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Garmin Venu 2 & Venu 2S Smartwatch - New Features

Posted by Lorraine on 4th May 2021

Garmin Venu 2 and 2S are the new successors to the popular Garmin Venu Smartwatch. The recently launched, Garmin Venu 2 smartwatch series come with a number of exciting upgrades.

With new fitness and wellness features the Venu 2 and 2S will help you to live a healthier lifestyle. Capable of capturing more meaningful insights into your wellbeing the new features will help to keep you motivated and on track to a healthier, happier life.

The Venu2 smartwatch series are available in two sizes; Venu2 and Venu 2S. The Garmin Venu 2 features a 45mm watch housing and is available in two colours options. Garmin Venu 2S (shown above) is smaller at 40mm, it is an ideal choice for slimmer wrists. There are four colour options to choose from.

The table below shows the size differences and colour options of the Venu 2 and Venu 2S versus the original Garmin Venu smartwatch.

Garmin Venu 2 Garmin Venu 2S Garmin Venu (Original)
Physical Size 45.4 x 45.4 x 12.2mm 40.4 x 40.4 x 12.1mm 43.2 x 43.2 x 12.4
Weight 49.0g 38.2g 46.3
Strap Width 22mm (Quick Release) 18mm (Quick Release) 20mm (Quick Release)
Display Size 33mm Diameter 27.9mm Diameter 30.4mm Diameter
Display Pixels 416 x 416 360 x 360 px 390 x 390 px
Colour Options* Slate Bezel - Black BandSilver Bezel - Granite Blue Band Rose Gold Bezel - White BandLight Gold Bezel - Light Sand BandSlate Bezel - Graphite BandSilver Bezel - Mist Grey Band Slate Bezel - Black BandRose Gold Bezel - Light Sand BandSilver Bezel - Granite Blue BandGold Bezel - Black Band
Battery Life Smartwatch mode: Up to 11 daysGPS mode with music: Up to 8 hoursGPS mode without music: Up to 22 hoursBattery Saver Smartwatch Mode: Up to 12 days Smartwatch mode: Up to 10 daysGPS mode with music: Up to 7 hoursGPS mode without music: Up to 19 hoursBattery Saver Smartwatch Mode: Up to 11 days Smartwatch mode: Up to 5 daysGPS mode with music: Up to 6 hours

* The bezel is constructed from stainless steel.

New Features Of The Garmin Venu 2/2S

  • Advanced sleep monitoring with Firstbeat Analytics.
  • 'Health Snapshot' recording.
  • New activity profiles - HIIT, strength training, indoor climbing, bouldering and hiking.
  • New fitness age feature.
  • Enhanced battery life.
  • More music storage.

Advanced Sleep Monitoring - Better Sleep, Better Recovery.

Firstbeat Analytics is a new sleep tracking software. It tracks light, deep and REM sleep stages as well as heart rate, pulse ox, stress and respiration. After a busy day or workout, sleep, is an important part of the recovery process. A good recovery will help to maintain fitness levels so you can continue to reach your desired goals.

Firstbeat Analytics provides wearers a sleep score based on the quality of your previous night’s sleep. After sleep tracking, the Venu 2/2S is able to offer simple, tailor-made advice with insights on you how can improve your quality of sleep.

Sleep tracking can now be viewed on the watch (previously you had to log on to the app) At first glance a brief 'sleep' overview is shown on your watch, with a quick tap on the widget it will reveal further information. More detailed tracking and analysis of your sleep pattern, over a duration of time, can be viewed within the Garmin Connect App.

Record Health Stats With Health Snapshot

If you suffer from heart or respiratory conditions 'Health Snapshot' is a very useful feature of the Venu2/2S. Health snapshot allows you to capture a 'snap shot' of 5 health driven metrics over a 2 minute period. Ideally, snap shot should be used daily over a consecutive time period to give a brief overview of your health.

Simply sit for two minutes and your watch will log and record important health statistics for heart rate, heart rate variability (HVR), Pulse Ox3, respiration rate and stress. A summary of the information is gathered and using the Garmin Connect app (via a compatible smartphone) an accurate report of the statistics can be generated which you can share with health professionals.

