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We are proud to be one of the first Kitchen online e-tailer where you can buy Alveus Kitchen Sinks and Taps in the UK. Alveus are well known throughout much of Europe for supplying and manufacturing a fantastic range of sinks and taps in a variety of materials including Stainless Steel and Granite. The wide range of sinks include standard Stainless Steel sinks in single, one and a half and double bowls and progress onto eye catching models that come with a Stainless Steel bowl with a Glass topped drainer. Alveus have also produced stunning and innovative sinks in Gold, Copper and Anthracite to really add a magnificent twist on the kitchen sink. To complement your sink Alveus also produce durable kitchen taps from single lever to professional coil, whatever style you need Alveus produce it.

Appliance House

We here at Appliance House have created our own set of fantastic kitchen, bathroom and bedroom lighting, an ideal way to finish off your design. Our range includes the classic and traditional halogen and fluorescent lighting as well as the modern and efficient way of illuminating areas, LED. We have used these methods of lighting in the different aspect you require, such as Cabinet Lights, Plinth Lights, Lamps, Shelves and Mirrors, Fire Rated Down lights and even outside lighting.


Using the talents of some of the most popular and innovative designers in the business, Baumatic have created a wonderful array of products perfect for any kitchen design. This family owned and run business pays specific attention to the finer details of a product to not only ensure a high level of design but also a high quality performance. Baumatic are famous for manufacturing quality built in kitchen appliances such as cooker hoods, dishwashers, cookers, fridges, freezers, wine coolers and more. Baumatic also strive to ensure their products are environmentally sound. This entails using only certified non-polluting materials in production that also makes your product efficient to run helping you to not only reduce your impact on the environment, but also reduce your utility costs.


Cannon offer a long-standing history of quality products, created through many years of working with cooks to provide appliances that not only look stylish but also contain many practical and long lasting features. Cannon have developed traditional Gas, Electric and Dual Fuel range cookers as well as cooker hoods and splashbacks to complete your kitchen. The range cookers provide both a hob and oven/grill and come in a variety of sizes from 60cm to 100cm whilst the cooker hoods and splashbacks complement the range cookers. All of the Cannon ranges are easy to install, easy to use and generate a fun cooking experience every time.


We are very excited to bring to you a comprehensive range of all Caple kitchen appliances, sinks and taps. Caple strive to produce a customers dream: modern design, materials, technology and simple usability, all of this whilst also considering the environmental impact of each product. Caple have revolutionised the design of many kitchen appliances, with built-in single and double ovens with a plethora of functions designed for perfectly cooking any meal. Caple have also led the way with contemporary small appliances such as steam ovens, microwaves, warming draws and built in coffee machines. Similarly, Caple hobs provide precision control and cutting edge induction technology as well as the popular gas and electric. All of which come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your kitchen design. Finish your kitchen with an eye catching cooker hood, fridge or freezer, washer, dryer and for those that enjoy entertaining, one of their many built-in wine coolers. Caple also have a proven track record in creating an extensive and exciting range of kitchen sinks and taps, amalgamating the latest designs with a high level of functionality.

Carron Phoenix

Carron Phoenix has been a popular and traditional manufacturer of sinks and taps since 1759 when it was founded in Falkirk, Scotland. Carron Phoenix sinks are made from hardened yet durable materials such as Granite, which is coated with Carron Phoenix's own Sanitized technology making the Granite sinks much more hygienic, reducing microbe growth by 99%. As well as Granite sinks, Carron Phoenix also produce Stainless Steel and Ceramic kitchen sinks, wonderful additions to any kitchen. These sinks; inset, undermount or module, can be complemented by a modern or traditional tap offering many features such as single or double lever, a pull out spray or water filter functionality. Not only does Carron Phoenix produce quality sinks and taps, you will be safe in the knowledge that they offer a lifetime guarantee on sinks and a 5-year guarantee on taps.


Consort is a Welsh company that has been manufacturing electric heating solutions for many years and have made major investment in the development of heating and air purification. Consort provides quality plinth heaters, which can be easily inserted in to the kitchen providing a simple heating solution. Consort products are recognised for their high quality and can be used with an array of other appliances.


Since the company's inception in 1919, Electrolux has grown into one of the worlds leading kitchen appliance manufacturers to the point where the company sells over 40 million products a year. These sales have been spearheaded by the vision and direction of Director Thomas Johansson and Design Project Manager Luca Comello who carefully consider extensive research in order to meet the day-to-day needs of a household. Electrolux aim to keep their kitchen appliances modern, distinctive and premium, and have achieved this by thrusting innovation at the very centre of their ranges.

