Review Of W Collection W11IMW161UK Built In Microwave.

Posted by Lorraine on 4th Sep 2019

The state of the art Whirlpool W Collection W11IMW161UK built in microwave is one of the best quality microwaves we have on offer. It is packed full of technology which will make food preparation easier than ever. If you would like to enjoy tasty food, quickly, this combination microwave can do just that, with amazing results.

It has an abundance of features including a crisp function, steam settings, standard microwave cooking and  forced air. The control panel can be locked to prevent the touch pad being activated accidently, a particularly useful feature for those with young children. It's packed full of the latest tech, within this review we talk about the useful functions the Whirlpool W11IMW161UK Microwave has to offer in more detail. 

The W-Collection Whirlpool, W11IMW161UK, Built In Microwave is very stylish, an ideal choice for a modern kitchen. Designed with a striking touch screen upper panel and black glass door with an integrated handle Whirlpool have successfully created a sleek, fuss free aesthetic.

Designed to compliment other products within the W Collection it is possible to install them alongside each other to create a stunning, display of contemporary kitchen appliances. Models in the range include the W11IOM14MS2H Built In Single Oven, W11IMS180UK, Built In Combi Steam Oven and the Whirlpool W11 CM145 Built In Coffee Machine. By installing the Whirlpool W114 Warming Drawer beneath the compact appliances you are able to create a balanced display as shown above.

Withsuch simple, clean lines the black glass front is very easy to keep clean. Awipe down is all that is required to keep the appliance sparkling like new onthe outside. Internally a unique ‘self steam clean’ can be performed to keep itsparkling inside too! The microwave door also features soft closing hinges sothe door closes smoothly and quietly every time.

Before you start to use the appliance you need to configure the product. This is really easy to do, it’s just a case of selecting the language, setting the time and date and connecting it to the wifi should you wish to use the 6th Sense live function. The 6th Sense live function allows you to control the oven remotely from your smartphone or tablet! You need to download the 6th Sense live app first. Once you’re set up you can really appreciate how amazing this oven really is. 

TheW11IMW161UK microwave is supplied with the following accessories;

  • Glass turntable and support
  • Crisp plate and handle – For crisp fry/plate function.
  • Wire rack – For grilling.
  • Rectangular baking tray – For convection cooking.
  • Steamer – For steam or microwave function. Can also be used forthe steam clean function.

Via the full colour, touch control screen you can scroll through plenty of power levels and programmes suitable for a whole range of cooking and defrosting options. Swipe your finger through the display and lightly tap once you find your desired setting. It has a large 40L capacity so provides plenty of room to cook a variety of delicious recipes. 

You have the option of choosing between 7 power levels; 900, 750, 650, 500, 350, 160 and 90 Watts. With such a wide array of levels the W11IMW161UK Whirpool microwave has every cooking task covered! The most powerful level is 900W which is ideal for re-heating drinks and food. It melts chocolate beautifully on 350W level and using 500W you can create the most lovely, light and airy scrambled eggs in minutes! You do need to check the scrambled eggs during cooking as they can soon become overcooked. The lower settings are ideal for safe defrosting and softening butter prior to baking.

Besidesstandard microwave cooking the Whirlpool W11IMW161UK offers an array of usefulfunctions for baking, roasting, grilling and more.

Crisp Function;

Aunique crisp plate, supplied with the microwave is perfect for low fat fryingand cooking crispy based pizzas with minimal effort. There is also a 6thsense crisp fry setting which combines the crisp function with the propertiesof warm air circulation. This setting is suitable for both fresh and frozenfood.

Cookingon the dedicated crisp plate perfectly browns a dish to deliver crisp,delicious end results. There is no need to oil the plate as it features an allover, non stick coating. Simply heat up the crisp plate for two minutes usingthe crisp plate function, add your food and set desired the time. We found itbest to turn food half way through cooking, apart from fried eggs of course! 

The crisp function is brilliant for quick, no fuss cooking. Weekend breakfast barms can be prepared with minimal effort! Cooking bacon and sausages on the crisp plate is so easy, we’ve even prepared fried eggs on there too! Cleaning up is easy as there is only one plate to clean. Just make sure you wipe away excess grease and don’t pour it down the sink! The crisp plate is not dishwasher safe but cleans up nicely with soapy water.

Steam Function;

Createhealthy, tasty recipes with steam! The steamer accessory set included with thismodel allows you to steam your way to perfectly cooked, nutritional, healthyfood. You can programme manually or use the 6th Sense function forsteam cooking fish, vegetables and more.

To use the 6th Sense steam function for vegetables you need to add 100ml of cold water to the base of the steamer. Vegetables should be chopped evenly before spreading in a single layer over the slatted steamer tray. Select 6th Sense steam followed by the fresh vegetables setting. A choice of vegetables will appear on the touch screen display. Once you've chosen the correct category you can select how 'well done' you would like your veggies! The microwave will automatically programme the cycle based on the vegetable type selected. Sensors monitor the humidity and regulate the power to ensure perfect results. Timings do vary dependant on the item being cooked. Small new potatoes take around 7 minutes and softer veggies such as broccoli take around 3-4 minutes.

The steam setting is great for cooking rice and pasta without the need to stir during cooking too. To cook rice you just add rice and water to the steamer bottom and cover with the lid. A user manual is supplied with the microwave which provides guides for cooking a variety of foods with recommended portion sizes and ratios.

Forced Air Combo;

Essentially, when using the forced air function you turn your microwave into a fan assisted oven! It’s possible to use a combination of microwave cooking or turbo grill with forced air. This function works beautifully with joints of meat as it remains succulent inside with a perfectly browned surface. Combination cooking provides faster cooking times compared to conventional methods. We found reducing the microwave power level to around 350W created pleasing results, this was also recommended in the Whirlpool user manual.

It is possible to save your most usedmicrowave settings within ‘favourites’. After using the same setting a fewtimes the microwave intelligently detects that the setting has been used beforeand asks you if you wish to save the function. Once saved the microwave willdisplay the function at particular times of the day. This was really useful inthe morning as my porridge setting popped up each morning without prompting!You can easily amend your ‘favourites’ menu and even adjust the times that theyare displayed in settings which is a great feature of this very clever, compactappliance.

At the end of cooking an alarm ringsto let you know your food is done. At the top of the screen it indicates howlong has passed since it was ready. To continue cooking you can add extra timeby pressing the + function on the screen. This will automatically continuecooking using the same programme and settings.

In order to write this review we have used the 6th Sense Whirlpool W11IMW161UK microwave daily, for over 10 months. I have been seriously impressed with the results and how easy and intuitive it is to use. Without doubt, it has proven to be the best microwave I have ever used.

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