Quooker Tap & Filter FAQs

Quooker Tap & Filter FAQs

Quooker Tap & Filter FAQs

Your most commonly asked questions about Quooker taps and Quooker filters are answered below. Whether you already have a Quooker Tap installed in your kitchen or you're thinking about buying a Quooker, these FAQ's are here to help!

Quooker Tap FAQs.

Q1 - What's the difference between a Quooker 3-in-1, 4-in-1 and 5-in-1 Tap?

Quooker 3-in1, 4-in-1, 5-in-1 Explained

Quooker hot taps are ALL 3-in-1 taps. The only exception is the Quooker Nordic which dispenses boiling water only.

A Quooker 3-in-1 Tap will dispense mains hot and cold water plus, 100℃ boiling water all from one spout. It's called a 3-in-1 tap because of it's ability to supply 3 types of water from one tap.

Once you've chosen a Quooker Fusion, Quooker Flex or Quooker Classic you can turn it into a 4-in-1 Tap with the addition of a Quooker Cold Water Filter. Once installed, your Quooker tap will also dispense filtered water.

A Quooker 5-in-1 Tap can be created by installing a Quooker CUBE chiller unit. With the Quooker CUBE you can enjoy chilled filtered and sparkling water from your Quooker tap! A tap that dispenses standard hot, cold, boiling, chilled filtered and chilled sparkling water really is a tap that can do it all!

Q2 - Is a Quooker Tap safe to use?

Quooker Flex With Pull Out Hose

Yes! All Quooker boiling water taps have plenty of safety features to protect all users. These safety features include:

  • Childproof handle - A push and turn textured handle stops children accidentally activating the boiling water option.
  • Insulated sides - Spout remains cool even after boiling water has just been dispensed.
  • Aerated spray – Boiling water flows as a fine, aerated spray to reduce the risk of scalding.
  • Boiling water safety stop – Quooker Flex Models Only - When using the hose, boiling water is immediately cut off and cannot be activated when the hose is in use.
  • Swivel spout – Easy to fill heavy pans on the work surface.

Q3 - Is a Quooker Tap expensive to run?

Quooker Flusion Black

Quooker Taps are extremely economical to run. This is thanks to the unique way the water is stored at high temperatures in the Pro Tank.

Heat cannot escape which means running costs are minimal! It takes just 10 watts of energy to keep the water stored at 108ºC.

The standby power consumption is just 3p a day.

Q4 - What is a Quooker Tank?

Quooker Flex Pro3

The Quooker Pro Tank is a small tank that sits in the cupboard beneath your kitchen sink. It is connected to the water mains and the Quooker boiling water tap. The high-vacuum insulation tank acts like a vacuum flask and efficiently stores water at a high temperature.

Q5 - Does a Quooker Tap need a hot water supply?

Quooker Tank Set Up

If you opt for a Pro3 or Pro7 tank then, yes, you will require a hot and cold water supply with a minimum 2 bar pressure. Combi tanks require a cold water feed. Installation of a Quooker Hot Tap also requires a 13 amp power socket and waste.

Services need to be below the worksurface and within 500mm of the install location.

Q6 - What is the difference between a Quooker Pro3, Pro7 and Combi Tank?

Quooker Tanks Pro3, Pro7 & Combi

Quooker Pro3

The Quooker PRO3 tank holds 3 litres of water. It is the most common tank choice for most households.

The Pro3 tank dimensions are 47cm high and 15cm in diameter. The Pro3 tank requires 55 cm of height space for installation.

Quooker Pro7

The Quooker PRO7 tank stores 7 litres of water. It's bigger capacity makes it a great option for busy offices.

The Pro7 tank dimensions are 47cm high and 20cm in diameter. The Pro7 tank requires 55 cm of height space for installation.

Quooker Combi

Combi tank option is also available, bringing instant hot (50-60ºC) and boiling water (100ºC) from a single tank, an extremely efficient and an economical way to produce both hot and boiling water where only a cold water feed is available.

The Quooker COMBI tank supplies 7litres of boiling water at 100℃ or, 15 litres of hot water at 60℃ from a cold water feed.

The combi tank is a great option if your boiler is more than 6m from your tap. It offers a very efficient and economical way to product both hot and boiling water where only a cold water feed is available this is why it is a popular choice for garden offices and out buildings.

The Combi tank dimensions are 50cm high and 20cm in diameter. The Combi requires 57cm of height space for installation.

Q7 - Is boiling water from a Quooker tap filtered?

Quooker Fusion Gold Tap Square

Yes, Quooker boiling water is filtered before it reaches your cup!

Inside the tank an active carbon filter removes impurities from the water while storing the water under pressure ensures the water remains fresh.

Water is not constantly boiling inside the tank. It only starts to boil when the tap is turned on and water is dispensed. As water leaves the tank, fresh water flows in.

For filtered cold water you will need to add a Quooker cold water filter to your Quooker Tap.

Q8 - Does the Quooker Tap come with a filter?

Quooker Fusion Round

The Quooker taps do not come with a filter as standard. The tanks however, include an activated carbon filter which purifies the boiling water.