Electrolux call their design process Thoughtful Design that covers the visual aspect of design, how the product feels, functionality as well as usability. Electrolux also have a long standing tradition of designing products specially aimed at professional kitchens up to the point that one in two chefs featured in the Michelin Guide in Europe use the whole range of Electrolux products in their restaurant kitchens. Electrolux have combined this extensive knowledge of professional appliances and have used it as an inspiration for their current line of kitchen appliances. Now you can use professional technology in all of your cooking appliances as well as refrigerators, dishwashers and laundry appliances.


A revolution in design and practicality, EVOline have created a much sought after space saving kitchen power supply. EVOline are forever researching compact power supplies to make working in your kitchen easier. The EVOline Port pop-up 3-socket power supply can be mounted in any surface and offers different finishes to match any kitchen design. The EVOline Port can be fitted to extend out vertically, horizontally or downwards, ideal for many uses throughout the kitchen and with the new model featuring USB ports you can even charge your phone or mp3 player.


Established in 1911 in Switzerland by Hermann Franke, Franke has gone on to become one of the most notorious kitchen sink and tap manufacturers throughout the world. Whether you're looking for Stainless Steel, Granite or Ceramic kitchen sinks; classic or professional coil kitchen taps or waste management solutions, Franke supply them all and to a high quality.

As Franke have been producing kitchen sinks since 1925 they have been at the forefront of product development that has shaped how we use the kitchen today. Franke has invested heavily in the research and development of new materials, and have matched this with a commitment to continually advancing the design of sinks and taps. It is because of this constant investment in research and development, and innovation and technology that Franke has managed to stay as one of the leading kitchen sink and tap brands.


Gorenje has quickly stamped its mark on the kitchen appliance industry through the manufacture of quality products coupled with the cutting edge design, as shown n their latest range from Karim Rashid. Since 2002, Gorenje has set its sight on bringing its wonderful products to the UK and have won customers round through the use of visually stunning, environmentally friendly and durable kitchen appliances. With over 60 years of experience and operating in more than 60 countries, Gorenje know what makes a quality appliance and have put this know how into the manufacturing of every one of it lines. Choose one of the retro fridge-freezers in up to seven colours, any of the cooking range from hobs, cooker hoods and built-in ovens, microwaves, washing machines, tumble dryers, washer dryers and dishwashers. Whatever your kitchen needs, Gorenje will have the appliance.


Created by Baumatic, Homeking is a brand designed to match the needs of those that are looking for a quality product but don't have a large budget. Perfect for landlords or those that are renovating a house before selling on, these Appliances look great and are available at an affordable price. These practical Homeking appliances include Cooker Hoods, Ovens, Hobs, Dishwashers, Refrigeration, and Laundry, and provide practicality, affordability, and durability.

Even though Homeking pride themselves on the low prices of their products, their appliances do include advanced features such as Fan & Grill, Safety Locks, Cast Iron Supports, Anti-Bacterial Surface, and more. Due to features such as these you can be assured that you will get a great product for a great price. Baumatic covers Homeking after sales service so you can be assured of a friendly, quick yet thorough service from Baumatic engineers if any problems arise.


Viewing the varied and stylish ranges, it's easy to why Readers Digest awarded Hotpoint 'Britain's Most Trusted Brand of Large Kitchen Appliance' for the 11th year running. Over 100 years, Hotpoint have made it their goal to produce intelligent appliances that out perform other brands against the modern demands of a family kitchen. With a host of other awards, Hotpoint are a clear favourite not only with customers but also those within the industry. Hotpoint built-in ovens include many specific functions to perfectly cook bread, roasts, fish, pizzas, cakes and more while the hobs offer precise control and powerful cooking in each of the Gas, Induction and Ceramic ranges. Match a cooker hood to your new hob from or range of 60cm, 70cm and 90cm hoods in Stainless Steel and glass. Hotpoint have also integrated their new technology into each of its white goods, including refrigeration, dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines. Not only has Hotpoint made usability simpler, they've also made them more efficient for you with the introduction of Eco Tech, producing high performance from low energy.


Indesit have created their products with three philosophies in mind: reliability, efficiency and functionality. Concentrating on these three ideals has meant Indesit kitchen appliances can stand up to continual use, ideal for family kitchens. Not only will you be assured that your hob, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, fridge and freezer will continually run at top performance but they will do so time and time again. Finally, the many freestanding and built-in kitchen appliances have been designed in order to make your household chores are as easy and less taxing as possible.


The lightweight hexagonal shaped armour plates worn by the Samurai; Simple by design, versatile by nature and unmatched in efficiency - this embodies the Kikko brand.

