Buying Guide - Coffee Makers

Buying Guide - Coffee MakersThe ultimate appliance for the coffee lover. We offer 2 kinds of coffee maker; fully built in models that offer a true 'bean to cup' experience and smaller, very convenient pod type that can simply sit on the worktop.

The explosion in popularity of a 'proper' cup of coffee has arisen partly in thanks to the emergence of the high street coffee chains. No longer do we get asked whether we simply want 'a coffee', we are now faced with a cocktail of choices, strength, size and even the origin of bean.

Times have moved on from the drip system percolators with paper filters and a cup of coffee far from the barista made version we've now grown to love. Even the humble cafetière, although inexpensive and a step up from instant coffee it just doesn't quite hit the spot.

The latest fully built in appliances can offer superb coffee to rival your local coffee house with the convenience of being made right at home. All of our fully integrated coffee makers offer bean to cup in the touch of a button for the freshest coffee imaginable. The built in grinders only produce as much coffee as they need so that each cup is made from freshly ground beans for the best possible taste and essential to achieve a perfect 'crema'. Crema is the pure coffee extract you find on the top of an espresso resembling the head you'd find on a glass of stout, it's full of rich aroma and leaves a lingering flavour.

Buying Guide - Coffee MakersOur coffee centres produce hot water at the perfect temperature for making coffee 85-92°C, not too hot to 'burn' the ground coffee which can result in a bitter taste, but hot enough to extract the full flavour of the bean. Bar pressure is also optimised for making a good crema and that perfect shot of Espresso.

It's also worth remembering that our coffee makers can also produce hot water for tea and steamed milk for hot chocolate so any non-coffee drinkers can also enjoy the convenience of these built in drinks makers.


Buying coffee

Coffee loses its freshness very quickly so little and often is best. There are plenty of online stores that offer top quality coffee beans from around the world on a next day delivery. Stay clear of sugary coated coffee beans as these can cause damage to the grinding mechanisms.

Storing coffee

Glass, airtight containers at room temperature and away from bright sunlight are recommended for storing coffee for a week or two. If you must keep your coffee beans any longer be sure to put them in the fridge for up to a month to prevent the chemical reactions that produce stale beans and lifeless coffee.


Always use fresh water and run the auto-flush system before making your coffee to remove any air bubbles and pre-heat the pipes (our coffee machines do this automatically so remember to have a spare cup on hand for the small amount of waste water).


Never use detergents, just clean water after use. De-scaling programmes are best run twice a year, more often for hard water areas or heavy use.

Coffee Drinks

The chart below shows the various drinks that can be made from your fully integrated coffee machine, all based around a shot of coffee. Enjoy!
Buying Guide - Coffee Makers