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Why All Modern Kitchens Need Whirlpool W-Collection Appliances!

Posted by Lorraine on 23rd Jan 2019

Achieve perfection with the newly launched state of the art range of kitchen appliances; The Whirlpool W Collection.

It is possible to create a stunning suite of W-Collection appliances to cater for all your needs. Within the range you’ll discover the W11IMS180 Steam Oven, W11MW161UK Microwave, Whirlpool W Collection W11IOM14MS2H Built in Single Oven and the W1114 Warming Drawer to name a few. Whirlpool have also included a top of the range barista-style built-in coffee machine in their W Collection; The W11 CM145 Coffee Machine.

The models mentioned above all have a stylish black glass external finish complete with an easy to use, coloured touch screen display. The exacting aesthetics of each of these appliances means they can be displayed alongside one another in perfect symmetry. Simply placing the warming drawer beneath a compact appliance such as the steam oven and alongside the single oven, you are able to create a seamless, stylish display of highly technical appliances.

If you are looking for a minimalist aesthetic the Whirlpool W-Collection provide just that. There is so much to rave about with this new kitchen appliance collection, we’ve picked out some of our favourite features across the range.

W Collection Single Ovens.

The top of the range Whirlpool W11IOM14MS2H Built in Single Oven with integrated handle and a TFT colour display offers an array of functions including;

6th Sense Technology;

Achieve perfection with unique sixth sense technology. There’s no need to control the settings yourself as smart sensors assist the whole cooking process to provide outstanding results. You can even discover new recipes, tutorials and schedule meals without being in the kitchen using the 6th Sense Live App!


The Cook4 function allows you to cook food simultaneously on 4 levels without any of the flavours or aromas mixing. The multicolour touch control screen provides support when selecting programmes such as recommendations as to which shelf to use based on amount of dishes being cooked.

Bake Sense;

Whirlpool BakeSense Technology includes 6 food categories including pizza, bread, cookies, muffins, tarts and potatoes. With so many options and the ability to modify the desired browning level on particular programmes you can create sensational bakes.Humidity is detected within the cavity, sensors automatically adjust the time and temperature accordingly, making the whole baking experience effortless.

Multi Sense Food Probe;

Complete with a unique self-supporting multi sense food probe with four sensor points, the internal temperatures of dishes can be monitored with precision. Time and temperature is automatically adjusted resulting in perfectly cooked dishes with each use. The multi sense probe from Whirlpool can be used to cook meat, fish, bread, cake and casseroles.


The SteamSense function is available on certain W-Collection single oven models such as the Whirlpool W7OS44S1P Single Oven. This uses a combination of heat and steam which is a great option for cooking delicate dishes such as rice, eggs and steamed fish or vegetables.

Steaming is a fantastic way to cook, locking nutrients and flavour into the food while also retaining the texture of the dish. The steaming process is also much faster than conventional cooking methods.

W Collection Built In Microwave.

The W-Collection Whirlpool, W11IMW161UK, Built In Microwave in black features 6th Sense technology with up to 140 cooking combinations for amazing results, fast! You can even connect to the 6th Sense Live App which allows you to operate the appliance remotely and search for recipes and inspiration. Other enhanced features on this model include;

Crisp Function;

When you buy the W11IMW161UK microwave you’ll also receive a unique crisp plate that is perfect for low fat frying with minimal effort. Cooking on the dedicated crisp plate is fast and efficient and delivers crispy, delicious end results. No oil is required, simply heat up the crisp plate, add your food and set the time.

Steam & Boil;

Create healthy, tasty recipes with steam! The steamer accessory set included with this model allows you to steam your way to perfectly cooked rice, pasta and vegetables without the need to stir during cooking. Complete with a number of dedicated cooking cycles it has never been easier to create low fat, great tasting dishes so quickly.

W Collection Combi Steam Oven.

