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A modern and efficient light source, LED lighting is the new way to illuminate your kitchen at a reduced cost to the environment.

Buying LED Lighting online is an easy task with Appliance House. You can save lots of money from the manufacturers RRP if you choose to buy LED Lighting online rather than go into your local store. We have tried to make the buying LED Lighting online process simple. If you have any problems making your appliance purchase then don't hesitate to speak to one of our appliance experts. We have a huge range of LED Lighting available for you to buy online. We are not a reseller of LED Lighting; we stock all of our own products in our appliance warehouse ready for you to buy.

Cheap LED Lighting UK

Cheap LED Lighting UK - At Appliance House we believe in value for money and this is why we are one of the cheapest places to buy cheap LED Lighting from in the UK. All of our LED Lighting is of the highest quality and the only thing cheap about our LED Lighting is the price!

LED Lighting Free Delivery

LED Lighting with free delivery - if you buy LED Lighting from us you may be entitled to free delivery with your LED Lighting order.

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  • LED Lighting LED Lighting At Appliance House, we have a range of energy saving LED lighting designed to truly enhance the feel of your kitchen. We have cabinet, plinth and strip lighting in stock, all with fantastic efficiency and modern sentiment.
  • LED Cabinet Lights LED Cabinet Lights LED Cabinet Lights are a truly effective way of lighting up the insides of your kitchen cabinets. Weve all emptied half a cupboard looking for something in particular, only to find it was right in front of your eyes the whole time we just couldnt quite see it. Cabinet lights also help you to see whats at the back of your cupboards rather than it being the lost and forgotten section! We have an array of types of cabinet lights from round to wedges to swan necked.

  • LED Plinth Lights LED Plinth Lights Adding plinth lights to your kitchen instantly transforms the room especially in low light. Adding another angle and dimension to the room, these plinth lights look genuinely impressive and sleek. We have a selection of strip, square and round lights, all offering unique and effective ways of lighting your kitchen floors and the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. The strip light, lights the plinth and edge of the kitchen floor continuously, whereas our square and round lights present a spot light look across the kitchen floor.

  • LED Strip Lights LED Strip Lights As well as lighting your cabinets and plinths, it only seems sensible to be lighting the most important area on your kitchen... the worktop this is where youll be working and preparing food and dark worktops arent ideal. Our LED strip lights are mounted underneath your top cabinets to shine down on your worktop. They are discreet and subtle but offer fantastic amounts of light from the LEDs. We also have our flexible LED strips for accurate positioning. These come in a multitude of colour including; White, Blue and RGB (with this you have the option to choose which colour you want via a controller). Our LED lights are energy efficient and are super effective!

  • Delivery Remember, all Appliance House our Kitchen Lighting qualifies for fast and efficient delivery service to mainland UK. All large items are delivered direct to the room of your choice. You can also opt for our Buy Now, Pay Later scheme. Just sign our credit agreement and pay a small deposit and you could qualify for finance up to 15,000.
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