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Modern Kitchen Taps - Things To Consider Before You Buy!

Posted by Lorraine on 28th Aug 2019

Modern kitchen taps come in so many different style options. Often the choice is made based on aesthetics alone. There are, however, a number of features that should be considered, some of which are really useful and often overlooked.

Below we highlight things to consider before you embark on your journey to find a suitable kitchen tap for your needs. We have also selected some of our favourite and most popular modern taps that we have on offer at Appliance House.

Here are some features to look out for before you choose your next kitchen tap;

Single Lever

Single lever, as the name suggests, is one lever operation. A single lever kitchen tap is more minimalist in appearance. Hot and cold water is controlled via a single valve, operated by one lever only. Single lever taps are simple to use as you can control water temperature and flow together with one hand.

Dual Lever

A dual lever tap, has two levers. One controls hot water and the other cold water. With two lever operation adjusting the flow and temperature is straight forward and accurate. Providing a symmetrical aesthetic, dual lever taps are a popular choice in many kitchen designs.

Pull Out Spray Taps

A pull out spray is a really handy feature to have. You’ll find this feature is available on both single and dual lever taps. Pull out spray taps include a flexible hose that is discreetly stored within the spout. The additional hose makes it easy to clean those hard to reach corners of the sink, it is also ideal for cleaning fruit and vegetables prior to cooking and rinsing dishes before loading into the dishwasher.

Professional Coil Taps

Generally found in commercial settings but also increasing in popularity in busy home kitchens, a professional coil tap provides excellent manoeuvrability. They often feature a swivel coil spout allowing users to enjoy greater cleaning flexibility. They are a stylish choice and certainly create the wow factor in any home.  

Water Filter Taps

Water filter taps provide refreshing taint free filtered water straight from the spout. They feature a filter that effectively removes any impurities from the water to ensure each and every glass poured, tastes delicious.

Caple Atmore Purity Water Filter Tap

Filter taps are available in both single lever and dual lever designs. To discover more about the benefits of filtered water and the best filtered water taps available please click here.

Boiling Water Taps

Boiling water taps provide the ultimate convenience and are highly desirable. They provide instant boiling water, whenever you need it! You can buy single boiling water taps. These are installed alongside your existing mixer tap and simply supply kettle hot water only.

The majority of boiling water taps provide standard hot and cold water plus boiling water too, a 3-in-1 tap. You can even find boiling water taps that supply hot, cold, boiling and filtered water, all from one spout!

Dutch brand Quooker is synonymous with kitchen tap innovation in this field. They have created a range of superior quality, energy efficient and time saving boiling water taps including the The Quooker Flex. A 100 ºC boiling water tap equipped with a convenient pull out hose for hot, cold and optional filtered water. To discover the full range of Quooker boiling water taps please click here.

What Colour Finish Will You Choose?

Modern kitchen taps are available in so many colour options ranging from silvery shades of chrome, gunmetal, stainless steel and brushed nickel through to warm metallics like bronze, copper and gold. You’ll also find ultra modern taps in black and white finishes too.

We have not featured filtered taps or boiling water taps in this post however, our selection does include a wonderful selection of modern single lever taps, dual lever faucets, pull out and professional style taps, all of which are exceptional quality and ultra sleek!

Kitchen Taps For A Contemporary Kitchen.

Caple Karns Tap In Copper

The modern single lever Caple Karns Tap is so stylish and looks fabulous paired with the Mode Copper Sink. With simple one lever operation, the design is sleek, uncomplicated and elegant. We love the striking, highly desirable copper finish too!

Available in gunmetal, chromite black and stainless steel.

Carron Phoenix, Dante Pull Out Spray Tap

The stylish Dante Pull Out professional style tap is ideal for a busy, contemporary kitchen. Featuring a flexible coloured hose and dual lever operation the Dante Pull Out Spray Tap is a superb functional choice, ideal for large or multi bowl sink configurations.

Choose the Dante Pull Out to create a real statement in your kitchen. Available in grey, white or red.

Caple Spiro Pull Out Spray Tap.

This trendy tap features a single lever control and push button spray head. A pull out hose is disguised around an eye-catching coil which adds interest to the design creating a striking tap that not only looks stylish but provides excellent functionality too.

The extendable hose makes food preparation and cleaning those hard to reach corners of the sink hassle free. The Caple, SPIRO, Single Lever Pull Out Spray Tap is an excellent quality, modern tap for the home.

Available in stainless steel or chrome finish.

Abode Hex Single Lever Tap in Black & Brushed Nickel.

Abode have designed the Hex Single Lever Tap to stand proud in any contemporary kitchen with an industrial styling presence. The Abode Hex combines style and function perfectly. Engineered from premium quality solid brass and featuring ceramic disc valve technology, flow is smooth and temperature can be controlled with precision. 

Industrial style handles and hexagonal design detail on the spout are presented in a nickel finish. These fine details stand out even more against the dark, black spout.

The unique, Hex Single Lever Tap In Black and Brushed Nickel is bang up to date with current kitchen trends. Also available in brushed brass, brushed nickel or black.

Caple Rawling Professional Coil Tap.

The  Caple Rawling Professional Coil Tap will appeal to those who aspire to have the finer things in life! The K7 provides luxury on all levels. It looks fabulous and performs brilliantly too. 

The extractable hose featuring a push button spray, is encased around a striking arched coil. The professional spray can be pulled out, turned, swiveled 360° and operated with just one hand. 

The Caple Rawling Pro Coil Tap is a great choice for culinary experts looking for a professional tap for the home.

So, there's our short round up of some of the best modern taps we have on offer at the moment!

We stock an extensive range of kitchen taps at Appliance House. If you're finding it difficult to choose a model (You might, as we have so many fabulous ranges!) please don't forget we're only a phone call away and always happy to help.

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