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Lock up your valuables the smart way!

Posted by Lorraine on 10th Mar 2021

Smart locks and lock boxes bring convenience and superior security to our lives. Our superb collection of Smart access systems are designed for keyless entry and fuss free living making them the perfect choice for busy, modern lives.

We now offer Smart padlocks, key-boxes, mortise locks and Smart deadbolts so you are sure to find a product to suit your needs. Accidental lock outs will no longer pose a problem as gaining access to any of our igloo Smart home devices is easy. Open your device via the touch of a button or, gain access remotely at anytime, via your smartphone.

In order to manage access to the Smart home lock systems you need to download the igloo home mobile app on your smartphone. Once synced to the app you have flexibility and complete control over the access management of your igloo smart device. Any activity is logged within the app too providing greater peace of mind. 

The award winning igloohome SP2 Smart Padlock 2 is ideal for locking up the garden shed, a garage unit or even a for use on a gym locker! It is ideal for securing your bike when out and about too.

Military grade construction means the Smart Padlock 2 is built to last! It can withstand rain and wind and has a water resistant rating of IPX7 so it is suitable for outdoor use. Igloohome have created a super tough, shackle to ensure it's tamper-proof while the chrome plated finish protects it from rust. The optimal sized shackle provides a better fit for a wider range of doors, gates and sheds.

Smart Padlock 2

The padlock can be unlocked in two ways. If you are close to the padlock you can unlock via Bluetooth keys on your smartphone. Should you be away from home or your work unit and a friend or family member needs access it's no longer a problem as you can send them a pin code to gain entry.

All igloo Smart padlocks, Smart key-boxes, mortise locks and Smart deadbolts devices work offline for greater security and reliability. Family and guests do not need to download an additional app to gain access. Once you pair your lock to your igloohome account via the app you can enjoy the convenience of smart security thanks AlgoPIN technology. Time-sensitive PIN codes can be generated allowing you to trigger pin codes as a one-time use, a certain duration or even a permanent code for those you trust. The choice is yours.

Unique algoPIN™ uses technology that’s similar to a banking token’s one time password so it's always safe and secure. The pin token goes to igloo's secure cloud server and does not retain the token locally. The pin codes are generated at random, once generated, you can edit the pin when in Bluetooth range should you wish.

Igloohome, SMART KEYBOX 3, Security Padlock.

Many AirB&B owners are now using Smart Keyboxes or Smart locks as it is possible to synchronise booking calendars with an igloohome account. This process enables pin codes to be generated automatically for guests. If your guests are delayed and unable to arrive at the agreed arrival time it's no drama! They can still gain entry to the property or retrieve keys and access cards safely stored in the Smart Keybox at any time of the day once the code is activated.

Stop fumbling round looking for keys and start hassle free living today! To see our full range of Smart locks click here. Should you have any questions relating to the products featured, please call us on 0330 002 0229 we're always happy to help.

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