Kitchen Accessories Buying Guide

Kitchen Accessories Buying Guide

Plinth Heaters, Warming Drawers, Sparkling Water Makers & Barware

Kitchen accessories add the final touch to your kitchen. We carry a wide range of warming drawers, which can keep food deliciously warm and heat up your plates to the optimum serving temperature. Along with the warming drawers we also supply plinth heaters, these easily take the chill off any kitchen, big or small.

Our sparkling water makers are so stylish that they'll look great in any kitchen. They create lovely fresh sparkling water with ease. With flavour drops on offer too you can create flavoursome drinks from the comfort of your own home.

Within our kitchen accessories we have helpful kitchen tools to make food preparation and storage easy including cooling plates, slicers and utensil rests. For those who love a cocktail or two, our bar accessories and cocktail making sets will help you to create and present drinks to bar standards!

We even have a superb selection of cleaning products which will keep your appliances and kitchen accessories sparkling and in tip top condition.

Our Kitchen Accessories Buying Guide provides lot's of useful information about plinth heaters, warming drawers, sparkling water makers and cleaning products. It is designed to help you find a model that is perfect for your needs.

Plinth Heaters - Warming Drawers - Sparkling Water Makers - Barwear

Q1 - What types of plinth heater are available?

Space Saving Plinth Heater In Kitchen

There are three types of plinth heater available; hydronic, all-electric and dual fuel.

Hydronic Plinth Heaters-A hydronic plinth heater uses hot water from your central heating system to heat a room. They are suitable for two-pipe central heating systems. They have been designed to operate as part of your central heating system in the same way as a panel radiator.

Hot water passes through a heat exchanger. Once the internal thermostat reaches 38°C a fan kicks into action to draw in cold air. As the cold air passes through the heat exchanger it is warmed up before being released back into the room. This heating process is very energy efficient. It uses around 25% less energy and is capable of heating a room in less than half the time of a traditional panel radiator.

Hydronic heating mode ensures your plinth heater will switch on and off automatically with your central heating system. For quick heating you can boost the heat and during warmer months you have the option of releasing cool air by using the the air circulation mode.

Hydronic plinth heaters are available in standard and slimline models. Slimline plinth heaters are designed to fit into 80mm European-style kitchen plinths, such as those sold by Ikea.

All Electric Plinth Heaters- Electric Plinth Heaters run independently of the central heating system. Many models feature boost functions and summer mode. If you need to warm up or take the chill off a room the boost function will heat the room quickly. On hot days, summer mode releases a cool flow of air.

Electric fan-assisted plinth heaters cost around 15p per hour for each 1kW of heat.

Dual Fuel Plinth Heaters- Dual fuel plinth heaters combine hydronic & electric. We would always recommended running your plinth heater in hydronic heating mode where possible, as this will reduce running costs significantly.

The extra option of electric fan assisted heated is handy for those times the central heating is switched off. Compete with an electric element, you can emit 1kW of heat when choosing electric heating mode. It’s ideal for taking the chill off a room as you can release a quick blast of warm air whenever you need it.

Q2 - Can you use plinth heaters in a bathroom?

Modern Bathroom - Shower

Yes! If you wish to install a plinth heater in your bathroom you must choose a low voltage model. Low voltage plinth heaters are suitable for use in high humidity.

Q3 - What is the difference between a shallow and deep warming drawer?


Shallow warming drawer;

Size Approx; 140mm H x 595mm W x 535mm D.

Capacity; 10kg or room for 6 place settings.

At 140mm high, they are the ideal choice for installing in a tall housing beneath a compact microwave or built in coffee machine. Compact appliances have been built to a particular size so, when paired with a warming drawer (beneath) and positioned next to a standard single oven you can create a balanced, perfectly aligned display of appliances.

Deep Warming Drawer;

Size Approx; 300mm H x 595mm W x 535mm D

Capacity;18-20kg or room for 12 place settings

Deep warming drawers have higher sides and are capable of fitting deep sided cooking pots inside to keep warm.

Please note, sizes are for guide only, figures vary depending on brand and warming drawer model.

Q4 - What can you use a warming drawer for?

Warming Drawers Housed In Tall Housing
  • Warming plates and table wear
  • Keeping food warm
  • Cooking and proving
  • Defrosting food

Serving food on a warm plate or serving dish will ensure food stays hotter for longer so it tastes just as delicious as it did when it left the oven!

The ability to heat food to specific temperatures is important as 60°C is the temperature required to stop bacteria developing. Warming drawers can be set to 60°C or warmer to keep food warm, safely. This super feature is great for keeping food warm whilst you prepare other dishes or for those days when someone in the family is late for dinner!

