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Custom Made Power Modules

Bespoke Evoline Ports & Sockets.

Appliance House would be happy to work with you to create your own, custom made Evoline power socket to suit your requirements. You can expect a high quality product when you choose our bespoke service. We source our products from Evoline who are renowned for using the finest components, precision engineering and rigorous quality testing procedures.


Our tailor made service is perfect for creating a unique power supply specification for both domesticated and commercial use. With our service you can create a specific power supply specification for a boardroom, a large office or even a home cinema room as you can include HMDI, VGA, CAT5 etc for multimedia use.


Our EVOline modular range is a practical choice. The clever modular design allows for unique customisation, meaning there are many configuration options available to you. The possibilities are endless!

Design A Power Unit For Home, An Office, Hotel Suites & More!

Bespoke EVOline sockets and power modules are the ideal power supply for the following environments;


Conference Venues

Corporate Office



Multi-Media Centres


Financial Institutions


Home Cinema Rooms

Laboratories & More

Many Configuration Options

Need a unit with two UK sockets, illuminated switches, two USB ports, one VGA plus a stereo jack. No Problem! It can be done.


Schulte, the manufacturer of  EVOline is recognised internationally for design innovation and their modular power units are made to the highest standards.The modular deisgn enables you to choose between a huge variety of power supply options.


You'll have plenty of choice, including Evoline sockets, switches, USB charge points, connections for data and multimedia, as well as protection modules. 

Hand Made, Bespoke Power Units - Call To Find Out More

Evoline Power Module & Data Module Options

Power Modules


Socket GB,,90°

Socket GB, 30° 13A

Socket VDE, 0° 16A

Socket VDE, 60° 16A

Socket F,B,PL, 0° 16A

Socket Switzerland, 0° 16A

Socket Switzerland, 60° 16A

Socket DK, 0° 13A

Socket DK, 0° 13A EDV-coded

Socket AUS, 0° 10A

Socket China, 0° 10A

Socket USA, CA, Schragauslass, 15A

Socket Isreal, 0° 16A

Connector 16A


Data Modules


Telephone/data jacks

(R&M - Reichie and De-Massari)


Telephone/data sockets, with labelling field

(R&M - Reichie and De-Massari)

Option of 1 or 2 data sockets.


Microsens LAN switch


Data plate, two modular adapters with labelling field.





Multimedia Modules


VGA connection, 15 pin plug, HDD socket

HDMI 1.3 Connection

Audio connection, 2 x stereo jack - 3.5mm

XLR connection

USB 2.0 socket, type A x 1

USB 3.0 socket type A x 3

VGA audio and 1 x 3.5mm stereo jack

VGA connection 15 pin plug HDD socket and 1 x 3.5mm stereo jack

Cable Guide








ON / OFF switch, 230V, Illuminated blue


1-way button, 1-pin


2-way button, 1-pin











Placing A Customised Order

From placing your order it will take 2-3 weeks for a bespoke model to be exclusively hand made in Germany. As all orders are different, pricing will be customised, based on the configuration and number of units required.


• Handmade in Germany
• Custom made to your exact requirements
• Modular design - many configuration options
• Bespoke and helpful service with Appliance House

• Customised pricing
• 2-3 weeks lead time


For more information about our bespoke EVOline service please send us an email or, give us a call


We will be happy to discuss all the options available to you.

Call our team to discuss your bespoke requirements

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