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4 Smart Ways to Get Cosy & Save Energy This Winter!

Posted by Lorraine on 19th Dec 2023

Cosy up this winter with the best smart home devices of the season. We’re not talking heated blankets and soft cushions here. We reveal lighting, smart heating, music and home tech that can make you feel cosy and warm both inside and out!

Let's set the scene; You step through your front door after a busy day at work to a warm glow of light. The chill of the day subsides as your home offers the perfect level of warmth. It’s a space you feel relaxed, warm and content.

It’s possible to turn your home into a cosy space, tailored to you. These modern smart home additions will add warmth to a chilly day in more ways than one.

4 Ways To Create a Cosy Home This Winter With Tech:

WiZ Smart Light Bulb

Lighting has the ability to change the whole ambience of a room and the WiZ A60 Smart LED Light Bulb can do just that. It offers over 16 million (yes, million!) colours and every shade of warm to cool white imaginable.

This smart bulb is capable of adapting lighting to suit many different scenarios. When you want to create a cosy feel on a chilly evening, this smart bulb is perfect for the job!

If the thought of walking into a dark house during the winter months isn’t so inviting, with the WiZ LED A60 Bulb you can schedule the bulb to switch on/off based on your routine. You can walk into your home to a soft, inviting glow to help you unwind after a busy day! Plus, if you forget to switch off the light as you leave the house, this light can be activated with voice and remotely via your smartphone so you won't waste energy needlessly.

Aeno Energy Saving Infrared Smart Heater

Designed with unique infrared heating technology this Aeno Smart Heater is much cheaper to run compared to traditional heating systems. It can save up to 50% on energy in comparison to classic heaters such as fan and oil filled radiators. The maximum power of the heater is reached in an average of 3 minutes so you'll soon be cosy and warm, even on the chilliest of days.

Similar to the sun, this heater heats objects, including people! This heating method is more efficient as it quickly reaches all surfaces and makes them radiate heat without loosing heat. As a result, you will feel warm and comfortable when the room is at a lower, ambient temperature.

This smart radiator is so stylish! It is designed with a thin glass body that is just 11mm wide and it can be mounted to the wall or ceiling, portrait or landscape. Or, fix on the legs (these are supplied with the heater) to stand on the floor.

Now the best part! By downloading the Aeno App to your smartphone you can set and control room temperature remotely so you can take the chill off before you arrive home! Within the app you can monitor electricity usage, adjust the temperature and more.

Philips, NeoPix Ultra2 TV+ Home Projector

Set the lights low and get ready to snuggle down to an immersive, large screen experience with the Philips NPX644/INT, NeoPix Ultra2 TV+ Home Projector. Who doesn't love a movie night or Netflix binge on a chilly Sunday afternoon?!

Whether you love full on action or, a tissues at the ready drama, we're not judging here! We do however, know that the NeoPix Ultra 2 Projector will take your cosy home viewing experience to the next level.

With this projector, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, and games on a much bigger scale than a regular TV. It offers high-quality image projection at a full HD 1080p resolution. This enhances your viewing experience as you can enjoy sharp and detailed visuals of your favourite films and series in super size!

Whether you want to set it up in your living room, bedroom, or even outdoors, it can easily adapt to different environments, making it a flexible choice.The NeoPix Ultra2 TV+ Home Projector is designed for easy setup. It comes with various connectivity options and user-friendly features like auto keystone correction and a built-in media player for winding down and watching your favourite shows. You can even listen to your favourite music and share photos via the multiple connection options.

Orbitsound Dock E30 Speaker

For many, music is a form of relaxation. De-stress and unwind after a busy day and enjoy top quality delivery of your favourite tracks with the Orbitsound Dock 

Tailored and designed to act as the media hub of your home the Orbitsound Dock E30 WiFi Bluetooth Speaker is an all in one speaker hub.

This compact docking station may be small but, complete with Airsound, it has no problem filling a room with quality sound. It also features HALO bass, another new technology developed by Orbit Sound, which provides a rich, powerful bass.

Exclusive to every Orbit Sound product is Airsound Technology. This unique patented technology benefits all listeners as each person will hear the same, perfectly balanced, crystal clear stereo sound, no matter where they are in the room.

Elegantly styled and featuring Qi wireless charging and a fast USB-C port, the Dock will hold and charge almost any smartphone and tablet device.

Streaming your favourite music or radio channel is easy too. Within the dedicated Orbitsound App, you can easily connect to Spotify, Apple Music and more.

It's possible to fill your home with music, not just one room! You can group and connect multiple Orbitsound speakers within the app too.

For more inspiration and ideas on the best smart technology for the home click here. All these cosy, feel good and energy saving products are all available at Appliance House with free delivery straight to your door!

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