Warming pastries, creating creamy rice puddings and proving dough can all be done in a warming drawer too. Ideal for preparing treats for your weekend breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Q5 - What is the difference between an Skare Carbonator and a Sodastream Sparking Water Maker?


Skare and Sodastream are trusted brands within the sparkling water maker industry.

Skare offer one exceptional quality soda maker that is available in many sophisticated finishes. It's a premium product, exquisitely designed with a higher price tag. Sodasteam, have more models to choose from with options to suit a wider range of budgets.

Sodastream Terra.

Compact cordless design. Compatible with all Sodastream reusable plastic bottles. Quick Connect system for easier CO2 installation. Features a carbonation button which you simply press to enjoy sparkling water. H 42.8 x W 13.3 x D 19.5 (cm)

Sodastream Art.

Unique, cordless sparkling water maker featuring a side lever control. Comes with a reusable plastic bottle. Features Quick Connect Cylinder Technology. H 43.1 x W 16.9 (inc handle) x D 24.5 (cm)

Sodastream Duo.

Stylish, cordless sparkling water maker. Comes with two bottles; A reusable plastic bottle and a glass bottle. Features Quick Connect technology allowing Co2 cylinders to be inserted with ease, quickly. H 44 x W 15.8 x D 31 (cm)

Skare2 Sodamaker.

Cordless, electricity free premium carbonator. Luxury stainless steel construction with precision nozzle. Carbonation activated with the push of a button. Available in ice white, teal, black and stainless steel. Compatible with Skare BPA-free water bottle. 

Our product descriptions give a more concise overview of each model.

Q6 - How long do Co2 Canisters last?


How long a Co2 bottle will last is dependent on the level of carbonation you choose. If you prefer water full of bubbles then this will obviously use up gas more quickly. Generally, standard gas cylinder will carbonate up to 60L of water. With regular use, a Co2 cylinder will last around 8 weeks.

Our Skare Carbonator models are compatible with cylinders from Sodastream (not Sodastream Quick Connect Cylinders), AGA, Linde, and many other standard gas cylinders approved for use with sparkling water makers.

Plinth Heaters

Space Saving Plinth Heater Installed Under Tall Housing

Nobody wants cold feet. Kitchens are renowned for being chilly when not used, especially with the common tiled or laminated floors.

Plinth heaters effectively heat a room from low level in less than half the time of a traditional panel radiator. They take up very little space too as they sit discreetly beneath a kitchen unit. They come in a range of colours and finishes including; Stainless Steel, Black, Gold and more. 

Warming Drawers

Warming Drawer, Shallow Depth

We know that so many of you use your oven to keep both your plates and food warm – especially when you’re cooking that all important Sunday lunch! Warming drawers have the ability to warm up to an optimum serving temperature, keeping food warm and delicious until it’s time to serve.

A warming drawer is installed beneath an oven, microwave or coffee machine. They offer a number of functional benefits whilst also creating balance within the furniture and appliance composition.

E Cloths


Perform eco-friendly cleaning at home with an e-cloth. E-cloths create amazing germ free cleaning results with just water!

Statistics issued by e-cloth claim 99% of bacteria and mould are removed from hard surfaces when using an e-cloth and water alone. Designed with a unique cloth fibre, mould and bacteria remains locked inside millions of tiny void fibres inside the cloth, until rinsed away. Once rinsed with warm water an e-cloth re-introduces just 0.01% of bacteria back onto a sterile surface.

E-cloth have the superb general purpose cloth plus a selection of clothes for every task imaginable. You can buy a set of eight cloths which includes the following; duster, bathroom cloth, hob and oven cloth, stainless steel cloth, window cloth, kitchen cloth and two glass and polishing cloths. Each cloth has been designed to perform the best it can for the task in hand. The kitchen cloth, for example, features a scrubbing pocket, ideal for cleaning stuck on food and grime!

Each cloth features a little tag on the side of the cloth to ensure you always choose the correct cloth for your cleaning needs.

Cleaning In The Home


Did you know high quality 18/10 chrome nickel steel is metallurgically incapable of rusting or corroding in normal household conditions?

If you see a rust marks in your stainless steel sink it is likely to be small particles of a ferrous material attached to the surface. Wire wool or damp cast iron pans, utensils or flatware that are left in the sink for prolonged periods of time can cause superficial rust stains. Don’t worry, you can remove with a soft damp cloth and a stainless steel cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend. It’s best to wipe with the direction of the grain to ensure the best cleaning finish.

