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Find a GPS system for your car, an activity tracker for your favourite sport or a smart watch to monitor your activity in our sports and fitness electrical collection!

If you lead an active lifestyle or you're planning to embark on a healthier fitness regime our Garmin activity trackers and smart watches would be ideal for you. We have Garmin smart watches for both adults and children that allow you to keep track on your daily activity. We also have specialist golf and cycling products too. GPS bike computers and golf devices monitor your sporting performance with precision whilst providing accurate navigation for courses and cycle routes.

Within our sports and fitness collection, you'll also discover the Garmin Index Smart Scale. It accurately measures weight (lbs, kg, st), body mass index, body fat, water percentage, bone mass and skeletal muscle mass. If you are trying to maintain a healthy weight or training for an event, the Smart Scale will help you stay on target every step of the way.

Free Delivery On All Sports & Fitness Products Over 25.

All our smart watches and Garmin GPS devices are eligible for free delivery as purchases exceeding 25 will be delivered free of charge.

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  • Sports & FitnessSports & Fitness Hitting the great outdoors and keeping fit should be on everybodys agenda! Within our sports and fitness collection youll find activity trackers, smart watches, GPS devices and electric scooters which will keep track of your activity every step of the way.

  • Action CamerasSports Cameras Action cameras may not be essential but theyre most certainly a cool gadget to have! It is important to consider the video resolution before buying a camera. All our action cameras feature 4K resolution to create shots of the highest quality.

    The majority of action cameras are small and lightweight so they are portable and easy to take out with you. Mounting the camera to your handlebars or helmet keeps your hands free allowing you to enjoy your activity knowing youll be capturing all the action of the day, with excellent clarity.

    For shake free footage look for models featuring a gimbal or EIS (electronic image stabilization) EIS and gimbals minimize blurring and adjust to your movements to ensure video footage is as smooth as possible even on the bumpiest terrain. Dual screens allow you to switch between a front and back screen with just the touch of a button. This means if you want to be part of the action, you can!

    Our action cameras are built to withstand the elements so theyre a great choice if you love to go off piste, ride the waves or lose yourself in the jungle! With hydrophobic coatings, waterproof casings and cameras capable of withstanding extremes of temperatures from -10C up to 40C you have the kit to capture incredible footage, wherever you go.

  • Smart WatchesSmart Watches Keep track on your activity every hour of every day with a Smart Watch. Youll discover smart watches for both adults and children. Basic models will track steps and calories burned while others are capable of monitoring sporting performance, sleep patterns, heart rate and more.

    For sports professionals or those on serious training missions it is worth looking for smart watches featuring built-in mapping and navigation. Our top of the range smart watches will automatically track your progress and keep you on route in challenging environments keeping you motivated and safe throughout your training. They feature advanced monitoring and tools that are capable of evaluating your recent exercise history. Consistent performance monitoring enables the watch to alert you if you are training productively, peaking or over reaching too!

    For those training for a range of sports our Forerunner, GPS Collections are an excellent choice. Forerunner Smart Watches are ideal for use when running, cycling, swimming, skiing and snowboarding. Theyll keep track of steps, calories burned, monitor stress levels during your training and more. You can also take your training to the next level by pairing a heart rate monitor with your Garmin; HRM-Swim or HRM-Tri bands are specifically designed to measure metrics during your training.

    Help to keep children fit and motivated with a smart watch designed specifically for children! Childrens Garmin Activity Tracker Smart Watches can be synced to the free Vivo Junior App allowing parents to monitor their little ones activity. You can create your own activities and chores in the app that are personalised to your child; Brush teeth, make your bed, do 20 minutes of homework! Once a task has been completed a virtual coin will appear on their phone. When they hit their daily activity target theyll open up adventure moves on the treasure map via the app too!

  • Hiking Handheld GPSHiking Handheld GPS Casual walkers and experienced hikers should all take a handheld or wrist-mounted GPS device on their adventures. Our handheld GPS devices are designed to help you stay safe and connected while exploring the great outdoors.

    We have hiking GPS models to suit everyone. All our GPS devices that are tough and durable. For extreme situations look for Hiking GPS models that are water rated to IPX7. These models are water resistant and suitable for use in rain and snow.

    Our cheapest GPS hiking sat nav devices are easy to use and feature a monochrome display, more expensive models provide colour screens and more advanced features. All our satellite navigation systems plot routes and waypoints enabling you to plan your hike with ease. Models featuring a compass allow you to keep your bearings at all times while those including a barometric altimeter will also update your altitude.

    A Handheld GPS featuring TopoActive Maps is the perfect technical aid for hiking, cycling, geocaching and even fishing. These highly detailed maps include terrain contours, elevations, summits, water sources and geographical points. Mini, palm sized devices allow you to travel light when youre exploring off the beaten track. Despite their compact size, they are still packed with communication and SOS tech that will help to keep you safe.

    If you plan to go on an adventure that lasts days or maybe weeks, devices capable of providing Active Weather Forecast Updates and Weather Radar Displays are very useful. It is also important to consider battery life. Some GPS devices give you the option to switch between GPS mode, expedition mode and battery saving mode to extend battery life on lengthy pursuits.

    For peace of mind for you and your loved ones GPS models that offer monitored SOS functionality are worth consideration. In order to take advantage of this service a subscription to the Iridium satellite network must be activated. Once subscribed, your device will be capable of triggering an SOS to GEOS, the world leader in emergency response. They'll track your device, alert the appropriate emergency responders, and continue to stay in contact with you until help arrives.

  • Electric ScootersElectric Scooters Skate parks are becoming increasingly popular, as are electric scooters. Were not talking mobility scooters here, were talking about state of the art, modern scooters! Our collection of electronic scooters are stylish, functional and some even feature LED lights for a striking aesthetic.

    If you plan to travel to school or work on your new electric scooter, look for designs that can be folded and feature collapsible handlebars. The option to collapse your scooter makes it much easier to fit them into a locker or the boot of a car, plus they are also easier to carry once folded. Youll be thankful for a foldable scooter if you forgot to charge it fully before setting off too! Some models feature a set of auxillary wheels that can be attached to the scooter and used to wheel the scooter along which is another handy feature to look for.

    Once fully charged, you have the potential to cruise for miles on your new wheels, model dependant of course! It is worth checking the range available after a full charge. Travelling such distances at speeds of up to 18 mph warrants the need for good suspension. Selecting an electric scooter with decent suspension and shock absorbing tyres will alleviate jolts and bumps on the footplate and more importantly, your wrists, during the ride.

    A selection of electronic scooter manufacturers cover the footplate with skateboard style grip. This is a great feature as it will keep your feet firmly gripped onto the board, especially important when travelling at speed. To keep it clean and to retain friction on the plate, a simple Griptape cleaner will remove unwanted dirt.

    Check out smartphone apps for your model too. With particular scooter models, applications allow you to set cruise control from your smartphone. Other options include motor lock which effectively locks down your scooters motor, if someone tries to move your scooter it will sound an audible alarm which is a handy deterrent. Within these apps you can also check battery life, mileage and more.

  • Delivery Is Free On Orders Over 25 We offer free delivery on all orders over 25. This means every Sports & Fitness product we sell at Appliance House within mainland UK will qualify for free delivery via our speedy and efficient courier service.

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