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Lighting Buying Guide

Lighting For The Kitchen and Home

At Appliance House, we have a range of energy saving LED lighting designed to truly enhance the feel of your kitchen. We have cabinet, plinth and strip lighting in stock, all with fantastic efficiency and modern sentiment.

We also have a superb range of smart lighting for the home. Our smart home lighting collection provides the ultimate convenience. Smart lights can be controlled through WiFi, mobile data networks, the infrared remote or your existing switches. You can even ask Alexa to switch your lights on and off! More details about Smart lighting can be found in our Smart Home Buying Guide.

To find out more about lighting options for your kitchen we've created a Kitchen Lighting Buying Guide below. It is full of useful information to help you choose the best lighting for your needs.

What is the difference between task lighting and accent lighting?


Task Lighting - Task lighting is used to highlight and brighten work areas in the kitchen. Using task lighting over a worktop preparation area or cooking zone is really important. It creates clear visibility which is essential when you're preparing dinner.

Accent Lighting - Accent lighting or mood lighting is used to create ambience in a room. They are used for decoration rather than a functional effect. With good use of accent lighting you can create the perfect lighting level to enjoy a romantic meal. Often dimmable, you can soften the brightness to create a soft light to unwind in the evening

Accent lighting and task lighting can be used together in a kitchen design. Creating zones is a great idea as you can create the right level of light for every situation.

What are the lighting options choices for use in a kitchen?


It is really important to plan and seriously think about lighting in your kitchen. When you get the lighting just right it can truly transform the space.

If you have an open plan kitchen you are likely to spend a lot of time in this part of your house. Lighting plays a big role in creating a space that not only looks beautiful but is functional too. By mixing up the following accent lighting and task lighting in your kitchen you have the opportunity to create an amazing space for both cooking and relaxing.

  • Under Cabinet Spotlights
  • Over Cabinet Lights
  • Pendant lighting
  • Strip lighting
  • Plinth lighting

Find out more about all these lighting options below.

Are LED lights cheap to run?


Yes! LED lights are much cheaper to run than fluorescent lighting and they can last much longer too. Although LED light may be slightly more to buy, an LED bulb can last up to 25,000 hours compared to around 1200 hours with an incandescent bulb.

LED lights are ideal for use in a kitchen. They use little power and create a very low heat output so you can leave them on for long periods of time. This simply means you can sit back, switch on your LED kitchen mood lighting and enjoy your evening meal without worrying about the running cost!

Under Cabinet Spotlights


Under cabinet spotlights are usually used for task lighting. Placed beneath your kitchen units, spot lights shine down onto the work surface illuminating the preparation area below. They can also be used to illuminate the inside of units featuring a glass door.

They are available in a wide array of design and style options and installation is easy. The majority are surface mounted to the underside of the wall cabinet however, some lights can be recessed into the cabinet for a sleek finish. It's even possible to add lighting inside your kitchen drawers too with an ultra convenient LED drawer light.

With triangular, round, square and rectangular profiles on offer you will have no trouble finding a style to suit your kitchen.

In order to create enough light, we recommend installing 2-3 spotlights per meter of cabinetry run.

Over Cabinet Lights


Over cabinet lights are a great accent lighting option as they are used to create a subtle light above units. This type of light illuminates the front of kitchen furniture doors. Handy should you need to look for something in the cupboard during the evening, without switching the main light on!

To create a glow above units and uplight the ceiling you could use flexible strip lighting above the wall units

Pendant Lighting


Ceiling & Smart Lighting

Pendant lights create the wow factor in any kitchen. Suspended from the ceiling, pendant lights are perfect for setting the mood and look fabulous.

Due to their increasing popularity, pendant lights are available in a wide variety of choice. Often the cables are adjustable. This enables you to alter the drop height so the light can be set to a position to suit your needs.

Pendant lights are often dimmable so if you need a bright light for work or low level light to relax in the evening a dimmable pendant light would be a great, versatile and stylish choice.

Pendant lights can include integral LED bulbs or you may need to buy a bulb for your light. A smart bulb would be a sound investment. Smart bulbs can be bought with or without visible filaments. Our WiZ Smart bulbs are fully dimmable and will provide various shades of white from a soft warm glow up to a bright daylight, perfect for creating the right ambience level in your kitchen. Visit our smart home lighting section for all the products available in this range.

Flexible Strip Lighting


Flexible strip lighting is so versatile as it can be used almost anywhere. Dependant on the type you choose it is possible to run flexible strip lighting around corners making it a fantastic choice for installation around a breakfast bar area.

It is possible to buy lengths of aluminium profile which will create a lovely diffused light once you feed flexible lighting through the tube. This is a good option for use in cupboards.

Colour changing flexible strips are also available which are a great choice for a party house! You can choose between seven colours and different lighting effects to host a party to remember.

Flexible lighting featuring adhesive backs are particularly good for easy installation, plus the option to cut to length means it can be positioned anywhere!

Complete with remote control operation, LED strip lighting provides the ultimate freedom.

Plinth Lighting


Plinth lights can create quite an impact in a kitchen. It's the small touches that can really turn a normal room into something amazing. Plinth lights may be unobtrusive but they add depth and interest to any kitchen interior. They look particularly good in modern kitchens and can brighten the smallest of spaces.

Plinth lights are available in round and square profiles. They are usually recessed into the plinth and installation is quite straightforward as any electrical wiring can be hidden behind the back of the plinth.

Top of the range plinth lights offer multi functional lighting, you can change the tone of the light from warm white, cool white and natural white to suit your mood.

Smart Home Downlights


Smart Home Downlights are a superb choice for the modern home. Installed within the ceiling, a smart home downlight offers the ultimate flexibility to your lighting set up. You can create the perfect lighting ambience to suit your mood.

It is possible to buy smart home lighting that offers more than lighting! The Zuma Lumisonic is not only a superb quality LED light but it also features a built in HiFi speaker, both the light and speaker are paired together inside one single downlight! Single units sound excellent but it's also possible to install multiple units to enjoy a truly immersive audio experience.

Smart home lighting offers wireless lighting control. Connect to your WiFi network and using the dedicated app you can control the lights from your phone or tablet. From here you can personalise settings and have complete ambient lighting control. The range of lighting possibilities are huge. It is possible to control your lights with voice control on some models too.

Choose smart downlights for the ultimate lighting freedom.

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