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How To Save 6000L Of Water Annually At Home!

4th Jun 2024

Easy Ways to Conserve Water at Home.

Water sustains us in countless ways. But did you know that by 2050, England could face shortages unless we start conserving water now? There are some simple yet impactful ways you can save water right from the comfort of your home. 

Below, we share 5 simple ways to save water while doing everyday kitchen tasks. 

Boiling Water Taps: A Precise Pour 

Ever considered a boiling water tap? Modern boiling water taps are water-saving champions! Why, you may be wondering? Simply because you can pour boiling water straight from the tap to exact measures, minimizing wastage in both water and energy consumption caused by overfilling kettles.

Quooker boiling water taps are extremely energy efficient. Quooker’s unique tanks store boiling water under pressure, this efficient heating method costs just 3p per day!

From the hot tap market leaders Quooker, through to the high quality, competitively priced  iivela Cesano 3-in 1 Hot Tap, we have a superb range of boiling water taps to suit all budgets and decor styles.

Repurposing Water in the Kitchen

Here’s a nifty hack: use a washing up bowl to rinse your fruits and veggies. Then, repurpose that leftover water to water your indoor and outdoor plants! 

Another great tip is to steam vegetables rather than boiling. Steaming uses significantly less water and retains the nutrients in the vegetables. If boiling, let the water cool then use the water to give your plants a nutritious drink!

Tap Aerators: Saving Drops and Splashes

Aerators on taps are unsung heroes in the quest for water conservation. They not only reduce water usage by adding air to the water but also minimize splashing. Simple to install and highly effective, these tiny devices make a big difference!

Many modern taps come with aerators as standard. For older taps, an aerator can be fitted easily. If your tap threads on the inside a male aerator will be needed, while a female aerator is required when the thread is on the outside.

The  Abode Jetspray Aerator is a great addition for any busy kitchen as it offers two water patterns. Simply twist the end to switch between a jet of water or spray. This is ideal for rinsing and food preparation.

Dishwasher or Hand Wash? 

Believe it or not, that trusty dishwasher might just be your water-saving superhero! 

Making the switch from handwashing to dishwashing can save a whopping 6000 litres* of water annually! Plus, skipping the pre-rinsing of dirty dishes saves an additional 1000 litres. 

Dive into our blog  "Dishwashers Vs Washing Up By Hand" for deeper insights and more water savings tips.

Laundry Tips: Full Loads and Low Temperatures

Did you know that washing a full load is more economical? It not only saves water but energy too. And, let’s not forget drum size. A larger drum is ideal for families who battle daily overloaded laundry baskets! Larger drums mean you can tackle more laundry in one go, saving both water and energy.

Here’s a temperature tip: Washing at 30 degrees uses around 40% less energy. Or, opt for a machine with an eco cycle which could help you save up to 70% in energy.

Washing machines like the  Whirlpool BIWMWG91485UK operate quietly and feature 6th Sense Technology where sensors monitor the load and cleverly adapt the cycle to help reduce water use and running costs.

We have a superb range of energy efficient washing machines and dishwashers at Appliance House. If you’re tempted to upgrade, you need not worry about the removal of your old appliance. We offer an eco-friendly removal and  recycling service for your old appliance so you can leave the heavy lifting to us. For just £25 we will collect your old appliance at the same time as we deliver your brand new one making life even easier for you.

Collective action sparks significant change. Every drop saved in each home, contributes to a more water-conscious future.

Start today and be a part of the wave of change for a more sustainable tomorrow. Here’s to a water-wise lifestyle.

* Figures from World Wildlife Fund.

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