About Us

Appliance House is all about providing the best quality appliances, sinks, taps and accessories for your kitchen, bathroom and around the home, at the right price and above all offering great service. We price check over 3,000 products daily keeping our prices very competitive; you can be confident that there is someone at the other end of the telephone or mouse and no one knows more about the products we sell. We've been specialising in the supply of built in kitchen appliances and all the associated accessories for decades and we're now able to offer our outstanding service here online.

You'll find thousands of products on our website, and yes, we do stock them! A lot of companies here online live in hope that the manufacturer has the item waiting on the shelf ready to be sold but the fact is they don't. We have made significant investments in stock and have chosen only a few, select, high quality brands to deal with, that way we can attempt to do justice to each and every brand by keeping higher stock levels. Uniquely, Appliance House also offer a full product range for the kitchen not just the appliances, all those finishing touches that really make the difference are also sold right here - that means just one delivery and even more savings.

If its advice you're after, take a look at our buying guides which feature everything you'll need to know when it comes to choosing a new oven, fridge, coffee maker or even flip down kitchen TV. You'll find a buying guide for each and every product category we sell, helping to make your life a little easier and we hope it saves all those hours of online research and product comparisons. If there's anything you're unsure about, just email us, or call us on 0330 002 0229

Above all, we're here to help and hope to make your buying experience as smooth and as simple as possible.