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Quooker Accessories Buying Guide

Quooker Cube, Nordic Soap Dispenser and More

Quooker boiling water taps are exceptional quality, once installed it is important to ensure Quooker receives the care it deserves to continue to work at an optimum level, especially if you live in a hard water area.

Quooker have developed a number of excellent quality accessories that are designed for use with their Quooker boiling water tap range.

We also offer various deals on our Quooker Accessories:

Q1 - Can a Quooker Tap be used in a hard water area?


Absolutely! Quooker have created a Quooker scale control kit which reduces water hardness. It has been developed especially for use with Quooker hot water taps. Find out more about the Quooker Scale Control below.

Do Quooker taps only dispense hot, cold and boiling water?


This depends on which Quooker tap model you go for! See our Quooker tap buying guide for more information on the different Quooker taps available. You can install a cold water filter alongside your Quooker to enjoy filtered water from your tap.

Ii is even possible to receive chilled filtered water and sparkling water straight from your Quooker tap too with the Quooker Cube. See below for more information on the Quooker Cube

Quooker Cube


Create a 5-in-1 tap with the Quooker Cube! If you want to enjoy chilled, filtered water all year round or the luxury of sparkling water on tap, this is the Quooker accessory for you.

The Quooker Cube is a compact chilling and filtering unit that is designed for use with Quooker taps. Once installed your tap will have the capability of supplying standard hot and cold, 100°C boiling, chilled filtered and chilled sparkling water too! You can choose between two effervescence levels to enjoy sparkling water just the way you like it.

The tank has an interactive display which indicates how much sparkling water you can draw from the Co2 cylinder in use. 

It comes with one Quooker Co2 bottle which provides up to 60 litres of chilled sparkling water. The cylinder is securely stored in a magnetic base at the side of the CUBE. 

An active crabon filter enures every glass of water is taint and germ free. It can filter up to 3500L of water. The filter is installed between the mains water supply and the CUBE tank so it it simple to replace. When the filter needs to be changed an audible alram will sound.

The Cube tank is slim and compact and is stored beneath your sink in the kitchen cupboard. It can be added to any Quooker tap and pro vaq tank produced from October 2017 onwards. If you already own a Quooker tap please ensure you check your products serial number to check if it is compatible.**

According to Quooker statistics, sparkling water produced via the Quooker Co2 cartridge costs just 29p per litre delivered. A bottle of sparkling mineral water costs around 90p per litre. That’s a saving of 61p for every litre you drink! Quooker also claim 1L of filtered water from the Cube costs just 3p. Much cheaper than buying bottled water from the supermarket!

**Tanks with a serial number that starts with VBW, VCW, CCW or CPW are compatible. Taps with a serial number that starts with QW0, QW1 and higher are compatible.

Quooker Soap Dispenser


Quooker have created an elegant Nordic soap dispenser which is designed to compliment all the Quooker taps in the range. It is available in many finishes including chrome, stainless steel, black, gold and patinated brass.

Beautifully engineered and minimalist in style it can be operated with one hand. The soap reservoir sits out of sight beneath the work surface and can be easily filled from above. It's a lovely accessory and looks fabulous next to a Quooker Tap.

Quooker Cold Water Filter


For an additional charge you can opt to install a cold water filter alongside your Quooker pro-vaq tank which will easily allow you to switch from standard tap water to cold filtered water with one simple push and turn of the textured handle.

Water will pass through an activated-carbon filter ensuring the water will taste and smell better. It is advised that the filter is changed every six months under normal use to maintain the filtered water quality.

A Quooker cold water filter is compatible with Quooker Fusion, Quooker Flex or Quooker Nordic Taps and can be added to any of these models after installation.

Quooker Scale Control


If you live in a hard water area the Quooker SCR Scale Control R Kit is highly recommended. This kit has been developed to lengthen the lifespan of your Quooker by reducing the water hardness. It is a reliable descaling solution and improves the taste of the Quooker boiling water too.

This de-scaler kit includes a connection set and a cartridge. An audible alarm signal will let you know when it's time to change the cartridge.

Quooker Mounting Brackets


Stainless steel mounting brackets are particularly handy for fitting the unique Pro Vaq Quooker tank under kitchen units with a drawer. Or, simply use one to keep everything under the sink neat and tidy.

Quooker Base Rings


Within our Quooker Accessories collection you'll also find Quooker Base Rings. These comes in a number of sizes and colours to suit all the taps and soap dispensers in our collections. 

The Quooker Base Ring is provides extra re-enforcement if installing a Quooker tap into a thinner work surface, They will help to secure and stabilse the tap.

Basr rings can also be used on pre-drilled work surfaces where the exisiting hole may be slightly too large for the Quooker Tap.

Quooker Powerswitch


A three-way, colour coded adaptor known as the Quooker Powerswitch is another great addition to the range. It allows you to connect the Quooker tank,Quooker CUBE and another appliance, such as a dishwasher, all to the same socket.

The Quooker Powerswitch will detect when the third-party appliance is in use. If the appliance in use draws too much power, the Quooker tank will automatically adjust to standby mode to prevent the circuit overloading. Don't worry, you can still use the boiling water function if you're in need of a cup of tea!

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