A superior quality and highly affordable range of kitchen sinks, taps and accessories; Kikko celebrate their individual style throughout their wide range of home products. By only producing sinks and taps to meet the needs of the consumer, Kiiko has quickly established their position as one of the most popular and successful kitchen sink and tap brands within the UK market. Not only have they continually improved their designs through new influences and technological systems, Kikko have also utilised the latest manufacturing technology to create only reliable and robust products for the kitchen. From single and dual lever to pull out spray taps, single or half bowl sinks, Kikko symbolizes true quality.

Tech Vision

Tech Vision, a UK based manufacturer of high quality built-in kitchen and bathroom TV's, gladly supply Appliance House with a range of waterproof TV's perfect for relaxing during a bath or as a space saving feature in the kitchen. All of their televisions are waterproofed and heated to stop condensation. We are proud to stock such quality and state of the art technology from a respected company.


KBSound are the number one manufacturers of integrated radios, specifically designed for bathrooms and kitchens. Easily installed without any unsightly wires or clutter on your worktop, KBSound are a hugely popular brand offering an ingenious solution to your audio problems. These invisible radios come in a variety of options, from FM frequency only to the modern DAB digital radio producing a crisper sound. Not only can you listen to the radio, you can also connect your mp3 or iPod allowing you to chill out or party throughout your house.


Manrose Manufacturing is committed to the expansion and improvement of the ventilation and fan equipment market. A British based company, Manrose has designed ducting with an innovative style, inspired by their many discussions with customers. Choosing Manrose ducting to ventilate your cooker hood will ensure all your requirements are met.


The Quooker tap was originally thought of by Henri Peteri in the 1970's, he wanted to develop a tap that would dispense boiling water. After selling early prototypes it received fantastic customer feedback due to its original design and amazing performance. In 1978 the high court verified Henri Peteri as being the inventor of the boiling water tap. From the end of the 1980's Quooker became a family business when Henri's son's Niels and Walter joined the company. Their introduction saw the design and launch of the Basic, Classic Design and Modern Taps.

Quooker taps come in a variety of finishes and designs and are safe as they are securely mounted on the worktop and feature a child proof push and turn handle. The Pro-Vaq tank that comes with the tap will be stored away under your worktop so only the tap will be visible. Quooker taps are ever increasingly becoming popular with chefs and celebrities, as well as being promoted on TV programs such as the Great British Bake Off. The increasing use of Quooker taps on TV as well as celebrity endorsements has generated an increase in interest from those with modern kitchens as well as those looking to add a modern touch to a classic kitchen.


Reginox have produced a wide range of products including sinks and taps in Rijssen, Holland since 1976. Every year the company manufactures more than 750,000 stainless steel sinks ranging from inset and undermount. Over the years Reginox have created over 100,000 sink designs and because of this, they offer a wide range of choice for any kitchen. Reginox follow a mantra of quality, innovation and design when creating their sinks and taps which help to create not just stylish and interesting products, but also durable and long lasting features. This quality has been appreciated not just in Europe but also worldwide as Reginox now boast offices in more than 50 countries.


The creative team behind Sovos has a long-standing history of developing a high calibre of audio/visual equipment. The Sovos range of kitchen TV's offer both quality in display and excellent storage to help save space in the kitchen. Sovos TV's come in varying sizes to suit your kitchen and with modern features such as Multi Region DVD player, Freeview and remote control, you can be safe in the knowledge that your audio/visual needs are well taken care of.


Zanussi appliances started being produced in 1916 by a young man called Antonio Zanussi. He lived in North East Italy where he began making stoves and soon began developing a wider range of kitchen appliances. A simple usability and great performance of their gas cookers saw the Zanussi brand flourish throughout Europe. In the 1980's Electrolux and Zanussi began a fruitful partnership that saw an increase in investment in Zanussi's product development. Although Antonio is no longer at the creative head of Zanussi, his original ideas are still the heart. Zanussi still produce appliances that are easy to use, affordable, durable, and that don't take up a lot of your time. From dishwashers to fridges, cooker hoods, hobs, refrigeration and more; Zanussi offer a practical solution to your every day kitchen needs.

Zoom by Abode

If you are looking for simply stunning cutting edge design then our range of Zoom by Abode Kitchen taps are for you. Developed by the kitchen sink and tap manufacturer Abode, the Zoom range of taps are of the highest quality.

The extensive range of Zoom by Abode taps come in a variety of designs, materials and functions, meaning you will be sure to find one to match your kitchen. From contemporary models with clean lines and features such as pull out spray handles to traditional taps inspired by classic styles whilst still benefiting form modern technology.

The entire range comes with a Zoom Home Installation System to make installation so easy that even the most timid DIY'er can fit it.