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EVOline Sockets Buying Guide

Qi Charging and Electrical Sockets

With such a wide range of pop up and wall mounted electrical sockets on offer at Appliance House you may be baffled with all the choice! To help you choose the best power supply for your needs, we’ve put together a really useful buying guide dedicated to EVOline power sockets. We discuss all the models including the very popular EVOline Port, EVOline Backflip and EVOline One.

On many of the standard models you’ll find USB ports, ensuring you always have the power to stay connected with the world wide web! Recharging your ipod, ipad or any other mobile device from your EVOline power supply is really easy. The EVOline range is a practical and effective way of providing connections for all power requirements and is perfect for both domesticated and commercial use. You also have the option of designing your own bespoke power supply if you cannot find something which is suitable for all your needs.

FAQ - EVOline Electrical Power Units

Why choose an EVOline power supply unit?


EVOline provide discreet and elegant ways to organise power connections. Manufactured and designed in Germany, EVOline are famous for their award winning pop up socket; The EVOline® Port. They are renowned for their quality products and use only the finest materials and processes along with precision engineering and rigorous quality testing procedures. All models come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty too, giving you extra peace of mind.

At Appliance House we have a vast array of models available to suit all budgets and requirements. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that each design has been expertly created with function, quality and style in mind.

In Desk/Flush.

  • EVOline Port - Flush fitting, pop up socket.
  • EVOline V-Port - Concealed port; for use in unusable corners.
  • EVOline Flip Top - Suitable for wall units and work surfaces.
  • EVOline T-Dock - Elevated on work surface with stainless steel pillar.
  • EVOline BackFlip - Compact and flush fitting.
  • EVOline One - Compact single socket.

Above Desk.

  • EVOline V-Dock - Ideal for corner use and underneath cabinets

Can you create a bespoke EVOline power supply?

EVOline Bespoke Power Supply Units

Yes! EVOline products can be custom made due to their clever modular design. This means there are many configuration options available, they can be designed with a wide range of switches, plugs, data ports and multimedia and safety modules. The possibilities are endless! This makes them the ideal power supply for the following environments;

  • Conference venues
  • Corporate offices
  • Hotels
  • Kitchens
  • Multi-media centres
  • Workstations
  • Financial institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories and more

Appliance House would be happy to work with you to create your own, custom-made power module to suit your requirements. This tailor made service is perfect for creating a specific power supply specification for a boardroom, a large office or even a home cinema room as you can include HMDI, VGA, CAT5 etc for multimedia use.

From placing your order it will take 2-3 weeks for a bespoke model to be exclusively hand made in Germany. Pricing will be customised, based on the configuration and number of units required.

For more information on our bespoke EVOline service please call Appliance House on 0330 002 0229. We will be happy to discuss all the options available to you.

EVOline Port Pop Up Socket

EVOline Port Power Supply

Ideal for those looking for a space saving power supply, the easy to use EVOline Port Pop Up Socket is a discreet and fully retractable power, data and multimedia system. Suitable for work surfaces and wall units; it can be used to power kitchen appliances, laptops or any other electrical item.

Simply push down on the top, pull the module out and plug in; it’s as simple as that! It can be neatly stored, semi flush against the surface, when not in use. Due to the clever pivoting lid, you can leave your electrical items plugged into the port even when it is pushed back down which creates a tidy and minimalist environment.

There are many colour finishes and power supply options on the EVOline Port Pop Up range. You could opt for a basic three UK socket power supply, or, for the more tech savvy amongst us, there are a variety of UK socket and USB port combinations to choose from too. Colours finishes are dependent on the model; aluminium, chrome, white, black and stainless steel are amongst the choices.

For those who would like a unique finish to their kitchen or workspace the EVOline Port with LED Light would be the perfect choice. The LED lights offer illumination and create a calming ambience in your room; simple yet very effective and stylish. Available in black, slver or stainless steel with a standard three UK socket power supply or three UK sockets + two USB ports.

EVOline V-Port

EVOline V Port Electrical Power Supply

A clever unobtrusive solution specifically designed for those unused corners within kitchens. Concealed behind a stainless steel casing, a slight push against the base will activate the gravity fed drop down mechanism which will slowly release and reveal the power module.

The EVOline V-Port is available in two sizes; 420mm and 520mm. All models are stainless steel and come with a variety of power supply options; Two UK sockets + one USB port, three UK sockets and finally, two UK sockets.

