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Kitchen Tap Accessories Buying Guide

Aerators, Hand Sprays and Soap Dispensers.

At Appliance House we have a great selection of tap accessories designed to enhance your existing kitchen sink and tap. We have hand sprays, aerators to control direction of flowing water, tap braces and even soap dispensers on offer.

Tasks such as filling pans and cleaning hard to reach corners of the sink will be easier than ever when you invest in a hand spray. Sometimes it’s the finishing touches that really make a kitchen.

Q1- What is a tap aerator?

A tap aerator is a small attachment that screws onto the end of a tap spout. Taps fitted with an aerator nozzle will supply a steady stream of water mixed with air.

Inside an aerator nozzle is a small disc with many little holes. The disc acts as a sieve to separate the water into individual streams while controlling the direction of flow. Once pulled apart, air can mix with the water without affecting the existing pressure. Aerator nozzles create a stronger flow of water flow meaning jobs can be performed faster and more efficiently. This helps to reduce water usage.

Aerators are easy to fit. They should be cleaned every few weeks to remove limescale build up. Regular cleaning will prevent blockages in the tiny holes while also prolonging lifespan.

Q2 - What are the benefits of using a hand spray in the kitchen?

Franke Pull Out Hose - Tap Accessory

Hand sprays are a great addition to any kitchen. If you have a standard kitchen tap (no pull out spray) then a separate hand rinse can be retro fitted and installed alongside. This means you can enjoy the convenience of a pull out hand spray without the hassle of replacing your existing tap.

Hand sprays sit on the work surface, next to a tap and feature a pull out house. A pull out hose is so useful for rinsing fruit and vegetables, filling pots and cleaning those hard to reach corners of the sink.

Aerators and Hand Sprays.

Hand Spray

Tap accessories such as aerators and hand sprays are designed to bring convenience and cost saving benefits. Cleaning is so much easier with a hand spray while aerators fitted to a tap help to reduce water consumption. Finishing touches, made to make life a little easier.

Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispenser In Kitchen

Create a clutter free work space with an integrated soap dispenser. The spout and neck sits neatly on your worktop while the soap reservoir is stored out of sight, beneath the work surface. They create a minimalist and tidy aesthetic. We love them!

Installing a soap dispenser in your kitchen will help to reduce plastic waste. You will no longer need to buy hand wash in plastic bottles to pop on the side. Opt to refill your soap dispenser with an eco-friendly refill pouch instead.

Soap dispensers are available in an array of colour and style options making them a great environmentally friendly choice for both modern and traditional kitchens.

Tap Plumbing Essentials

Tap Plumbing Essentials

Our tap plumbing essentials include tap braces, flow control valves, rapid plumbing kits and compression fittings. 

Tap braces are used to strengthen the tap base to eliminate flexing during use.

A flow control valve limits your maximum water usage when the tap is on full flow. This helps to reduce the amount of water you use, resulting in lower water bills! 

Go and browse our essential tap accessories today. We have everything you need to get your tap fitted securely and running economically, in no time! We offer a speedy and efficient delivery service too. 

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