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Best Boiling Water Taps For All Kitchens : Hot Taps To Suit Every Budget.

Posted by Lorraine on 19th Nov 2023

If you're thinking about buying a boiling water tap but have been put off by the high prices, read on. We share a range of instant hot water taps with prices starting under £350!

What are the advantages of a boiling water tap?

  • Saves time, water & energy - Boiling water on demand means no waiting round for the kettle to boil plus you use only the water you need. No more over filled kettles!
  • Safe - All hot taps include safety features including insulated spouts and child proof locks to prevent boiling water being turned on accidentally. Unlike a kettle, there is no risk of knocking over a boiling water tap.
  • Space Saving - No need for a kettle so you can create more space on your work top.
  • Quick & Easy: Speeds up drink & food preparation

Quooker Taps feature within our Best Boiling Water Taps For 2023. Quooker taps are excellent quality. We also love the fact you have the option to choose between three tank sizes. Having these tank options means a Quooker tap is better equipped to deal with different scenarios without compromising on the tap design;

  • 3L - Suitable for most homes.
  • 7L - Ideal for larger families, offices.
  • Combi - Perfect for outdoor offices where only a cold water feed if available. Can generate hot (50-60ºC) and boiling water (100ºC). Eliminates need to pipe hot water all the way from the main boiler to your kitchen sink.

The desire to install a boiling water tap in home kitchen projects and workplaces has been on the rise. We've picked a selection of pull out hot taps, 4in1 hot taps, 3in1 hot taps and boiling water only hot taps which fall within high, mid and low price ranges.

The collection of boiling water taps picked are suitable for all budgets and will look great in both modern and traditional kitchen designs.

Pull Out Hot Taps:

Pull Out Hot Taps offer hot, cold and boiling water from one spout with the added convenience of a pull out hose. They offer the ultimate convenience! Here are our top picks.

  1. Quooker Flex - Approx £1235 (with cold water filter)
  2. iivela BECCO PO - £599

Quooker Flex

In 2017 Quooker launched the first ever boiling water tap with a pull out hose; The Quooker Flex.

The Flex is an outstanding hot tap. It's beautifully designed and very practical supplying hot, cold and 100ºC boiling water from one spout. You can add a cold water filter (Costs around £235*) and, with the addition of the Quooker Cube Chiller Unit it can even offer chilled sparkling water! The extra options and the fact it has a pull out hose make this the most prestigious tap on offer. However, it's only available in a swan spout design.

The Quooker Flex has lots of safety features to ensure there is no risk of burning or scalding. A boiling water safety stop cuts off the boiling water immediately when hose is pulled out. Boiling water cannot be activated when the hose is in use.

Quooker Flex - Practical, stylish and hard to beat!

iivela BECCO PO Boiling Water Tap

The iivela BECCO PO Hot Tap is a stylish hot tap with a pull out hose and a low price tag! It delivers hot, cold, 98ºC boiling water and filtered cold water.

It may be low price but this doesn't compromise on style or quality. It features a child-safe spring lock for extra safety while a built-in aerator ensures a controlled flow of water.

Complete with a double filter, limescale, bacteria and unwanted particles are filtered out of the water so you can enjoy great tasting water.

iivela BECCO PO Tap - A superb value hot tap for those wanting a tap that does it all, at a great price!

4 In 1 Hot Taps:

4 In 1 Hot Taps supply hot, cold, boiling and filtered water too. Here are our 3 top picks for a high(1), mid(2) and low(3) budget option.

  1. Quooker Fusion - Approx £1235
  2. Franke Omni Contemporary - £1199
  3. iivela Arvo - £589.99

1. Quooker Fusion

We chose the Quooker Fusion as our high budget choice because it's a beautifully styled tap, available in two designs with lots of colour options making it suitable for so many kitchen colour schemes. You do, however have to pay extra for the cold filtered water upgrade.

Once installed, it's clear to see the quality of the engineering. The Quooker Fusion is easy to control. A simple push and turn of the central, textured handle operates filtered and boiling water.

The Quooker Fusion, like the Flex, can be plumbed into the Quooker Cube to enjoy chilled filtered and sparkling water too.

The Quooker Fusion - A stylish tap with so many options!

2. Franke Omni Contemporary Hot Tap

Our mid budget choice is the Franke Omni Contemporary. Priced just a little lower than the Fusion, the Omni Tap has a slightly larger tank size than most hot water taps available. The decent sized 4L tank can make around 8 mugs of water at a time, that's lot's of freshly made cuppas in one go!

The Omni is simple to use thanks to the dual lever design and features a childproof lever. One supplies hot and cold water while the other can be pushed forward for filtered water and back for boiling.

The Franke Omni Contemporary - Larger tank size, great all round hot tap.

3. iivela Arvo Hot Tap

The iivela Arvo Hot Tap is a brilliant low budget 4-in-1 kettle tap. Close to half the price of the Fusion and Franke hot taps, this iivela tap has lots to offer.

Complete with a touch control, digital tank it's possible to adjust the temperature of the boiling water being dispensed between 80ºC and 98ºC. It does have a smaller tank but it only takes around 8 minutes to re-boil. The tank also has an activated carbon filter which works to remove limescale from the tank to prolong the lifespan of the tap and tank.

