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Quooker Videos

Quooker Videos At Appliance House

Sustainability & Choosing Quooker Videos

Why Buy A Quooker Tap?

Are you wondering if it is worth installing a Quooker Tap? This short video shares many reasons why you should choose a Quooker System and why a Quookwer Tap is a great investment.

The Quooker Tap Collection; Which Quooker Tap Suits You Best?

Whether you're looking for a Quooker boiling water only tap or 'The Tap That Does It All', this video is here to help! It shares all the Quooker Tap models in our range, helping you choose the right Quooker tap for your needs.

Safety Features Of The Quooker

We get asked lots of questions about how safe Quooker taps are such as; Is a Quooker tap a safe choice in a family home? Is a Quooker safer than a kettle? Quooker taps have lots of safety features to keep you and your little ones safe. Take a look at this short video which explains Quooker safety features in more detail.

Aerated Flow On Quooker Hot Taps

Just one of the many safety features of the Quooker Tap is found in the boiling water itself! Quooker boiling water is aerated to prevent scalding. Find out more in this short video. 

Why Is A Quooker Tap A Sustainable Choice?

You may be wondering if a Quooker Tap is an environmentally friendly choice? Sustainability is important to Quooker and so, their products are designed and engineered to be a sustainable purchase. Watch this short video to find out how a Quooker system can help you save water, energy and plastic!  

Quooker Tank Videos

Quooker Tank Facts Video; Which Tank Size Is Best For You?

A Quooker system includes a tap mounted to your worktop plus, a compact tank stored in the cupboard beneath. When you choose a Quooker Tap you have three tank options on offer. Find out more about the Quooker Pro tank technology and size options available in this helpful Quooker Tank Guide Video.

What Is A Quooker Combi Tank?

The Quooker Combi Boiler Tank allows you to enjoy both hot and boiling water from a cold water feed! See how the super efficient and economical Quooker Combi system works and what you need for installation in this quick video guide. 

How To Operate Quooker Videos

How To Operate A Quooker Tap

A Quooker tap is really easy to use. You can switch between boiling water and filtered water with a simple one hand operation. This short videos shows you how to use the Quooker Tap and just how easy it is to change between the different water options.

How To Operate The Quooker CUBE

The CUBE will turn your Quooker Tap in to a 5-in-1 tap capable of supplying chilled filtered water and chilled sparkling water. The video shows how the Quooker CUBE works with your Quooker tap and all the benefits it will bring!

Quooker Video Guides On Filters & Accessories.

Quooker Accessories Guide

There are many Quooker accesories available and they are all included in this short video. These 'extras' ensure everyone can create a Quooker set-up that is perfect for their needs. Which Quooker accessory will you choose?

When & How To Change Quooker Filters

All Quooker cartridges, including Quooker cold water filters and Quooker scale control cartridges can be changed easily. This short guide offers advice on how to fit new filters and how often they need to be replaced.

Limescale Maintenance In A Quooker System.

If you live in a hard water area, this video gives tips and advice on how to treat and prevent limescale build up on Quooker systems.

Quooker Installation Videos

Quooker Installation Requirements

This short video includes set up requirements, ventilation guidelines and more useful information for the successful installation of a Quooker tap and tank.

How To Install Quooker Pro3 Tank

Below we share the complete guide to installing a Quooker Pro3 and Pro7 Tank. The video includes all the tools you need for the job plus, step by step installation instructions for the Quooker Pro3 Reservoir.

How To Install Quooker Combi Tank

Enjoy step by step instructions on how to install a Quooker Combi Tank in this helpful video.

How To Install A Quooker Flex Tap

Find out how to install a Quooker Flex Tap complete with a list of all the tools required easy installation.

How To Install A Quooker Fusion Tap

Follow this short, step by step guide on how to fit a Quooker Fusion Tap. Once the Fusion Tap is installed, follow the video on how to install a Quooker Tank to complete the full Quooker system installation!

How To Install A Quooker CUBE Tank

If you already have a Quooker Tap and you're looking to add the Quooker CUBE, look no further! Find out how to add the Quooker Cube Chiller Tank to your existing Quooker system in this helpful, Quooker Cube Installation Video.


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