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Home Entertainment Buying Guide

Integrated Home Music Systems, Speakers and Projectors.

Home entertainment has never been so popular. With supersize screen projectors, surround sound bars and fully integrated sound systems now available for the home, you have so many options to choose from! Once you've chosen a model to suit your needs it is possible to transform your home into a home theatre, party house or a gamers paradise!

Our array of portable projectors and home projectors provide a thrilling experience thanks to their fabulous picture quality and fully immersive displays.

Built in radios featuring ceiling mounted speakers are perfect for small kitchens or those who simply like to keep worktops clutter free and minimalist.

Read our Home Entertainment Buying Guide to find out more.

Built In Sound Systems And Radios


KB Sound Systems

Listening to the radio in the kitchen is, for a lot of people, very therapeutic. However, the portable radio plugged in on the kitchen worktop isn’t always completely ideal and fundamentally takes up worktop space. The solution is a built in radio!

We have a great range of built in radio systems from FM to DAB and some with speakers included. With a selection of styles and colours to match your kitchen, our built in KB Sound Radio Sound Systems are sleek, smart and minimalist. 

KBSound Accessories


For the radio systems that don’t include speakers check out our Radio Accessories section. Here you will find a range of speakers in different colours and finishes such as white, chrome and brushed nickel.

We also have amplifiers for those who want additional speakers and remotes for wireless controls. Amongst all that, we have the all important aerials for your radios too in both FM and DAB.



Portable And Home Projectors.

For those who want freedom a portable projector is a fantastic option. Portable projectors are small enough to pop in your pocket and carry with you. Ideal if you're planning an outdoor movie night with friends or simply want the flexibility of being able to set up the projector wherever you please. Built in speakers and battery enable you to take the projector anywhere, and watch footage from wherever you are.

If opting for a portable projector that you regularly plan to use outdoors you should always check battery life. Once fully charged you can expect around 80 minutes of play from a good quality device.

For an awesome built in home cinema experience you're into the top of the range models. Generally, you'll experience clearer, crisp and more vibrant quality images when you spend more on a projector.

Things to consider when choosing a projector;

    • Screen Size - Always check the screen size range of the projector and the maximum screen size it can reach. The most popular range from 100–120 inches (diagonally). Portable projectors range from around 50-100 inches.


    • Short Throw Projector - This feature is so handy for small rooms! You must think about where you plan to set your projector up. If you have a small lounge, look for a short throw or ultra short throw projector as they are capable of displaying large images from shorter distances.Ultra short throw can project large images from as little as 2 feet away! Check the throw distance statistics prior to choosing a model to suit your needs as this can vary from brand. Long throw projectors require a gap of 6 feet or over to project a large image.

    • Auto Focus - Top of the range projectors include calibrated sensors that apply correction to ensure the best picture quality. You'll find features such a keystone correction combined with focus technology which allow you to fine-tune images to your needs and place your projector at any distance. Cheaper models include focus and zoom controls so you can adjust manually.

    • Connections - Ensure your new projector has all the audio connection you need. HDMI inputs come as standard on models. Selecting a model with MicroSD, VGA and USB readers are recommended for greater flexibility. With these connection options you can view videos and photos with minimal effort. You can also connect to gaming consoles for an immersive gaming experience which is even better if your device includes a headphone port. Portable projectors generally have built in speakers but always check they have an additional audio jack as this means you have the option to connect to an external speaker for bigger sound too.

    • Wireless Screen Monitoring - With this technology you can share your digital content on a huge screen from iOS, Android and Windows devices. Once connected to wifi you have the ability to screenshare youtube videos from wherever you are. With portable projectors you can do this from the palm of your hand.

Fast And Efficient Delivery Service.


Remember, all Appliance House the products featured in our home entertainment collection qualify for fast and efficient delivery service to mainland UK. If you spend over £30 delivery is free too!

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