Franke Vital Capsule Filter Tap - Worlds smallest filter delivers best tasting tap water.

Posted by Lorraine on 26th May 2021

The award winning, Franke Vital Capsule Filter System is smallest water filter in the world! Built in Switzerland, Vital Capsule Taps are engineered to the highest standards.

Franke claim it is the most advanced water filter system worldwide. This is quite a statement but, for it's size, they may be right! The Vital Capsule may be compact in size but it does not prevent it from delivering the best tasting tap water imaginable.

Inside the space saving capsule, an advanced three step filtration system cleans the water so every glass of water tastes pure and fresh. All Vital taps are supplied with one high-performance filter cartridge.

The water filter system combines activated carbon with a high-tech, bionic membrane. The unique filtering process ensures the water meets the highest hygiene standards. 

Nanofiltration removes viruses, bacteria and odours while filtering out rust, sediments, micro plastics and pesticides. This means the water tastes better and is much healthier too. 

It is an environmentally sound choice too. The Franke Vital Capsule Filter System can filter up to 500 litres of tap water into pure, filtered water. Filtered water on tap means there is no need to buy water in plastic bottles anymore.

If you regularly buy a one litre bottle of water, once you change to a Franke Vital Filter Tap, that's 500 less plastic bottles going to waste! This alone will save you money while helping to significantly reduce plastic waste too. 

According to Stats published by Franke, the average cost of 1 Litre of water delivered from the Vital Capsule is 5p. 1 Litre of bottled water, on average, costs 65p.  Per 500L this gives a £300 saving! 

How does it work?

Step 1 - Pre Filter.

Larger debris and particles are caught and filtered out of the water.

Step 2 - Bionic Membrane (0.06mm thick membrane)

Smaller particles, micro plastics and bacteria are removed from the water as they filter through the membrane which is covered in a fine nylon mesh.

Step 3 - Activated Carbon Filter.

Any further impurities such as chlorine and pesticides are removed as they filter through the carbon filter.

Step 4 - Filtered Water!

Finally, clean, odour free, filtered water flows from your tap.

Changing The Capsule Cartridge.

An LED light shines to show when it is time to replace the filter. For hygiene reasons the filter must be changed at regular intervals.

The LED light on the tap shines green when the filter cartridge is working. 

A static, red light indicates that the cartridge has filtered 450 litres and the filter will need to be changed soon. 

When the light flashes red and water flows slower than usual it means the system has filtered the max 500L. The filter cartridge must be changed. 

Replacing the filter is easy. Simply, unscrew the filter housing, take out the old cartridge, pop in the new one & screw the housing back into place. Don’t forget to reset the electronic timer button too. You can enjoy freshly filtered water again after just 3 seconds. Once the light stops flashing, it’s ready to activate.

The cartridges last around 4 months, which isn’t as long as other filters on the market, however, this is impressive given the fact it’s so small! Franke have given customers the option to buy replacements as a set of three. Single cartridges are available too but to make life easier, it’s worth buying more if you can.  

Flow rate of the filtered water from a Vital Capsule Filter Tap; 2 litres per minute at 2 bar. 3.5 litres per minute at 3 bar. Vital Capsule Taps operate between 0.7 bar to 6.8 bar pressure.

A Franke High-Flow filter has also been developed. This alternative filter provides continuous high flow rates in areas where there is excessive sediment contamination in the water. In such areas, the High-Performance filter (supplied as standard) can become clogged earlier than its expected 4 month life expectancy.  

The High-Flow filter has a mesh size much finer (20X) than ordinary household filters. Rust and other fine sediments and impurities are captured and filtered out of the water. However, the High-Flow filter will not remove micro plastics, bacteria, waterborne cysts & viruses.

Franke Vital Capsule Tap Choices

The space saving, Vital Capsule System is modern and unobtrusive. The system is available on a small selection of Franke taps.

There are three Vital Capsule Filter Tap options available in a selection of designs and colours making it an excellent choice for any kitchen.

Single Vital Capsule Filter Tap - Minimalist and stylish.

You can opt for a stand alone, Vital Capsule Filter Tap. Think of it as a small, single tap designed purely to dispense freshly, filtered water.

It is great choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of filtered water without having to change their existing kitchen tap. This model rotates a full 360°  for extra versatility.

Semi-Pro Vital Capsule Filter Tap - Multifunctional and modern.

For the ultimate convenience opt for the Semi Pro Vital Capsule Filter Tap. It features a pull out spray hose, 360° rotating spout and the addition of the Franke Vital Capsule system for freshly filtered water. 

The Semi Pro model stands proud, looks impressive and is an all round,  excellent quality, multifunctional tap.  

Vital Capsule Filter Tap J-Spout - Versatile and elegant.

The Vital Capsule Filter J-Spout Tap is a true classic. A full 360° swivel spout and the inclusion of the Franke Vital Capsule System provide flexibility and convenience.

Minimalist styling and an elegantly rounded spout ensure this tap would look great in modern and traditional kitchens alike. 

You can choose between Chrome & Gunmetal finish or Matt Black & SilkSteel PVD on all the models above. 

The J spout & Semi Pro Franke models have a standard 35mm tap hole, however, the Single Vital Capsule Tap is just 22mm wide. It is supplied with an adapter kit for a 35mm hole for installation, should you need it.

Does The Vital Capsule Tap Supply Chilled Filtered Water? 

Yes! Well, not as standard but if you opt to buy the Vital Capsule Range Chiller Unit you can enjoy chilled filtered water from any tap within the Vital Capsule Filter Tap Range! 

Once you connect a Vital Capsule Tap to the stainless steel refrigeration chamber you can enjoy chilled, filtered water (5-12°C) straight from your Franke Vital Tap. 

This unit has been designed to sit in the cupboard below your sink. At just 345mm high, 200mm wide and 285mm deep this cooling unit takes up little room. It’s quiet and compact, once installed you’ll forget it is even there, until you enjoy a freshly poured glass of ‘chilled’ filtered water course! 

Franke have engineered a really exciting new filtration system for everyone. We particularly like the fact you can buy an individual, stand alone tap and no addional filtration system is needed. This means you could add the Single Dispense Vital Capsule Filter Tap to an existing kitchen, with minimal disruption.

Please get in touch with a member of our team for further information relating to any of the products featured. All Franke Vital Capsule Filtered Taps in our collection that are all eligible for fast, free delivery within mainland UK.

Should you need any advice on how to choose the best model for your needs please give us a call us on 0330 002 0229 or get in touch via Live Chat. We're always happy to help.


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