We have cleaning products that can be used on ceramic surfaces, tiles, glass and inside ovens too. With touch up sticks, enamel repair kits and more we’ve got you covered, even if you chip or slightly damage ceramic or enamel surfaces!

Sparkling Water Makers


Sparkling water makers are now having a major come-back as we are more mindful than ever about the impact single use plastic waste is having on our planet.

If you regularly buy bottles of fizzy drinks, mixers for your tipples or simply enjoy sparkling water, a sparkling water maker would make a great investment for you. Our carbonators come with re-useable and recyclable bottles too. 

SodaStream PET carbonating bottles are re-useable for up to 4 years! Within it's lifespan, a Sodastream bottle can help to eliminate up to 1282 single use plastic bottles. 

Once your sparkling water maker is up and running, it is a good idea to invest in some flavours. Aarke and Sodastream both have a superb selection of flavour drops and drink mixers allowing you to create your own flavoured drinks at home.

You’ll even find Pepsi Max and 7up flavours available in our Sodastream flavour range. As flavour drops are concentrated, they come in small 250ml bottles and can make around 9 litres which is about 35 servings. 

Kitchen Utensils & Food Preparation Tools


High quality kitchen tools can make food preparation so much easier. We have a range of Vacu Vin Kitchen Tools for food storage and quick food preparation. 

When buying kitchen tools, storage containers, and utensils, there are several important features to consider. Here are some of the best features to look for:

Quality and Durability: Look for products made from high-quality materials that are built to last. Stainless steel, silicone, and BPA-free plastics are good options.

Functionality: Consider the intended purpose of the tool or utensil and ensure it performs its function effectively. For example, a sharp and sturdy chef's knife, a non-stick spatula, or airtight storage containers.

Ergonomics: Choose tools and utensils that are comfortable to hold and use. Look for ergonomic handles, balanced weight distribution, and non-slip grips.

Easy to Clean: Opt for products that are easy to clean and maintain. Dishwasher-safe items or those with removable parts make cleaning a breeze.

Versatility: Look for tools and utensils that can perform multiple tasks. For example, a multi-purpose blender or a set of nesting mixing bowls that can be used for various cooking and baking needs.

Space-saving: Consider storage containers and utensils that are stackable or collapsible to save space in your kitchen cabinets or drawers.

Safety Features: Ensure that the products have safety features like heat-resistant handles, non-toxic materials, and lids that securely seal to prevent spills or accidents.

Cocktail & Barware Accessories


Plans to create a home bar? Maybe you already have one and are on the look out for high quality barware and cocktail making essentials? Before you search for the best accessories and cocktail equipment for your home bar, here are some of the best features to look for:

Durability: Choose items made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or tempered glass that can withstand regular use and last for a long time.

Versatility: Look for multi-purpose tools that can serve multiple functions. For example, a shaker with built-in strainer or a jigger with multiple measurement markings can be more versatile and save space.

Ease of use: Opt for equipment that is user-friendly and easy to handle. Consider the weight, grip and overall ergonomics of the tools to ensure comfortable usage.

Size and storage: Consider the available space in your home bar and choose equipment that fits well. Look for items that are compact and easy to store when not in use.

Dishwasher safe: Check if the equipment is dishwasher safe, as it can save time and effort in cleaning.

Accuracy: For measuring tools like jiggers or measuring spoons, accuracy is crucial. Look for items with clear and precise measurement markings to ensure accurate cocktail preparation.

Essential barware tools: Ensure you have the essential tools like a shaker, strainer, jigger, muddler, mixing glass, bar spoon and a quality set of glassware. These are the basics that will cover most cocktail recipes.

Additional accessories: Depending on your preferences, you may also consider accessories like a citrus juicer, ice bucket, cocktail picks, garnish tools, whiskey stones or a cocktail recipe book to enhance your home bar experience.

Remember, the best features to look for may vary based on your specific needs and preferences. Consider your cocktail preferences, budget and the frequency of use to make the right choices for your bar.

Wine Accessories


When you choose the right wine accessories you can enjoy wine with more flavour and aroma then ever before! Wine can be stored for longer and the overall drinking experience will be enhanced in many ways. 

We've created a buying guide to help you choose the best wine accessories for your needs. We answer FAQs including; 'What is a Wine Saver?' and 'Is it best to decant wine?' We even reveal how to enjoy a tasty, fresh glass of wine from your favourite bottle of wine up to 10 days after opening the bottle! 

Our Wine Accessory Buying Guide is a quick read, packed with information about must-have wine essentials including corkscrews, foil cutters, wine preservers, aerators and more! 

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