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Outdoor Cooking Buying Guide

Outdoor Cooking Buying Guide

We sell outdoor cooking equipment as well as indoor appliances at Appliance House. Our outdoor cooking collection includes table top griddles, BBQ griddles, griddle covers & griddle accessories too. Our outdoor cooking appliances are designed to make cooking outside enjoyable for all.

Whether you love to throw a BBQ or, need outdoor cooking equipment for a camping trip, we have a great selection of griddles both big and small, to lend a helping hand.

We've put together a short Outdoor Cooking Buying Guide which includes useful features to look out for when searching for these products. Find out more below.

BBQ Griddles – Table Top Griddles – Griddle Accessories

Outdoor Griddle Cooking


Outdoor Griddles – Table Top Griddles, BBQ Griddles

Many love to cook alfresco. Outdoor cooking equipment can range from a simple grill to complex cooking stations. Before you begin your journey to choose the best outdoor griddle for your needs here are a few points to consider.


What To Consider When Buying New Griddle:

  • Location & Space - If you are considering a permanent outdoor cooking station, think about the flow of the work space carefully ensuring you have plenty of work surface for food preparation. If space is limited, look for smaller portable models which can easily be stored away after use. It’s important to ensure you have a safe amount of space around your grill. Setting up under cover, such as a pergola or canopy, is great idea for cooking in the UK! Make sure you have sufficient clearance and ventilation when cooking under cover.
  • Cooking Numbers - How many do you plan to cook for? Griddles range in size. Check the griddle capacity and dimensions before you buy. Large models with extra shelves are perfect for those who love to BBQ for friends and family. For a solo camping trip, check out table top griddles that have sufficient space to cook a meal for one and can be packed away easily after use.
  • Shelves & Storage Holders - Having your tools close by is a must! Look for griddle models with foldable side shelves, magnetic toolbars and storage hooks for hanging utensils. You can even find griddles with paper towel holders so you can clean up as you cook!
  • Fuel Type - Most grills are powered by gas, charcoal, wood pellets or electricity. Gas (liquid propane or natural gas) is the most common, providing heat quickly. For a smoky flavour, charcoal and wood pellet grills are a popular choice however, these take longer to reach desired cooking temperatures. Electric grills are convenient as you can simply plug in and begin cooking straight away.

Griddle Maintenance


How to Clean A Blackstone Griddle.

For a lightly soiled griddle (toasting, grilled cheese), use a spatula to remove any food debris and simply wipe clean with a paper towel.

For a dirtier griddle (burgers/steaks) Use a quality scraper to lightly scrape and remove food debris while the griddle is warm. Again, simply wipe clean with a paper towel then oil with a little oil and a paper towel.

For a heavily soiled griddle (sticky stir fry) Add water to the surface and use a quality scraper to lightly scrape and remove food debris while the griddle is hot. Use a cloth to gently remove grease from the griddle surface.

If you notice the griddle surface is becoming a little rough it is time to re-season the griddle. This could be after months of use, it all depends on how much you cook! After thoroughly cleaning with soap and water and a special cleaning stone, add a light layer of oil to the griddle, this will protect it until the next use.

To clean the exterior use a gentle cleaner and non-abrasive cloth to prevent scratches.

Free delivery On Blackstone Griddles


We offer free delivery on orders over £30. This means our outdoor cooking griddles will be delivered at no extra charge via our fast and efficient delivery service.

Please call one of our friendly team on 0330 002 0229 should you wish to chat about any suitable accessories or cleaning products for your griddle. We are always happy to help and hope to make your shopping experience as smooth and stress free as possible.

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