EVOline Flip Top

EVOline Flip Top Electrical Socket

The EVOline FlipTop provides a simple yet effective solution for the need to stay ahead and future proof connectivity in the office, school or anywhere in your home. Suitable for work surfaces and wall units, the EVOline Flip Top module is simple to use; push the cover to trigger the release mechanism, continue to tilt the cover back until it is secured into a locked position.

The EVOline FlipTop is available in stainless steel with two UK sockets + two USB ports.

EVOline V Dock

EVOline V-Dock Power Supply

The ideal solution for corners and underneath cabinets. The EVOline V-Dock is extremely versatile as it can be installed vertically or horizontally, transforming a void space into a functional space.

The EVOline V-Dock is available in black and aluminium and comes in various UK socket and USB port options; Two UK sockets + two USB ports, three UK sockets and two UK sockets + one USB port.

EVOline White Dock

EVOline White Dock Power Supply

The EVOline White Dock is the ultimate solution for cable management in the office, school or home. Developed to give access to all connection outlets directly on the worktop. It can be installed with EVOline patented mounting clamps, or alternatively it can sit flush onto the desk and secured in place, plus, it can be placed anywhere on the work surface.

The EVOline White Dock is available in a high gloss contemporary white finish in various UK socket and USB port options; Three UK sockets, two UK sockets + one USB port and also two UK sockets + two USB ports.

EVOline BackFlip

EVOline BackFlip Power Supply

A compact and flush fitting module which discreetly provides access to power connectivity where ever it may be needed. The EVOline BackFlip can be installed into a worktop or above most drawers. With a simple press the module turns effortlessly to reveal UK power sockets and a USB charger socket. When in use the profile is elevated above surface level to give extra protection from liquid spillages.

The EVOline BackFlip would be ideal in a boardroom, a kitchen island unit or in a bedroom where items can be un-plugged after use and the unit can be neatly stored away again.

EVOline T Dock

EVOline T Dock Power Supply

This compact module is ideal for mounting on breakfast bars, kitchen islands and in the office. The EVOline T-Dock has been designed to be mounted onto a stainless steel pillar, providing greater protection from moisture and spillages due to its elevated position. The power cable is also concealed within the pillar to create a tidy, neat finish.

The EVOLine T-Dock is available in black and stainless steel with various power options.

EVOline Square80

EVOline Square 80 Power Supply

The EVOline Square80 Socket is a great all round power supply. It is perfect for any busy workstation, office or gadget lover! As standard, the EVOline Square80 Socket has a single UK power socket and single USB power. As an additional extra you can add a pull out or fixed CAT6 DATA Cable too.

If you have Qi capable devices you’ll be thrilled to hear there is also the option to choose an EVOline Square80 Qi model, which offers Qi charging. The top cover of the EVOline square 80 Qi is capable of charging Qi compatible devices when it is open or closed. You can run your laptop, power a 3 pin device and charge a Qi capable device such as an ipod, ipad or mobile simultaneously with this power supply.

The EVOline Square 80 and the EVOline Square 80 Qi are available in white, stainless steel or a black finish.

EVOline QI Charger

EVOline QI Charger

Charge any Qi capable device without the need for messy cables with the fantastic Wireless EVOline Qi Charger. Installed into a notch that sits 3mm beneath the work surface, the completely invisible, EVOline Qi charging station is perfect for any modern interior. As we move into the future, Qi compatible technology will be found in many more devices. By installing an invisible EVOline Qi charger you are future proofing your home!

It is ideal for use in kitchens, bedrooms, hotel suites and busy offices too. A charging-coil-sticker is supplied with the EVOline Qi. Simply stick this onto the work surface above the charger Qi‘s position to ensure you always place your device in the correct ‘zone’ to charge.

EVOline One


The EVOline One Socket is a superb power supply. This single socket has a range of module inserts so it can be adapted to many power and data requirements. An EVOline One UK socket installed alongside an EVOline One Double USB Data Port is a popular combination for the modern home.

The flexible cable entry and optional clamping wings allow this small power supply to be installed anywhere! Home offices, boardrooms, airport waiting lounges, kitchen islands and even upholstered sofas and bedroom headboards are some of the popular places that people choose to fit the EVOline One.

The EVOline One is available in a number of finishes including white, stainless steel, black and brass.


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