We love all the colour choices which include chrome, brushed chrome, black and copper too!

The iivela Arvo - Amazing value, option to change temp of boiling water.

3 In 1 Hot Taps :

3 In 1 Hot Taps supply hot, cold and boiling water. Here are our 3 top picks for a high(1), mid(2) and low(3) budget option.

  1. Quooker Classic - £1119
  2. Caple VAP2 Vapos 2 - £1078
  3. iivela Cesano - £329

1. Quooker Classic

For those looking for an elegant, more traditional styled tap look no further! The Quooker Classic is stunning! It is available with a square spout or swan spout in some lovely colour options. These include chrome, stainless steel, nickel and patinated brass. The Classic can be turned into a 4-in-1 tap with a cold water filter upgrade and it is compatible with the Quooker Cube as well.

The Quooker Classic - Traditional aesthetics with all the modern tech!

2. Caple VAP2 Vapos 2

Costing a little less than the Quooker Classic we have picked the Caple VAP2 Vapos 2 as our mid range hot tap. This Caple Kettle Tap has a good sized, 3.5L tank and can dispense 100 cups of hot water per hour! You could throw a tea party with this one!!

Inside the tank, water conditioning technology controls lime scale and acidity so every drop of water tastes the best it can.

No matter what your kitchen style is, with 5 colour options and a choice of a swan neck or square spout you'll be spoilt for choice!

The Caple VAP2 Vapos 2 - Great tap with many style and finish options.

3. iivela Cesano Hot Tap

The iivela Cesano Hot Tap has been picked as our low budget 3-in1 hot tap. The Cesano supplies 98ºC filtered boiling water in an instant. Boiling water is activated via the child safe handle while standard hot and cold water is controlled using the single lever.

This boiling water tap is simple in style, low in price and compliments modern kitchens beautifully. Beneath the work surface the 2.4L tank is compact in size and takes up little room so you'll have plenty of space to store essential cleaning supplies in your kitchen cupboard.

The iivela Cesano - Modern monobloc hot tap with a low price tag!

Boiling Water Only Taps :

Boiling Water Hot Taps supply boiling water only. If you love your existing tap and don't want the hassle of changing it, a single hot tap is an ideal choice. Here are our top picks.

  1. Quooker Nordic - £789
  2. Abode Pronteau ProUno - £454

1. Quooker Nordic

The Quooker Nordic enables you to enjoy the convenience of boiling water on tap without the need to replace your current tap as it can be paired with your existing standard mixer tap. The Nordic, like all Quooker products, is exceptional quality which is why it's our top choice for a stand alone hot tap!

The central handle cannot be accidently activated by children and is textured for extra grip. The insulated spout can be adjusted in height which prevents splashing, plus it can be rotated 360°. This allows you to pop a pan on the surface and move the tap towards the pan to fill. It's also possible to add a water softener to the Nordic if you live in a hard water area.

It is available in a square or round spout with the various tank options; 3L, 7L and combi.

Quoooker Nordic - Height adjustable, stylish and superb quality hot tap.

2. Abode Pronteau ProUno

The Abode Pronteau ProUno Hot Water Tap is our low/mid priced stand alone hot tap and makes a great addition to any kitchen. The ProUno Boiling Tap is simply installed alongside your existing mixer tap adding extra functionality to your home!

Complete with a 2L Proboil water tank, this kettle tap delivers hot water at 98ºC and features a child safe, push and turn handle for extra safety.

Pronteau ProUno Hot Tap - Low/mid price range boiling water tap.

We've put together helpful comparison table which includes each of the hot taps featured above. This includes tanks sizes and colour options.

Type Hot Tap Model Tank Size Cold Filtered Water Colour Options
Pull Out Hot Taps Quooker Flex 3L7LCombi Optional Extra ChromeStainless Steel Black
iivela Becco PO 2.4L Yes ChromeBrushed NickelMatt Black
4-In-1 Hot Taps Quooker Fusion Square & Round Spout 3L7LCombi Optional Extra ChromeStainless SteelBlackPatinated BrassGold
Franke Omni Contemporary 4L Yes Stainless Steel
iivela Arvo 2.1L Yes ChromeBrushed ChromeBlackCopper
3-In-1 Hot Taps Quooker ClassicSquare & Round Spout 3L7LCombi Optional Extra ChromeStainless SteelNickelPatinated Brass
Caple VAP2 Vapos 2 3.5L No Stainless SteelGoldCopperGunmetalBlack Steel
iivela Cesano 2.4L No Brushed Nickel
Boiling Water Only Taps Quooker NordicSquare & Round Spout 3L7LCombi N/A ChromeStainless Steel
Abode Pronteau ProUno 2.2L N/A Chrome Brushed Nickel

We answer more FAQs related to hot water taps in our Boiling Water Tap Buying Guide. Should you have any further questions please get in touch. We're always happy to help.

You can call our team on 0330 002 0229 or email You can also contact our sales team via Live Chat. We're available to answer any questions on Live Chat, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Please note, all prices are a guide only and are subject to change. Updated March 2023.

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