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Best Energy Efficient Standard & Slimline Dishwashers 2023.

Posted by Lorraine on 27th Mar 2023

Are you looking for a new dishwasher? Struggling to work out which is the most affordable option when it comes to running costs? We're here to help!

Finding a balance between the initial cost of the appliance and energy efficiency is important. Trusted, quality brands bring extra peace of mind and, for some, paying a little more for a brand they trust outweighs other factors.

All the dishwashers we have chosen include an eco setting and the figures are based on using the eco programme. Did you know that using an eco cycle to wash dirty dishes can save around 20% energy.

Be mindful of your needs. Do you often fill a dishwasher? Do you plan to load large dishes and delicate glass wear in the dishwasher? Questions like these will help you determine what you need from your dishwasher. Full Size Dishwashers are 600mm wide and are actually more economical to run as they can clean more place settings in one go making them a great choice for families. If you live alone or have limited space in your kitchen, a slimline dishwasher is a good option.

To help you find a good energy efficient dishwasher to suit your budget and requirements, we've picked a small selection of dishwashers that vary in price and efficiency. We've compared efficiency ratings, capacity, water usage and more for both full size and slimline models.

One Place Setting Includes (Around 10 items)

  • 1 Dinner Plate
  • 1 Dessert Plate
  • Soup Bowl
  • Glass
  • Tea Cup & Saucer
  • Cutlery: Knife, fork, teaspoon, spoon

Full Size Dishwashers - 60cm wide

The Whirlpool W7IHT40TSUK Built In Dishwasher

This Whirlpool W7IHT40TSUK fully integrated dishwasher has has the best energy rating of all the dishwashers featured. It has enough room for 15 place settings and includes plenty of programmes to tackle all cleaning needs. Using the eco cycle it uses less than 9.5 litres of water to clean a full load.

It includes a 6th sense cycle which uses sensors to automatically adjust the water and cycle dependant on the load. This clever technology helps to save energy and uses less water without compromising on cleaning power.

We also love the fact the door opens at the end of the cycle to allow the items to dry naturally, this is especially good for drying plastic items.

The Whirlpool W2IHD526UK Built In Dishwasher

The Whirlpool W2IHD526UK Built-In Dishwasher can clean 14 place settings with just 9.5 litres of water and the results are outstanding.

Complete with user friendly controls, innovative 6th Sense technology and adjustable racks this Whirlpool dishwasher is a great all rounder.

It operates super quietly so you can enjoy peace while the dishwasher is in full flow. With 12 hour delay timer and quiet noise output you can make use of low energy, night time tariffs too!

The Indesit DIO3T131FEUK Fully Integrated Dishwasher

The cheapest dishwasher in our collection is also one of the quietest models on offer! The indesit DIO 3T131 FEUK dishwasher operates at just 41 dBA so you'll barely notice when it's cleaning your dirty dishes! When in use a light projects onto the floor.

You can load up to 14 place settings and this is thanks to a cutlery shelf which frees up loading space in the baskets below.

Once the programme is complete the door pops open allowing the contents to air dry. Air drying gives 25% better drying results than static drying.

The Caple DI632 Fully Integrated Dishwasher

The Caple DI632 fully integrated dishwasher has a smaller capacity than the other models. It can wash 12 place settings using 11 litres of water per cycle. Using the Eco Cycle it costs just under 28p/kWh per cycle.

Complete with 6 programmes including an intense cycle for stubborn dirt, this dishwasher can cater for all your needs. It features an upper wine glass rack and a glass cycle for sparkling glass wear!

The AEG FSK52617Z Fully Integrated Dishwasher

This AEG FSK52617Z 6000 SatelliteClean Dishwasher is the most expensive appliance in the collection. AEG is renowned for its quality and this is reflected in the price.

Engineered with an innovate spray arm, this dishwasher is capable of performing excellent cleaning results even when dishes are closely stacked.

Once the basket is fully loaded it's possible to adjust the height thanks to QuickLift Technology. This can be particularly handy when loading the dishwasher with large, awkward shaped dishes and pans.

When a cycle is in use, beam-on-floor technology projects a red light onto the floor. Once the cycle is complete and the dishes are ready to unload the light turns green. The door also opens to air dry the dishes to enable air to circulate inside the machine for better drying results.