Activity Profiles - Goodbye Gym Class.

Preloaded, guided workouts from your Garmin Venu 2/2s are now better than ever! HIIT workouts are a new, exciting activity feature of the Series2. With different tracking timers you can choose the best HIIT workout for you. Choose from;

  • AMRAP - As may reps as you like.
  • EMOM - Every minute on the minute
  • Tabata - Eight rounds of fast-paced exercises each performed for 20 seconds with a short rest of 10 seconds in between.
  • Custom - Set your own pace!

The Venu 2/2s has more than 25 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps such as cardio, strength, pilates, indoor rowing, pool swimming, biking and more. New activity profiles, not offered on the Garmin Venu, include bouldering, hiking and indoor climbing.

It now features over 75 preset, short, colourful animated workouts. These show you how to perform exercises correctly to avoid injury. This means you can follow a fitness class, anytime you like, from the comfort of your own home using animated workouts! It's possible to download more workouts from the Garmin Connect app too. With over 1,400 exercises to choose from you can build your own workouts to suit your fitness goals.

Keeping track of weight lifting progress is easy with the new advanced strength training profile. Pre loaded strength workouts target different areas of the body and colourful muscle map graphics clearly indicate the muscle groups you will be working.

Full rep details, weight lifted and progress from each workout is saved on your watch and in the Garmin Connect App. Performance and any personal records will be logged helping to keep you motivated during each training session.

Stay Forever Young With Fitness Age.

Some say age is just a number, with Garmin Venu 2 your fitness age is a number you can control! The new fitness age feature will indicate if your fitness levels are on the right track in relation to your age.

Your chronological age, daily workout routines, resting heart rate and BMI or body fat percentage are taken. The Venu 2/2S will give you tips and advice on the right type of physical activity and lifestyle changes that will help you boost and lower your fitness age.

Fast Charge - Better Battery Life.

The battery life of the Venu series 2 smartwatch collection has had an impressive upgrade. We lead busy lifestyles and the Garmin Venu 2/2s has been built to keep up with the fast pace we set.

With up to 11 days of battery life in smartwatch mode the Venu 2 will keep monitoring your health day in, day out. (Venu 2S - 10days) If you wish to use GPS and listen to music when you head out to exercise it's no problem. The Venu 2 offers up to 8hours of continuous monitoring (GPS and music) while the Venu 2S provides 7 hours. Once you're home, pop it on rapid re-charge while you have a shower and it will boost battery life back up. Rapid re-charge provides up to 1 day of battery life in smartwatch mode or 1 hour of GPS and music from just a quick 10 minute charge.

A new battery manager feature enables you to adjust the settings of your watch easily. A long list of features can be disabled or set to low to help to prolong battery life should you need to. As you flick through the toggles it will estimate how much battery you can save based on the chosen feature.

More Music On The Go.

The Venu 2 has storage space for up to 650 songs, 150 more than the original Venu.

Songs and playlists can be download from your Spotify, Deezer or Amazon Music accounts (subscription required). Within the music widget you can choose your playlist, skip a tune, play or pause a song and adjust the volume. These functions can be accessed when using workouts on the watch too.

Once you invest in a pair of wireless headphones and music is stored on your watch you can leave your phone behind and travel light! It's possible to pair a couple of sets of headphones within the music menu too. This is particularly handy if, for example, you use sound cancelling, comfy padded headphones for travel and open ear headphones for exercise.

Improvements to the tech and interface of the Garmin Venu2 and 2S watches have ensured navigation through menus is easy and more refined. Improved PulseOx, sleep tracking and the extra workout options make it an all round, excellent choice for those who care about making the right lifestyle choices. The substantial battery life is also a huge bonus. It really is a step up from the original Venu in many ways and still includes all the fabulous features such as Women's health monitoring, Garmin Pay and more.

We have a superb collection of Garmin Smartwatches on offer at Appliance House. Smart watches for every day wear, sports enthusiasts and those who want to keep a better check on their health.

We're always on hand to help you should you have any questions. Please call one of our friendly team on 0330 002 0229, email: or get in touch via live chat. We're always happy to help.

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