There are two filter options on offer that can be purchased as an extra: A Quooker cold water filter or, for chilled filtered and sparkling water, a Quooker CUBE can be installed.

See Q10 for more information on the cold water filter.

Q9 - Do Quooker Taps work in hard water areas?

Quooker Scale Control R Kit & Filter

Absolutely! With the addition of a Quooker Scale Control Starter Kit and a little extra care and maintenance a Quooker system will work to reduce water hardness in hard water areas.

Replacement scale control plus cartridges can be replaced easily. An audible signal will alert you when it needs to be changed.

See Q11 for more information on the scale control filter.

Q10 - How long does a Quooker cold water filter last?

Quooker Cold Water Filter

Quooker cold water filters need to be replaced every 12 months or after filtering 57,000 litres of water.

An alarm will beep and the LED light will flash to notify you when it is time to install a new one.

If you don't have a new one to install, the filter alarm can be snoozed for 7 days with a press of the red button on the top of the cartridge. This will give you time to organise a new filter.

Q11 - When should I replace my Quooker Scale Control Cartridge?

Quooker Scale Control R Installation Diagram

The Quooker Scale Control Cartridge must be replaced every 12 months. However, depending on how hard the water is in your area and, how often you use the boiling water you may need to replace sooner.

A flashing LED light and audible alarm will indicate when it needs changing.

The alarm can be snoozed for 72 hours using the wheel on the Scale Control Meter. Just enough time to organise a new one!

Q12 - Whats the difference between the Quooker Filters?

Quooker Cold Water Filter Installation Diagram
  • Cold water filter - Designed to filter mains cold water.
  • Scale Control Filter - Fits inside the Scale Control R Kit. Designed to remove limescale in hard water areas.
  • HiTAC filter - Filters water inside the boiling water tank.

The cold water filter allows users to switch between tap water to cold filtered water with one simple push and turn of the textured handle. Water passes through an activated-carbon filter so the water tastes and smells better. It can be added to a Quooker Tap at any point after installation.

The Scale Control R Kit connects to your Quooker Tank and cleans the water before it enters the Quooker system. Designed to prolong the lifespan of your Quooker Tank this kit improves the taste of the water and descales to prevent limescale build up which can cause problems if not treated.

The HiTAC filter is inside the Quooker Vaq Tank. This carbon filter removes impurities while the carbon absorbs chlorine and other pollutants. This filter improves the taste of the water and removes unpleasant odours so every cup tastes fresh.

Q13 - Do I need to change the HiTAC filter in my Quooker Tank?

Quooker HiTAC Filter

The HiTAC filter should be changed within 3-5 years after installation. The exact timescale is dependant on the quality of water in your area.

Replacing the HiTAC filter can be tricky on some models and Quooker recommend a visit from a Quooker engineer if you are unable to chnage it yourself. Instruction and tools are supplied with the filter.

Q14 - How long does it take to re-heat a Quooker Tank from empty?

Quooker Combi Tank Fitter

The Quooker Pro3 Tank takes around 10 minutes to heat up from empty.

The Quooker Pro7 Tank takes around 15 minutes to heat up from empty.

The Quooker Combi Tank takes around 20 minutes to heat up from empty.

Q15 - Can a Quooker Tap be mounted to a metal sink?


Yes, you can install a Quooker tap on to a metal sink. We would recommend using a tap brace for additional support.

The support of a tap brace is especially important for the Quooker Flex as the pull out hose means the tap will be moved around more than normal so extra stability will be required. 

Q16 - What should I do when my Quooker Tank is flashing?

Why Is My Quooker Flashing?

If the red light is flashing on your tap or Quooker Tap it's time to try a re-set.

Short Reset:

  1. Switch off the tank (Q button at top) and un-plug it from the socket.
  2. After 30 seconds, plug it back it and switch it on again.
  3. Red light should be solid on both the tank and tap.
  4. Wait 10-20 minutes or until the red light becomes a slow fading pulse on the tank
  5. The water is now re-heated and ready to use.

Light still flashing? Try a long reset.

Long Reset:

  1. Switch off the tank (Q button at top) and un-plug it from the socket.
  2. Remove the black LED cable from the tanks. This runs from the tap to the top of the tank.
  3. Clean the end of the cable with a clean, dry cloth.
  4. Plug the cable back in the tank. Switch on via the electrical supply but leave tank OFF.
  5. Run boiling water for 3 mins to drain all water in tank.
  6. Keep tank switched off. After 15 minutes switch on tank. Solid red light should appear on tap and tank.
  7. Wait 10/20 minutes or until the red light pulses and the tap light goes off.
  8. The water in the tank in now re-heated and ready to use.

*Continuous flashing after reset, please call with your Quooker serial number: 0330 002 0229

Q17 - How do I use a Quooker Tap?

All Quooker Taps are very safe and simple to use making it suitable for everyone;

  • Push, wait & twist – Activates filtered water (If you’ve opted for this extra)
  • Push textured handle twice & twist – Activates boiling water function
  • Push & twist - Activates sparkling water (If you've opted for the Quooker CUBE)
  • Hot and cold water is activated using the side lever: Up for cold and down for hot & left/right to change flow of water.


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