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Warming Drawers - Should You Have One In Your Kitchen?

Posted by Lorraine on 9th Oct 2018

A warming drawer is a fantastic feature and useful addition to any kitchen. Installed neatly beneath a compact oven, microwave or coffee machine, a warming drawer offers a number of functional benefits whilst also creating balance within the furniture and appliance composition. With slim designs starting at just 140mm high and various fascia options, a warming drawer can be incorporated into most kitchen designs with ease. If you are in two minds about whether you should include a warming drawer into your kitchen design then this article will reveal all the useful functions and style options available to you.

Warming drawers are often installed beneath an oven within a tall or mid height housing unit. Many clients choose to display appliances side by side, for example a compact microwave or built in coffee machine positioned next to a single oven. Appliances housed in this manner look fabulous and are easily accessible, however, you will find that a single oven will take up more space (frontal view) than the microwave or coffee machine which can result in an unbalanced display of appliances. 

Manufacturers engineer compact appliances to a particular size so when paired with a warming drawer beneath you can resolve this issue. Displayed together you can create a consistent, perfectly aligned appliance run as shown in the image below;

Once you install a warming drawer you’ll have no excuses for serving hot food on cold plates! Warming drawers help to keep food and table wear warm so it is the perfect temperature for when you are ready to serve. Some models also allow for precise low temperature control cooking, particularly convenient for busy households, as dishes can be prepared and then left to cook.

Warming Plates & Table Wear;

A warming drawer keeps table wear at precisely the right temperature allowing you to serve hot food on a warm plate.  Food served on a warm plate will stay hotter for longer ensuring it tastes every bit as good as it did when it left the oven. This function is really useful when serving dinner to a large number of guests. The vast majority of warming drawers come complete with an anti-slip mat so crockery stays firmly in place when pulling the drawer open.

Before enjoying a tea or coffee, mugs and glasses can be placed in a warming drawer and heated up to 40 °C to help keep hot drinks warmer for longer once served. The image above shows the WD1410X Gorenje Warming Drawer housed beneath the Gorenje CMA9200UX Coffee Machine.

Keep Food Warm;

Warming drawers help to keep food at a constant temperature for a set amount of time.

Food stored in a warming drawer will retain its flavour and temperature until ready to serve. For safe heating, food can be stored at precise temperatures of 60°C or warmer. The ability to heat food to specific temperatures is important as 60°C is the temperature required to stop bacteria developing.

This feature is excellent, especially for busy families as it makes it possible for everyone in the family to have fresh meals despite their busy schedules. It allows you to cook one meal for all the family, safe in the knowledge that any food stored for later will not dry out and will remain just as tasty as when it first came out of the oven, ideal for days where parents and children are eating at different times.

A warming drawer can also be used to warm pastries and bread to perfection. Ideal for those who enjoy a croissant and coffee as a lazy weekend breakfast treat!

Cooking & Proving;

Warming drawers are fabulous for keen cooks and bakers as they can be used to prepare a number of dishes.

For those who enjoy a sweet treat you’ll be pleased to know you can create creamy rice pudding and prepare homemade yogurt in a warming drawer plus it melts chocolate with precision too.

Proving dough for pizzas and bread can also be done with ease.  On some high spec models it is also possible to do low temperature cooking to prepare stews and casseroles. The low temperature cooks meat slowly and evenly to create delicious, succulent end results.

Defrosting Food;

Food can be gently and safely defrosted in a warming drawer.

Many warming drawers have a control panel that allows you to select the appropriate temperature for your needs. Our KDK911422M AEG Warming Drawer, for example, allows you to control the thermostat between 30°C and 80°C. As soon as the selected temperature is reached the heating automatically switches off and it will switch back on again once the temperature drops below the requested value, this ensures an even temperature is always maintained within the drawer.

You’ll find each model comes with a user manual, this will provide you with all the optimal temperatures and timings for the different tasks you wish to perform.

Shallow & Deep Warming Drawers;

Smaller warming drawers are available at 140mm high with the majority providing up to 10 kg capacity which is enough space for up to 6 place settings. Shallow depth warming drawers measure approximately 140mm high x 595mm wide x 535mm deep.

A larger, deep warming drawer provides around 18-20kg, model dependent, which allows for up to 12 place settings. Deep warming drawers measure approximately 300mm high x 595mm wide x 535mm deep. It’s worth noting that the higher drawers do provide greater flexibility as the taller height will cater for deep sided cooking pots with ease.

Shallow Vs Deep Warming Drawers

Fascia Options;

Warming drawers are available with a variety of fascia options including black glass, stainless steel or a combination of the two. You’ll find that most manufactures design their warming drawers to compliment their product range this ensures they blend in effortlessly for a seamless look.

For many, a warming drawer may seem an unnecessary expense but having one myself, I would not be without it. It is a great accessory which gets used everyday. I can honestly say if I was to re-design my kitchen again, a warming drawer would, most definitely, be on my appliance ‘must have’ list.

We have a number of exceptional quality warming drawers available in at Appliance House. Should you need any further advice relating to any of our products please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on 0330 002 0229, we’re always happy to help.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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