The W Collection W11I MS180 Combi Steam Oven is another exceptional compact appliance. Again, this wonderful invention by Whirlpool has a TFT 4.5” colour display to compliment other appliances within the range.

Meat Probe;

Steaming your way to succulent roasts and flavoursome dishes can be done with ease and exacting precision thanks to the meat probe included in this steam oven. Complete with 6th sense technology you are able to cook joints of beef exactly the way you like it, simply insert the meat probe, set the level of ‘doneness’ and press go! The steam oven will switch itself off once the desired core temperature is achieved.Cooking with a combination of steam and forced air ensures perfect results; a tender, succulent centre and beautifully browned outer.

W Collection Cooker Hoods.

The new Whirlpool W collection cooker hoods are simplistic in aesthetic and have been designed to compliment other appliances within this exclusive collection. A couple of the top of the range W Collection cooker hoods such as the WHVS90FLTCK Chimney Hood can be controlled remotely with the 6th sense live app. With this app you can even schedule lights to come on and off when you are away on holiday!

Other 6th sense features found on hoods within the collection include;


Illumination via the hood is automatically switched on and off dependant on the activity on the hob. LightSense Technology ensures you have the right level of light when you need it. The light and tone can be also be adjusted to set the right ambience for all occasions with the inclusion of a dimmer light and night light.


The CookSense feature uses 6th sense technology to sync with hobs from the W collection. Sensors recognize the cooking mode activated on the hob, it will then apply the correct level of extraction for the steam created during cooking.


Air quality is consistently monitored thanks to AirSense Technology. Unique sensors will automatically adjust the airflow to ensure the air remains clean and odourless, even after you’ve finished cooking.

Zen Techonology;

Cooking whilst socialising is possible with a W-Collection Cooker Hood featuring Zen Technology as they have been engineered to work at low noise levels to ensure a peaceful kitchen environment.

W Collection Gas Hobs.

For those who enjoy to cook on gas you have the option of gas on metal or gas on glass. Enhanced features of the W-Collection gas hobs include wider, full width cast iron grids to ensure pots and pans remain stable, they can also be moved across the cooking surface with ease.

iXelium Coating;

The stainless steel gas hobs within the W-Collection have been treated with a unique steel nanotechnology treatment known as iXelium coating which claims to be 15 times more resistant to scratching, 6 times more resistant to yellowing due to high temperatures and 6 times more resistant to corrosion from chemicals compared to standard stainless steel.


FelxiFlame is essentially one burner with two rings. This ring ranges from 0.4kW up to an extra powerful 5kW to provide users with greater cooking flexibility.

W Collection Induction Hobs

For those who now favour cooking on induction you’ll find induction hobs within the W-collection provide options to fulfil the needs of all.

Induction 6th Sense Technology;

W Collection induction hobs continually adjust power levels to ensure the right temperature is achieved for a variety of cooking methods. Whether you need to melt chocolate on a gentle setting or cook a stir fry over an intense heat with unique 6th Sense Technology you’re guaranteed the ideal pan temperature to ensure perfect results every time.


Flexifull, as the names suggests, provides the ultimate in cooking flexibility as you can move your pots anywhere on the hobs surface. W Collection induction hobs at 700mm wide provide 8 independently controlled zones and 900mm provide 10 independent zones. These zones can be combined to create a larger cooking area, this is ideal when cooking with large pans. Felxifull allows you to cook with pans of all shapes and sizes, the possibilities are endless!

iXelium Treatment;

The completely flat, glass surface of ALL induction hobs within the W collection are coated with iXelium treatment making the surface highly resistant to scratches, helping to keep the Whirlpool Smartcook Hob in immaculate condition for longer.

The W Collection offers superior user experience combining cutting edge, 6th sense technology with simple, minimalist style. The Whirlpool W Collection; The perfect choice for any modern home.

For further help and advice or to discuss any of the Whirlpool W Collection products featured in this article please contact our friendly sales team on 0330 002 0229. We’re always happy to help.

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