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Bathroom Tap & Shower Buying Guide


Sink basins and baths vary in design. It’s really important to consider the overall look you are trying to achieve in your bathroom, cloakroom or ensuite before you start your search for bathroom brasswear. If you plan it install a roll top bath for example, you will require a floor standing tap or wall mounted tap.

We have a superb selection of bath and basin taps, shower mixers and shower heads which will create a sophisticated and elegant finish to modern and traditional bathroom schemes. Read our Bathroom Tap and Shower Buying Guide to find out more.

Bathroom Brasswear - Basin & Bath Taps - Shower Mixers - Shower Heads

What is the difference between single lever and dual lever bathroom taps?


Single Lever Bathroom Taps - A single lever tap offers one lever operation. Hot and cold water is controlled from a single valve using the single tap lever. Water flow and temperature is easy to control single handedly. Single lever bathroom taps are minimalist in appearance and often the preferred choice in a contemporary bathroom.

Dual Lever Bathroom Taps - Dual lever taps are designed to operate with two levers and provide a symmetrical aesthetic. One lever dispenses hot water and the other controls the cold water. Often the levers are colour coded to avoid confusion; red for hot, blue for cold. You can also find dual lever taps that are labelled or etched with an initial (H&C) to differentiate between the two. You can accurately adjust the water flow and temperature with dual lever operation.

What type of tap can I install with a Freestanding Bath?


Roll top or freestanding baths will need a floor mounted or wall mounted tap, Think about where you plan to place your bath as this may determin the type you can use.

Here are a few other basin and bath tap combinations to consider;

  • Roll Top Bath - Freestanding, floor mounted tap or wall mounted tap.
  • Basin/Bath with double tap holes - Deck mounted bath/basin filler or twin basin and bath taps.
  • Counter top sink with no tap hole - High rise tap installed on the worktop or wall mounted tap.
  • Basin/Bath with single tap hole - Monobloc, single lever mixer tap. Single lever bath filler with shower diverter.
  • Basin/bath with triple holes - 3 hole basin or mixer tap; includes two separate deck mounted controls and tap.

Traditional Bathroom Brasswear.


Round, swan neck spouts look fabulous in traditional styled bathrooms. Cross shaped tap handles and ceramic detailing can also help to achieve a timeless feel. If you love the design styles of bygone eras like the Victorian era or Georgian period you’ll be pleased to hear there are a wide variety of taps elegantly designed with these periods in mind.

You must not forget about the finish of your tap or shower head and accessories! Polished chrome is a timeless classic and you’ll find a huge amount of choice if you choose this finish. To create a real wow factor you could opt for a rose gold tap and accessories. We even have mixer taps and shower heads available in a striking matt black finish.

Deck mounted bath fillers are a great choice for use over a bath and look particularly elegant once installed. A deck mounted tap is installed on the bath itself. They require two tap holes as they have two tap feeds, one cold and one for hot water. The elegant bridge design connects the spout to the two tap feeds. Deck mounted taps are not suitable for freestanding roll top baths.

For greater flexibility it is possible to buy traditional styled deck mounted bath fillers with an additional shower handset and diverter. This enables you to bathe in the bath and rinse your hair after shampooing or take a shower should you prefer.

Modern Bathroom Brasswear


Contemporary taps come in all shapes and sizes! With straight lines or curve detail, dual lever operation or single lever our extensive modern bathroom brasswear collection includes models to suit all tastes.

Single lever taps are the most simplistic in design as they are operated with one handle. Their minimalist composition makes them a popular choice in modern bathrooms. Concealed shower controls (with or without a black plate) and overhead rain showers are also a popular choice in a contemporary wet room.

Wall mounted bath and basin taps and floor mounted, tall taps are increasing in popularity. They look fantastic and add the wow factor to any interior. They’re great for installing alongside freestanding baths that do not have space for deck mounted accessories.

Showers - Water Pressure & Systems.


Showers are easy and for most, an essential part of our daily routine. Firstly you need to check the water pressure and system you have at home as this will make a difference to the type if shower system you can install.

Many households now have a combi boiler (wall hung boiler) which relies on mains pressure. Older properties often have gravity fed systems (hot water cylinder & cold water storage tank in your loft)) which generally provide a pretty poor pressure and flow. You can use a shower pump to boost this type of system. There are also unvented systems that have a separate hot water cylinder that is heated by a boiler or immersion heater. If you’re unsure which system you have, seek advice from a plumber.

    • Manual Mixer Showers - These are a good option if you have high water pressure and a decent supply of hot water and want something thats easy to operate. A minimum 0.1bar of water pressure is required for this system. Cold and hot water is mixed together so with every shower you can set it to your prefect temperature. Be careful not to jump in the shower until the water is just right! 

    • Thermostatic Mixer Showers - These are great for keeping a consistent temperature when showering as the water temperature is not affected if someone switches on a tap elsewhere in the house! A thermostatic valve controls the water temperature, the temperature of the water can be adjusted manually should you need to change it. You will need a hot and cold water supply and a minimum 0.1 bar of water pressure. Thermostatic mixer showers are a great choice for families as the consistent temperature ensures safe showering for everyone!

You’ll also find electric showers, power showers and smart showers are available.

Thermostatic valves - Exposed & Concealed.


Once you’ve chosen a shower system its time to think about the shower valve type! They can come in concealed thermostatic valve units or exposed.

Exposed shower valves are the cheapest option as they are easier to install and you can gain easy access to working components should the needs arise. Many exposed shower valves are wall mounted or deck mounted. They are essentially a valve bar installed on the wall/bath and the shower hose connects to the valve.

Concealed thermostatic valves look really stylish. The valve and all necessary parts are hidden inside a wall cavity with just the shower controls on show. It creates a very neat and tidy finish, plus there is less to clean which is always a bonus! Fixed shower heads or rain showers are often combined with these units, the shower hose will be fed into your wall or ceiling, dependant on the shower head you choose.

Shower Heads.


Fixed & Sliding Rail Shower Heads

  • Fixed shower heads - Fixed shower heads look incredibly stylish and are available in both modern and traditional decor styles. They are a permanent fixture and therefore cannot be removed, not ideal if you plan to use the shower to rinse your hair after a bath!
  • Sliding Rail Shower Heads - Riser kit shower heads are very popular as they can be adjusted and detached whenever you please. You can adjust the height by moving the attachment up and down the bracket or rail. They’re ideal for families as adults and children can change the height quickly and should you need to rinse the children’s hair during a bath, the shower head can be taken off the bracket for greater flexibility.
  • Fixed and Slider Rail Shower Kit - Have the best of both worlds with a combination shower head. These sets include a fixed shower head and a separate detachable shower head.

Shower heads are available in round and square edged designs in a variety of colour finishes.

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