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Child Friendly & Economical Appliances For A Busy, Family Home.

Posted by Lorraine on 31st Jan 2019

Choosing efficient, time saving and safe appliances for the family home is an important job. Modern day family life, for most, is a busy affair so it is worth doing your research to find household appliances that fulfil your needs while also being economical to run.

Appliances featuring child safety locks are a great option for those with young children. Families with older children may find a washing machine offering a sports cycle or quick wash beneficial, helping to make everyday tasks just that little bit easier and quicker.

Juggling work, childcare and all the usual household chores can be difficult. To simplify things we've picked a collection of 'child friendly' kitchen products that include useful safety features and special technology that would be especially handy for busy parents!

Caple Wmi3000 Washing Machine.

Take care of your laundry needs with the Caple WMi3001 built in washing machine. This energy efficient washing machine has a B energy rating. With 16 wash programmes you'll find a cycle to suit all your washing needs and the 7kg capacity provides plenty of space for washing large loads. 

Children may go to school in a pristine uniform but more often than not they come home looking far from clean! With this in mind the WMi3001 features a 15 minute quick wash cycle, ideal for busy parents. The outdoor cycle and baby care wash are also popular choices, ideal for new parents or sport loving families. This washing machine also has a child safety lock which stops young children changing the setting during use.

Gorenje GV66260UK Dishwasher.

You may ask the children to help with the washing up but what you really need to cut through grease and grime is an eco friendly dishwasher! With enough room for 16 place settings and a fully flexible interior that allows for different loading options this Gorenje diswasher is a great choice for a family kitchen. There is a three level basket system that can be adjusted with ease so large pots and plates can be loaded effortlessly.

With the Gorenje GV66260UK dishwasher you’ll have the option of choosing between 5 settings including an intensive extra hygiene programme, eco setting, speed wash function, quick programme 20 and also an automatic programme. The extra hygiene programme is excellent for new parents as it reaches temperatures up to 75°C and mimics the sterilization process required for the cleaning of baby utensils and bottles.

It has been awarded with an impressive A+++ energy efficiency rating. Water and energy is conserved using the automatic programme. This programme uses sensor technology which automatically adjusts the settings to suit the load with sparkling end results.

The GV66260UK Gorenje dishwasher has won the Which Best Buy Award, for our full review on this product click here

Whirlpool, W11IMW161UK, Built In Microwave

When you quickly need to rustle up some food for the family then this Whirlpool, W11IMW161UK W Collection Microwave will do just that, to perfection. It has a 40L capacity and unique 6th Sense Technology that will help you achieve gourmet cooking results. You can even connect to the 6th Sense Live App to discover new recipes and to control the appliance remotely. It features an array of programmes including;

  • Steam&Boil
  • Forced air
  • Crisp
  • Microwave
  • Jet & Bread Defrost
  • Reheat

We all know the importance of eating a balanced diet. When you are tired or limited on time it can be all too easy to head for the takeout menu but with the Whirlpool, W11IMW161UK Microwave you can cook healthy dishes in minutes. The crisp function with dedicated crisp plate makes cooking easy, stress free and healthier as there is no need to use oil during the process. It allows you to cook your favourite meals, in no time at all, all on one plate! Enjoy a bacon sandwich or perfectly moist chicken breast with minimal effort. Bacon cooks in minutes without the need to turn during cooking whilst a medium chicken breast complete with oven roasted vegetables cooks in approximately 12 minutes.

The steam function automatically measures the humidity in the cavity during the cooking process and cooks a variety of food groups beautifully. Cooking with steam is healthy, quick and a great way to cook fish and vegetables. So whether you opt to cook with steam or the crisp plate you're guaranteed tasty, nutritious food, fast, which is ideal for when you’re in a hurry!

AEG, IKE85431FB Induction Hob.

Induction hobs are not only extremely efficient but they're very safe to use too which is hugely important when you have children in the house. Of course, there are precautions you should take when using any hob such as using the back rings when possible and always ensuring pan handles are turned away from the front of the hob and do not overhang the worksurface, preventing accidental spillage.

