridge Freezer
Free Delivery
from 699.00 was 954.99 save 255.99
Gorenje, RF60309, Free-Standing Retro Fridge Freezer
FEATURES: The Gorenje RF60309 O Retro Freestanding Fridge Freezers offer individual style with a choice of romantic and elegant colours designed to make your Fridge Freezer a real standout feature of the kitchen. The Gorenje RF 60309 O is available in Burgundy, Black, Dark Chocolate, Royal Coffee and Cream. The RF 60309 O Fridge Freezers offer a combination of brand new 21st Century technology, pioneered by Gorenje, with the classic American retro fridge freezer style.

These models come complete with an array of user-friendly features designed to make your life easier and make storing your food more hygienic. The fridge boasts an Automatic Defrost to stop ice from building up while the Fast Cooling will drop the internal temperature of the fridge to quickly cool food that has been left out or if the door has been open for a while.

A bottle rack can store 4 wine bottles, 4 glass shelves offer protection from any spilled liquids dripping on to shelves below and whilst the freezer provides plenty of space with 1 wire shelf, an ice tray and shelf in the freezer door. If there is a power cut, the food in your freezer will stay frozen for up to 22 hours.

Please note this fridge requires a minimum 650mm unit width in order to open. Failure to provide this minimum width will result in the appliance not opening.

As standard these fridge freezers come with a Right Hand Hinge but Product Codes ending in '-L' indicate the door has a Left Hand Hinge. , In mm - 1737 x 600 x 640
COLOURS: Burgundy, Cream, Royal Coffee, Dark Chocolate, White, Inox and Black
Gorenje, ONRK193, Free-Standing Retro Fridge Freezer
Free Delivery
from 999.00 was 1149.99 save 150.99
Gorenje, ONRK193, Freestanding Retro Fridge Freezer
FEATURES: Gorenje, ONRK193, Freestanding Retro Fridge Freezer with Frost Free and No Frost technology meaning you never have to manually defrost your fridge or freezer.

The SuperCool and XtremeFreeze function will rapidly drop the temperature to quickly cool your food, ideal after putting away a big shop.

An A+++ energy rating makes this one of the most energy efficient fridge freezers on the market while the large interior allows for plenty of storage including a Wire Bottle rack for wine or beer.

, In mm - 1940 x 600 x 669
COLOURS: Cream, Black, Burgundy, Baby Blue
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