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Grohe Red Duo 2.0 Boiling Water Tap.

Posted by Lorraine on 6th Jul 2019

The Grohe Red Duo 2.0 Kettle Hot Water Tap has been designed with convenience, sustainability and safety in mind. If you’re looking to save time, reduce energy consumption in your home and create more space in your kitchen then this boiling water tap will help you to do just that. 

There is no need to have a kettle taking up valuable worktop space once you have the Grohe Red 2.0 installed as it delivers cold, hot and instant 99°C boiling water all from one spout. 

Did you know that kettles are the cause of most accidents in the kitchen? Every year over 360 children under the age of 5 are scalded in the UK due kettle related accidents. Grohe have expertly engineered their taps to include special technology that puts your safety first also stringent tests have been performed and passed to ensure the safety of all users. 

With an array of wonderful modern features and two finish options; chrome and supersteel it is plain to see why the Grohe Red Duo 2.0 has become a popular hot tap choice.

Slim Titanium Boiler

The Grohe red hot water tap features a slim, energy efficient boiler which is neatly housed beneath the sink unit. The titanium tank is extremely resistant to corrosion and lime scale build up ensuring excellent performance levels for many years to follow. Water stored in a Grohe Red titanium boiler is guaranteed to be free of any metallic taste too.

The boiler is available in two sizes;

  • M size boiler – 3L capacity. Diameter 21 cm x Height 37cm.
  • L size boiler – 5.5L capacity. Diameter 21cm x Height 49cm.

If you use all the water in the boiler it will take the following time to reach maximum temperature again (dependent on the water inlet temperature);

  • M size boiler - 15-20 minutes
  • L size boiler – 20-30 minutes

Holiday Mode;

Simply switch the boiler to holiday mode when you’re away. This feature provides energy savings as the water is only heated to 60°.

Slimline Tap  Design; 

The spout of the Grohe Red Duo 2.0 can be turned though 150°. It has been elegantly designed with a slim, modern profile which is more aesthetically pleasing when compared to the earlier Grohe Red models.

LED Technology;

The boiling hot water cannot be activated until the child lock button has been unlocked. Whilst unlocking the child lock the LED will flash red, you must hold the child lock down until the red light stops flashing and becomes a solid red light. 

To dispense 99° hot water you must then press and hold the lower boiling water button, as soon as you remove your finger from the button the water flow will stop.

To activate the pot filler function you simply press the child lock function twice until the LED turns from red to yellow then press the lower boiling water activation button to start the pot filler function.

Pot Filling Function;

The Grohe Red 2.0 has a useful, hands free, pot filling function which makes the task of filling pans as easy and safe as possible. Once activated, the tap will dispense up to 3 litres of 99° boiling water for 60 seconds before stopping automatically.

Grohe Red Childlock;

Grohe hot water taps have passed German TUV tests, an independent body that checks to see all the safety parameters and quality standards have been met. The Grohe Red 2.0 features a push button fail-proof child lock plus a patented aerator ensures the boiling water flows smoothly without sputtering to reduce the risk of scalding.

High-Performance Filters;

Featuring a superb five step filtration system any impurities flowing through the Grohe Red 2.0 are efficiently removed from the water for a pure, taint free taste. This filtration system also filters out lime scale to ensure the boiler continues to perform at its optimum level over the duration of its lifetime.

Grohe Red  - VS -  New Grohe Red Duo 2.0 Next Generation.

Grohe Red Grohe Red 2.0
Slim Design X Yes
Child Safe Activation
Yes Yes
Indication via LED X Yes
Pot Filler Function X Yes
Isolated Spout Yes Yes
Titanium Tank Yes Yes
Holiday Mode X Yes
Energy Rating X Yes
Integrated Mixing Valve Yes Available As Accessory
Capacity 4L / 8L 3L / 5.5L

Watch this informative short video to see the Grohe Red Duo 2.0 in action;

To find out more details about the Grohe Red Duo 2.0 Hot Kettle Tap or any other products within our range of boiling hot water taps please get in touch with one of our helpful team on 0330 002 0229. We're always happy to help.

Updated 19th March 2024 - Content edited due to end of promotion.

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