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Smart Tech Santa Forgot: Your Guide To The Best Post Christmas Splurges!

Posted by Lorraine on 27th Dec 2023

Ah, the joys of the holidays, endless feasts, snug evenings by the fire, and of course, the glorious Christmas cash! Now, as we bid farewell to the festive season and set our sights on the New Year, it's time to put that gifted money to good use. And what better way than investing in gadgets that not only sparkle but also contribute to your well-being!

First up, and one for the health-conscious tech lovers are the wonder-watches from Garmin. Let's talk about the Garmin Lily Smartwatch, a sleek, elegant timepiece that doubles as your wellness guru. Ladies, rejoice! With features like women's health tracking, hydration reminders, and stress tracking, this little gem becomes your personalized health whisperer. This stylish smart watch isn't bulky, it's lightweight and dainty making it perfect for casual wear and smart attire.

For the fitness enthusiasts, the Garmin Venu 2 GPS Smartwatch is a powerhouse. It's not just about tracking steps; it's about following HIIT workouts, tapping into Garmin coach for tailored training, and even embracing the art of calming breath work to tame stress. It's like having a personal trainer and a zen master on your wrist! The number of features is quite staggering, take a look here to see just how smart this watch really is!

In the quest for a post-holiday health boost, let's not overlook the game-changer for brighter smiles and healthier gums; The Aeno DB1S Smart Sonic Toothbrush. Say goodbye to mundane brushing routines and welcome a new era of dental care. This sonic wonder isn't just about cleaning teeth, it's a whole dental spa rolled into one sleek device as it offers 12 cleaning functions including massage, gum care, and white mode! It is also proven to remove plaque ten times more effectively than manual brushing. Talk about a reason to switch to sonic toothbrushing!

Now, let's weigh in, literally, with the Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale! This isn't your average bathroom scale; it's a fitness companion that goes beyond numbers. Bluetooth-enabled and equipped with advanced sensors, it measures more than just weight! It calculates BMI, body fat percentage, body water percentage, and more. It's the perfect sidekick for those gearing up to conquer their health goals in 2024 and beyond. And the best part? It's family-friendly, storing data for up to 16 users, making it an inclusive tool for everyone's journey to wellness.

But what about staying warm while being energy-efficient? Enter the Aeno Premium Eco 700W Infrared Smart Heater. Not just any heater, mind you, it's a marvel of infrared heating technology! Infrared is a radiant heat, like the sun, which means it heats objects and not the air in between. Its efficiency will leave you cozy without burning a hole in your wallet!

Its modern design, smart climate control and flexible installation options make it a sleek addition to any room. We love the fact it can be controlled manually using the side touch, LED controls or, you can control and schedule your heating times to come on at a time to suit your lifestyle using the Aeno App!

And the cherry on top, all these health-boosting, life-enhancing products are readily available to buy at Appliance House. Treat yourself or your loved ones to the gift of well-being. After all, what better way to spend that Christmas stash than on gifts that keep on giving and a step towards a healthier, happier you!

So, why wait? Step into the future of well-being with our curated selection of smart tech. Let’s bring in the New Year with a touch of tech, a dash of health, and a whole lot of cheer!

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