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Introduce a Quooker into your life and say goodbye to the traditional kettle for good!

Quooker Boiling Water Taps are a wonderful Dutch invention; a tap where boiling water flows instantly helping to save time, water and energy. 3-in1 models like the Quooker Fusion supply, cold, hot and 100C boiling water all from one spout. With the addition of a Quooker Cold Water Filter you can also turn your Quooker tap into an exclusive 4-in-1 tap!

Within the collection you'll discover single boiling water taps too such as the Quooker Nordic. The Nordics dispense boiling water only and are the ideal option if you wish to keep your existing kitchen tap but also have the convenience of instant boiling water.

The Quooker Fusion and Quooker Classic are both highly desirable. To keep up with the latest kitchen trends Quooker have introduced a few new finishes to these models. The Quooker Fusion is now available in a sultry black and a striking gold finish and the Quooker Classic is available in an elegant nickel finish.

For those looking for a tap that provides unrivalled functionality look no further than the Quooker Flex. It offers all the features of the Fusion but with the added benefit of an integral pull out hose, great for rinsing dirty dishes and getting to those hard to reach corners of the sink!

You can expect to find many useful safety features on all Quooker taps including childproof push and turn handles and an insulted spout to ensure the safety of all users.

When you purchase a Quooker you are making an investment into a quality brand. Quooker add a touch of luxury to any kitchen, they're engineered with precision and aesthetically stunning.

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  • Quooker TapsQuooker Authorised Online Retailer A tap where boiling water flows instantly. A Quooker boiling water tap is a truly is a wonderful Dutch invention. Simply a kitchen tap on your worktop with a tank stored beneath. The convenience of having boiling water on tap is ideal for busy lifestyles and an absolute must have for any new kitchen.

    When we use a kettle we waste water, energy, money and time. Quooker has the perfect solution to all these problems, a space saving instant boiling water tap. The addition of a boiling water tap in your kitchen creates more worktop space too as your traditional kettle will no longer be required, ideal if space in your kitchen is at a premium.

    Did you know Brits waste a huge 145 million a year over filling kettles? That is a lot of wasted water! With a simple push and turn of the textured handle a Quooker tap delivers instant boiling water, straight into your pan or cup! The ability to boil and pour to exacting measures means hot water taps will help you to save water, energy and time, making them an environmentally-friendly option. Youll soon be wondering how you ever lived without one!
  • Quooker SafetyQuooker Taps Safety A vitally important feature of any hot water tap is that it is safe to use. Switching from kettle to hot tap will immediately make your kitchen a safer place as there is no risk of knocking over a boiling water tap! On average there are 7000 A&E visits per year are due to kettle related incidents!

    All Quooker boiling water taps have been designed with plenty of easy to use safety features to ensure the safety of all users.
    • Childproof push and turn handles - Stops children selecting the boiling water option.
    • Insulated sides - Does not feel hot to touch even after boiling water has just been dispensed.
    • Aerated spray In boiling water mode the water flows as a fine spray rather than a fast jet of water reducing the risk of scalding.
    • A red light is visible when boiling water is dispensed or when the tank is heating up.
    • Boiling water safety stop The boiling water function is immediately cut off when the spray hose is pulled out the boiling water cannot be activated when the hose is in use. (Quooker Flex models only).
    • Swivel spout Easy to fill heavy pans on the work surface.
  • Quooker Have An Excellent Range Of Boiling Water Taps Available:
  • Quooker FusionQuooker Fusion An all in one tap which dispenses hot, cold and boiling water from one spout. Fancy filtered cold water too? No problem! You can now turn your Quooker Fusion into a unique 4-in-1 tap by selecting a cold water filter as an additional extra.
    The Quooker Fusion is a great choice for both contemporary and traditional kitchens. Within the Fusion collection is the Quooker Classic. It has softly rounded aesthetics to give the tap a vintage feel. The Classic is a great choice for those who wish to embrace the modern day technology whilst also retaining traditional character within their kitchen design.
    Another bonus of the Quooker Fusion is that the tap will fit into the space of a standard mixer tap hole. It can easily be fitted to an existing or new kitchen without the need to replace worktops or your sink.

  • Quooker FlexQuooker Flex The Quooker Flex is the first ever boiling water tap to include an integral pull out spray hose. The Flex supplies hot, cold and 100 C boiling water. By adding a Quooker cold water filter it will also supply great tasting, cold filtered water too.
    The Quooker Flex has all the benefits and safety features of the Quooker Fusion but with the added convenience of a pull out hose, all accessible from one spout. The spray hose makes tasks such a rinsing dirty dishes, cleaning fruit and vegetables and getting to those hard to reach corners of the sink even easier. As soon as the flexible hose is pulled out of the tap the boiling water function is instantly switched off thanks to the boiling water safety stop.

  • Quooker Nordic Twin TapsQuooker Nordic Twin Taps Quooker Twin Taps are essentially two matching taps! One tap supplies boiling water only and the other is a standard mixer tap. Quooker Nordic twin taps are designed to compliment one another. Installed side by side they look elegant and stylish in any kitchen.

  • Quooker Nordic Single Boiling Water TapQuooker Nordic Single Boiling Water Tap Quooker Nordic Single Taps dispense boiling water only. If you fancy the convenience of boiling water on demand but wish to keep your existing mixer tap then this is a great option for you.

  • Efficient & Economical QuookersEfficient & Economical Quookers Quooker is extremely economical to run, the standby power consumption is just 3p a day. Once heated to 110C the water is stored under pressure in a special insulated Quooker Pro Vaq tank. The way it is stored ensures that with continued use, boiling water is always safe and sterile.
    The Quooker Pro Vaq tank sits beneath your kitchen sink and due to their patented insulation they are safe to touch, they are available in 3 and 7 litre size options. Most households would find the 3 litre tank perfect for their needs.
    A Combi tank option is also available, bringing instant hot (50-60C) and boiling water (100C) from a single tank, an extremely efficient and an economical way to produce both hot and boiling water where only a cold water feed is available.

  • Now Available...Sparkling, Chilled & Filtered Tap Water The Quooker Cube, bringing Quookers first 5-in-1 tap! Hot, cold, 100C boiling water, cold filtered and even chilled sparkling water all from one spout!
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