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Transform any kitchen tap into a filtered water tap with the Abode Swich!

Introducing Swich, a small compact device from Abode that will transform your kitchen or bathroom tap into a filtered water tap with ease! The Abode Swich filtered water diverter system can be added to any existing or new mixer tap to provide you with a constant supply of clean, taint free, filtered water.

How many of you pop a glass of water next to the bed in case you get thirsty during the night? Often, this water does not taste so great! With the addition of the Swich in your bathroom you can enjoy crystal clear filtered water from your bathroom tap too! If the Abode Swich can be installed in a kitchen, there is no reason it cannot be included in your bathroom too.

The Abode Swich is simplistic and unobtrusive. It is simply a small dial that is mounted onto your work surface. With a turn of the device you have complete control over your water supply. Switching between standard, domesticated tap water or filtered water is effortless. The dial is etched with an ‘O’ and ‘I’. Twist the dial to ‘O’ for standard tap water and ‘I’ for filtered. Once activated, you can manage and adjust the flow of the water from your tap, in exactly the same way as normal.

Once the filter setting is activated you will find the water flow is reduced a little. The slower flow rate is the result of the water filtrating through the activated carbon filter.

The filter effectively reduces chlorine levels in the water. It also removes any unwanted impurities including sediment and metallic taint from the water to ensure each glass of filtered water tastes its best. The Swich is available to buy with a classic or high resin filter. The Abode classic filter is for use in soft to moderate water areas. For those living in hard water areas the Abode high resin filter is recommended.

If you now buy bottled water then you must seriously consider switching to Swich! Once you have this clever little device installed, you’ll no longer need to purchase bottle water. This small change will reduce plastic waste, helping to make a positive impact on the environment.

The Abode Swich is available to buy in two finishes and styles. The Swich Round or Swich Square, both models come in a chrome or brushed nickel finish.

From now until the end of July for every water filter tap, replacement water filter cartridge and Swich we sell, we’ll donate towards WaterAid. Millions of people around the world do not have access to clean water close to home. The money we raise during our WaterAid campaign will help to make a difference to so many.

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