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NEW Space Saving Quooker Scale Control Plus.

Posted by Lorraine on 21st Jan 2020

The newly designed Quooker Scale Control Plus Kit is now more compact than its predecessor! Not only does the new Quooker Scale Control Plus Kit save valuable space but it will most importantly, improve the lifespan of your Quooker tap too.

For those living in hard water areas, limescale and mineral deposit build up can cause issues with home appliances. Your Quooker tap is no exception, limescale build up will over time, damage your tap.

The Quooker Scale Control Plus Water Filter Kit includes a scale control filter cartridge which significantly reduces the water hardness. The water that flows through the ion exchange cartridge is cleaned and descaled. This process will help your Quooker tap to run efficiently for longer, while also improving the taste of the water. The New Quooker Scale Control Plus Cartridge is capable of filtering 700L litres at 10°dH, this is classified as a very hard water area.

Water Hardness ClassificationHardness in dGH/° dH
Soft0 - 3.37
Moderately Hard3.38 - 6.74
Hard6.75 - 10.11
Very Hard> 10.12

It's very easy to replace the scale control cartridges, a simple twist releases the cartridge. An acoustic alarm will sound from the accompanying Scale Control Plus meter to let you know when it is time to change the filter too. It is essential that filters are changed to prevent scale buildup which if left untreated, will damage your Quooker tap.

At only 470mm x 100mm it is a compact piece of kit! The Quooker Scale Control Kit includes an outer housing and a replaceable scale control filter cartridge. It's compact size means it takes up very little room under the sink, ideal for those who already own the Quooker Cube or are restricted on space in their kitchen.

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