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Laundry Buying Guide

Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers and Washer Dryers

Choosing laundry appliances can be a difficult task with all the different technical specifications on offer. If you are looking for a new tumble dryer, combined washer dryer or washing machine our Laundry Buying Guide provides lot’s of useful things to consider before you buy.

We discuss washing machine spin speeds, load sizes and the difference between integrated and freestanding appliances.

Q1 - What capacity washing machine is best for large, medium and small families?

Washing Machine Close Up Control Panel

A washing machine with a bigger drum is best for large families. For those who regularly have plenty of laundry to wash you should look for washing machines with a capacity of 10kg or more. Generally freestanding washing machines provide larger capacity drums compared to integrated models.

The majority of washing machines offer 9kg capacity which is ample for medium sized families. A 6kg or 7kg capacity washing machine is perfect for smaller households.

The bigger the drum the more washing you’ll be able fit inside. It is important that you do not over fill a washing machine as clothes need enough space to move around to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned.

Q2 - Does a washing machine spin speed make a difference?

Washing Machine Drum

Washing machines offer between 1,000 and 1,400rpm. Rpm simply means how many revolutions the drum will spin per minute. The faster the spin speeds the drier the clothes will be at the end of the cycle. Top of the range models offer more spin options and higher spin speeds of up to 1400rpm. A small number of washing machines offer a spin speed of 1,600rpm.

Delicates and woollen garments should not go on a fast spin however, towels benefit from a higher spin speed.

  • Wool/delicates - Slower spin speed around 600-800rpm
  • Synthetics - 800-1,000rpm
  • Cotton - 1,000 - 1,400rpm

Q3 - Which are the most useful features and programmes to consider when buying a new washing machine?

Washing Machine Programmes

Quick Wash- Quick wash cycles are ideal for when you need to clean clothes in a hurry. Perfect for washing dirty school uniforms or kids sports kits when they’re needed for the next day!

Sports Cycle- If you play outdoor sports look for washing machines with a sports programme. They will work hard to tackle grass and mud stains.

Delicate & Wool Cycles- If you don’t like hand washing then these cycles are brilliant. The intensity and temperature of the wash is reduced and the drum rotation is gentler. It is important to use the correct detergent when washing clothes on these cycles.

Anti Allergy- Some modern washing machines now include anti allergy cycles. They get rid of allergens and any remnants of detergent that can trigger skin irritations.

Smart Control- Smart control washing machines can be controlled remotely. Simply load the machine when you leave the house in the morning and later in the day you can set it to wash, via a dedicated app. This prevents washing sitting in the drum all day.

Sensor Wash- 6th Sense technology uses unique sensors to detect the size and type of load. Machines featuring this tech have the ability to automatically adapt the wash cycle settings to suit the load helping to save time and reduce water and energy consumption.

Q4 - What is the difference between a freestanding and fully integrated washing machine?

Fully Integrated Washing Machine

A built-in or fully integrated washing machine blend seamlessly into your kitchen furniture. They are housed behind a kitchen cupboard door fascia. The perfect option if you want to hide your washing machine. Drum capacities of integrated laundry appliances stretch from 6 to 9 kg.

Free-standing washing machines and tumble dryers tend to be more accessible and therefore if anything goes wrong it is easier to inspect the appliance. They are usually slightly cheaper with a wider variety of choice. Load capacity is often bigger ranging from 7kg up to 12kg. They are often the preferred choice for utility rooms.

Washing Machines

Freestanding Washing Machine Lifestyle

A washing machine is a necessity item for modern day living. Whether you opt for freestanding or integrated is entirely personal preference.

You must think about how much washing you get through in a week before you start to look for a new appliance. This will help you to determine what load size you need. Also think about your laundry needs and check out what features would be most suitable for you.

If you don’t have a utility perhaps you need to place your washing machine in your kitchen. Are you happy for your washing machine to be visible?

You are sure to find a washing machine that provides ample room for your garments. Built in washing machines offer load capacities ranging from 6-9kg and you can expect 7-12kg for a freestanding model.

Tumble Dryers

Fully Integrated Tumble Dryer

Come rain or shine a tumble dryer is always there for you should you need to dry your washing quickly. We have a selection of both built-in and free standing tumble dryers in an array of colours and styles.

Load sizes stretch from 3kg to 8kg. All our tumble dryers are simple and easy to use with variable heat settings.

You’ll discover vented and condenser dryers. A vented dryer outputs the warm damp air out through a hose where as condenser dryers condense the damp air into water which is deposited into a container ready for you to empty. There are price and efficiency variations between the two, it depends on your personal needs as to which one will suit you best.

Washer Dryers

Freestanding Washer Dryer

If you need the option of a washer and a dryer but don’t have the space, get the best of both worlds with a washer dryer. The washer dryer combines the features of both a washing machine and a tumble dryer in one single appliance.

There’s plenty of room to wash and dry your laundry in one go! Model dependant, you can expect a capacity of around 4-7kg for drying and 6-11kg for washing.

You can buy washer dryers in both built-in and free standing options. More expensive models tend to offer larger washing and drying capacities, ideal for families.

Stain Removal - Handheld Clothing Care Systems


Our handheld fabric care devices will take you a step closer to eco-friendly laundry care.

Using 99% less water and 77% less detergent it is now possible to keep clothes fresh and clean for longer between washes with a W'air cleaning unit.

Unique hydro-technology uses a blast of water mixed with detergent to removes stains, dirt and odours with ease. It can be used to treat clothes, sofas, cushions and many more items that may not be suitable for popping in the washing machine.

Our W'air sustainlable fabric care system will prolong the life of many garments as over washing can cause mis-shaping, shrinkage and colour fade. Not only that, water consumption will be reduced significantly which is great for your utility bills and the environment!

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