The AEG, IKE85431F, Induction Hob provides 15 power levels plus a PowerBoost button that gives an intense rapid burst of heat. This hob will actually boil a pan of water faster than the kettle; you can boil water in less than 90 seconds which is great for boiling pasta quickly or searing meat. Zones can be grouped together allowing you to heat large pans, ideal when cooking for larger numbers.

If a zone is left on, it will automatically cut out after a set period of time thanks to the auto safety switch off function. This stylish AEG hob also features a child safety lock which can be activated to prevent the appliance being accidentally turned on and a control lock prevents heat settings being altered during cooking. If you're distracted during cooking the hob can be paused which will reduce the temperature to prevent burning.

The fact induction hobs are really easy to clean makes them an instant family favourite. We all know how hectic life can be so less time spent cleaning is always a bonus, especially for busy parents. The flat surface wipes clean with ease and because induction uses magnetism to transfer heat, only the pan is heated up opposed to the entire cooking surface. This means food spillages do not get burnt onto the hobs surface.

Whirlpool, WQ9B1LUK Freestanding Fridge Freezer.

This stylish fridge freezer is ideal for a large family as you'll have plenty of room to store all your perishables and frozen items in the large 384 litre fridge and 207 litre freezer. The WQ9B1LUK fridge freezer from the Whirlpool W Collection has been awarded an A+ energy rating thanks to the unique 6th sense technology. Temperature in the fridge cavity is automatically controlled with precise consistency using the 6th Sense Technology, this helps to keep food fresh for up to 4 times longer.

Within the freezer the 6th sense technology minimizes temperature fluctuations helping to reduce freezer burns whilst also preserving the foods flavour. The Flexi Freeze compartment is a fabulous feature as you can select a specific temperature level perfect for whatever you are storing. The soft freeze (-7°C) allows you to store food that will be eaten within a week and the great news is you do not need to defrost it before cooking either! Simply add the food straight from the freezer directly into the pan for cooking. This is a particularly useful feature for those who like to batch cook and enjoy home cooked food that is easy to re-heat after a busy day at work.

Quooker Flex Boiling Water Tap.

The Quooker Flex is the first boiling water tap equipped with a flexible pull out hose to provide the ultimate level of functionality. You have the option of adding a cold water filter to the tap turning it into an exclusive 4-in-1 tap that dispenses 100 ºC boiling water, hot, cold and optional filtered water. Once you have a Quooker Flex installed you are making your kitchen a safer place as it will replace the traditional kettle which causes many accidents in the home. The kettle is also an inefficient home appliance wasting time, energy, money and water. Boiling water on demand means you’ll use only the water you need when you need it which is great for the environment too.

The Quooker Flex is ideal for any busy family. It has been designed to include many safety features to ensure there is no risk of burning or scalding;

  • Boiling water safety stop – The boiling water function will instantly cut out when the flexible hose is pulled out. When using the hose, the boiling water function cannot be activated.
  • Children cannot select the boiling water function due to the unique childproof double push and turn handle.
  • The spout is insulated spout which means the sides do not feel hot to touch even straight after boiling water has been dispensed.
  • Boiling water flows as a fine, aerated spray to reduce the risk of scalding.
  • Complete with light indicators you can easily determine when boiling water (red light) or filtered water (blue light) is being dispensed.

And for those who need a little pick me up we have some fabulous freestanding and integrated coffee machines available too.

Whirlpool ACE102IXL Coffee Maker.

The fully integrated Whirlpool ACE102IXL coffee maker is a fabulous choice for those looking to incorporate a coffee machine into their kitchen display. This stylish integrated coffee machine offers bean to cup coffee, allowing you to enjoy barista style coffee from the comfort of your own home. Using the touch controls you can effortlessly adjust the strength of the coffee and volume to suit your taste plus you can switch between a number of coffee options such as espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. You even have the option of preparing two cups of coffee at the same time to speed things up.

Our article on baby-friendly kitchen appliances for new parents is also a useful read as it provides advice and guidance for parents of young children to help keep your family safe.

For further information about any of the products featured in this post please feel free to contact one of our friendly team on 0330 002 0229. Remember, we also offer multi buy discounts when ordering 3 or more items to a value of £250 or more.

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