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Eco Friendly Cleaning With An 'E-Cloth'

Posted by Lorraine on 6th Nov 2019

If you’re thinking of ways to reduce plastic waste in your home then we have one simple solution, choose to clean with an e-cloth! When you clean with an e-cloth you’ll experience amazing clean, germ free results with just water. Chemical free cleaning means you no longer need to pay out for expensive cleaning products, the majority of which come in plastic bottles. 

The e-cloth is proven to be incredibly effective at cleaning with water alone. According to statistics on e-cloths’ website over 99% of bacteria and mould are removed with an e-cloth and water. Mould and bacteria locks inside the cloths’ fibres and will remain there until rinsed. After rinsing with warm water an e-cloth re-introduces just 0.01% of bacteria back onto a sterile surface. Ordinary chemical cleaners work by leaving a film on the wiped surface, this film must stay in place to be effective. 

With thicker fibres the multipurpose e-cloth is capable of cleaning the toughest grease and grime. For lighter cleaning tasks and to create a streak free finish we recommend using the glass and polishing cloth. The glass cleaning cloth is particularly great at cleaning windows, stainless steel, taps and small appliances such as toasters and kettles.

Easy steps for E-cloth Cleaning;

  1. Dampen the cloth by running it under hot water, wring out excess water. This process fills the small microscopic voids inside the cloths fibres with water. 
  2. Wipe the cloth along the dirty surface. The water molecules will stick to dirt, bacteria and grease, sucking them into the voids and locking them there until you rinse them away! 
  3. Rinse the cloth under hot water and give it another wring out. This will re-engerise the cloth so it can continue to work effectively. 
  4. Continue these three steps until you’ve finished your clean up operation! 

To keep your e-cloth in tip top condition it will need to be washed regularly. They can be placed in the washing machine but you must not use conditioner or tumble dryer sheets as this will impair their ability to clean effectively. It’s best to let them air dry if you can!

We have an excellent range of E-Cloths at Appliance House. Our E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set includes 8 cloths for cleaning all around the home without the need for chemicals. The set includes a bathroom cloth, hob and oven cloth, stainless steel cloth, kitchen cloth, window cloth, duster and two glass & polishing cloth. To avoid confusion over which cloth to use, every cloth has been named (kitchen cloth etc) which is displayed on a small tag at the side of the cloth.

The general purpose cloth is a great all rounder, however E-cloth have developed a variety of cloths to ensure each cloth performs the best it possibly can for the task in hand. For example the bathroom cloth has extra absorbency to clean wet areas with minimal effort while the kitchen cloth includes a scrubbing pocket which tackles sticky, hard to remove residue.

Personally, I have been using E-Cloths for many years. After using the kitchen cloth and glass and polishing cloth I decided to give the full set a try. I wish I had invested in a set earlier as they are far superior to any other cloths I have used. They're all excellent! It is little wonder these fantastic cloths have won awards and come highly recommended by many appliance manufacturers.

For just over £10 the E-cloth Kitchen Pack is a great start which allows you to see just how amazing these cloths really are! Once you've tried and tested an E cloth, we're confident you'll be ready to introduce a full set in your home! Click here to buy your E Cloth cleaning pack today.

Our 'Best Tips For Sparkling Clean Kitchen Appliances' is a great read. It provides eco friendly cleaning suggestions and important cleaning and maintenance tasks for your appliances, it also features E-cloths (of course!)

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