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Manage Stress With A Garmin Smartwatch - Mindfulness Breathing, Sleep Tracking & More

Posted by Lorraine on 14th Mar 2023

Every day life is busy and this means everyone experiences stress. With a little self care and the help of a Garmin Smartwatch we can keep stress in check. 

Thinking about mindfulness and a personal wellness plan is a great place to start. A Garmin watch for women has many wellbeing features that can help. These include built in safety features, menstrual, pregnancy and health tracking, stress monitoring, mindful breathing and more.

It’s proven that exercise can help to reduce stress and anxiety. So, it’s great news that there are also activities including yoga, running and hit workouts all accessible from your wrist on your Garmin smartwatch! 

Stress is our body’s response to events that happen in daily life. It can be a good thing but, it’s important to manage stress to prevent it from effecting your health. Too much stress can cause anxiety, increased heart rate and more negative issues. Women often prioritise others needs before their own and rarely slow down to consider if, or how, stress is affecting them. 

A Garmin Smartwatch can help. Here’s how;

Stay Calm With Mindful Breathing

Garmin smartwatches keep an eye on stress levels around the clock. They will alert you when stress is high so you can manage it and keep it under control. 

When you feel stressed, the Garmin Mindful Breath Work activity is there to help you. With built in breath work techniques you can practice three breathing techniques (dependant on smartwatch model) including tranquility, coherence, relax and focus.

Mindful breathing isn’t only known to reduce stress, it can help you stay more focused in your work too. It is also is a great way to unwind and prepare the body and mind for a good nights sleep. 

Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Whether you experience regular or irregular periods, you’re approaching the menopause or you no longer have periods, tracking symptoms on your Garmin smartwatch has many benefits.

Your hormones control your menstrual cycle and, during your cycle, emotions and energy levels are effected. Exercise can become more challenging depending where you are in your cycle.

The first half of your cycle, week 1 and 2 after your period starts, is when most women experience higher energy levels. 

The second part of your cycle often presents itself with forgetfulness and lethargy. Serotonin levels drop and glucose levels may be higher or lower than usual which, is why we often crave sweet and starchy foods during this stage.

Logging physical and emotional symptoms, when your period starts and how long it lasts can help you determine the best times to exercise and rest. 

You’ll be aware of when energy levels are due to dip and can choose healthier options to curb the sugar cravings. 

For those experiencing problems with heavy bleeding or pain, tracking symptoms can help doctors understand more about potential health risks too.

Once you download the ConnectIQ app, you’ll receive period and fertility predictions straight to your watch. The more you log, the more accurate these predictions and patterns will be and you’ll be more in sync with your body then ever before!

Pregnancy Tracking

As you progress through pregnancy, a Garmin watch can help you through each stage. You'll receive weekly nutrition and exercise advice plus, daily reminders to drink water to stay hydrated. 

Throughout your pregnancy you’ll experience physical and emotional changes. With pregnancy tracking you can log cravings and how you feel everyday. A four week overview of everything you have logged is useful for midwife checkups. 

When the big day arrives, you and your partner can track the duration and frequency of contractions too!

To see pregnancy tracking on your watch you need to download the Pregnancy Tracking App from Connect IQ to your smartwatch. To track contractions you need to download the Contraction TImer.

Body Battery & Sleep Tracking

Garmin Body Battery keeps track of your energy reserves throughout the day by monitoring variations in heart rate, stress and activity data. It then updates your watch with a Body Battery Score between 0 - 100. The greater the number the higher energy reserve you have!

Body battery is useful for knowing when to rest or train hard. It has the potential to encourage users to start healthy habits as you look for ways to improve your score. For example, earlier bedtimes, reducing screen time and more walks in the fresh air will all help to improve body battery. Generally, the more stressed you are, the faster your body battery will drain. 

Garmin advise keeping your smartwatch on while you sleep as sleep data also contributes to the body battery score. A good nights sleep is always the best way to re-charge your battery! Which leads us on to Sleep Tracking.

According to information from the Sleep Foundation, women are 40% more likely to have insomnia than men.

Did you know hormonal changes that women experience every month also impact circadian rhythms? 

Scheduled bedtime and wake up routines, limiting caffeine, alcohol and screen time before bed and, regular exercise can all help to improve your sleep. 

Garmin smartwatches with sleep tracking show you how you sleep. It monitors sleep and shows sleep stage breakdowns, breathing and respiration metrics and more. With these findings you can take steps towards improving your sleep which in turn, will help to raise your energy levels.

Reduce Stress With Exercise

We’ve talked about this already, exercise is so good for you! It’s great for sleep, reducing anxiety, lowering stress, the list goes on! That’s why it’s amazing news that many Garmin smartwatches offer over 20 built in sports apps and more than 75 free workouts! 

You can enjoy workouts with animations so you know exactly what to do every step of the way! With yoga, strength training, cardio and more on offer you can focus on what your body needs.

Some wearables include Garmin Coach which offers training plans for those up for a challenge. Choose your coach and goal then Garmin will send a free, guided training plan which includes dynamic workouts just for you.

Many Garmin wearables for women feature built in assistance and incident detection for extra peace of mind. Built in safety and tracking features make wearers feel safer when training outdoors.

With this special feature, if you’re out walking the dog, off for a run or you’re simply enjoying some fresh air on your own and your watch senses an incident or, you feel unsafe, it sends a message with your location to your emergency contacts. (Must be paired with a smartphone) 

We have a large collection of Garmin Smartwatches on offer at Appliance House. We dedicated a whole blog to Smartwatches For Slimmer Wrists. This blog features a selection of stylish wearables for women including Garmin Lily and the Garmin Venu 2S. These ladies smartwatches offer daily smart and health monitoring features in a more compact, lightweight style. 

Should you have any questions or need help choosing a Garmin Smartwatch to suit your needs please get in touch.

You can reach us on Live Chat, email our team at or speak to our friendly customer service team on 0330 002 0229. We’re always happy to help. 

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