Full Size (600mm) Dishwashers Whirlpool W7IHT40TSUK Whirlpool W2IHD526UK IndesitDIO3T131FEUK CapleDI632 AEGFSK52617Z
Price* £749 £435 £415 £670 £679
Place Setting 15 14 14 12 13
Noise Level 40 dBA 46dBA 41 dBA 49dB(A) 44dB(A)
Water use per full load (Eco) 9.5L 9.5L 9.5L 11L 9.9L
Energy rating C E D D E
Energy consumption per cycle (Eco) 0.55 kWh 0.95kWh 0.85 kWh 0.82 kWh 0.94 kWh
Cost per cycle (1hr) based on 34p/kWh* 19p 32p 29p 28p 32p
Weekly cost (Use once a day) £1.31 £2.26 £2.02 £1.95 £2.24
Annual cost £68.07 £117.57 £105.49 £101.48 £116.33
*Prices based on March 2023 figures.

Slimline Dishwashers - 45cm Wide

The Caple DI482 Slimline Integrated Dishwasher

The Caple DI482 built in slimline dishwasher has ample space for 9 place settings and uses 9 litres of water per wash with the eco programme. Using this eco friendly cycle costs only 21p/kWh per wash. It has been awarded a D energy rating making it the most energy efficient model on the list!

It offers 5 programmes and an auto opening door to assist drying. This dishwasher is a great all rounder if space is limited in your kitchen or, you would struggle to regularly fill a full size dishwasher.

The Indesit DSIE 2B10 UK Slimline Built In Dishwasher

The lowest priced slimline dishwasher featured is the Indesit DSIE 2B10 UK Integrated Dishwasher.

As mentioned earlier, it's all about balancing the initial cost of the appliance and energy efficiency. Despite the appliance being cheaper it's worth noting the overall running costs are slightly more for this appliance. It has an F energy rating and it uses 11.5 litres of water per wash on the eco programme.

It may be a slimline model but this compact dishwasher has space for up to 10 place settings which is an added plus for sure!

If you don't fill the dishwasher, the half load option can be selected. This setting uses only the necessary energy and water without affecting the performance.

The Whirlpool WSIC 3M27 CUKN Slimline Dishwasher

Priced slightly higher than the slimline Indesit model is the Whirlpool WSIC 3M27 CUKN Slimline Dishwasher.

It has an impressive D energy rating and can clean up to 10 place settings using only 9 litres of water on the eco cycle. With eco friendly 6th sense technology, intense programmes and a delicate cycle for glasses, this dishwasher has all your cleaning needs covered!

The Electrolux EEA22100L 450mm Integrated Dishwasher

The Electrolux EEA22100L Slimline Dishwasher features EnergySmart technology which automatically adjusts water and energy usage to help reduce running costs. The eco setting uses just 9.9 litres of water per full load and when full, this dishwasher can clean 9 place settings.

A height adjustable upper basket provides greater loading flexibility too as you can raise the upper basket to make room for larger items in the lower basket.

The AEG FSE62407P Slimline Dishwasher

The 450mm wide, AEG SatelliteClean Dishwasher features a unique dual spray arm which sends water jets into every corner of appliance. Better coverage inside the cavity ensures superb cleaning results.

The annual energy running costs for this appliances are approximately £87 (based on 34p/kWh - running the appliance once a day for 365 days) making it the second most economical dishwasher listed.

With height adjustable baskets, cycle status floor projection and air dry technology this AEG dishwasher has all the essentials plus a few unique extras to take 'washing up' the dirty dishes to the next level.

Slimline (45cm) Dishwasher CapleDI482 IndesitDSIE2B10UK WhirlpoolWSIC3M27CUKN ElectroluxEEA22100L AEGFSE62407P
Price* £480 £310 £395 £495 £599
Place Setting 9 10 10 9 9
Noise Level 49 dBA 51 dBA 47 dBA 47 dBA 46 dBA
Water use per full load (Eco) 9L 11.5L 9L 9.9L 9.9L
Energy rating D F E F E
Energy consumption per cycle (Eco) 0.63 kWh 0.84 kWh 0.76 kWh 0.78 KWh 0.70 kWh
Cost per cycle based on 34p/kWh* 21.4p 28.5p 25.8p 26.5p 23.8p
Weekly cost (Use one a day) £1.50 £2.00 £1.81 £1.86 £1.67
Annual cost £78.18 £104.24 £94.17 £96.73 £86.87
*Prices based on March 2023 figures.

You can browse our full dishwasher collection here. Our blog 'How To Save Money Using A Dishwasher' offers more advice about choosing a dishwasher with low running costs and is full of helpful tips and advice.

Should you have any questions please get in touch. You can call us on 0330 002 0229, message via Live Chat or email our customer service team. We're always happy to help.

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