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We're delighted to offer a superb collection of smart home devices at Appliance House. You'll discover exceptional quality Video Doorbells, Security Cameras and Robotic Vacuum Cleaners are just one click away!

Switch on our amazing Roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaners whilst you go out and return home to a lovely clean, dust free floor! Robotic Vacuum Cleaners will automatically navigate their way around your home, avoiding obstacles and will continue to stay on 'course' until the hoovering is complete! Our robotic hoovers will even return to their dedicated charging station when the clean up operation is complete.

Stay connected with anyone who visits your home when you install a smart home video doorbell. With a ring video doorbell once you sync it up with your smartphone, tablet or PC you can see, hear and speak to visitors regardless of where you are!

Security cameras are no longer just for businesses, we offer an excellent range of security cameras for the home too. These compact, smart home cameras can be installed in and around the home, wherever you please. Remote connection to your smartphone means you can keep a watchful eye and communicate with anyone on your property when you are not home.

Free Delivery On All Smart Home Devices

At Appliance House we offer free delivery on all orders over 25.

You can take advantage of this excellent offer as all of our Video Doorbells, Security Cameras and Robotic Vacuum Cleaners will be eligible for free delivery.

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  • Smart HomeSmart Home We sell a selection of fantastic top of the range smart home devices at Appliance House. These include Video Doorbells, Security Cameras and Robotic Vacuum Cleaners. Over recent years, technology and capabilities within these smart home devices has improved significantly. Today's fastpaced lifestyle has driven a rise in the desire for Smart Home technology with many families now owning at least one smart device in their home.

    All our smart home products can be controlled remotely by smartphone or a computer. No matter where you are, you have the power to manage your home devices from one place which provides convenience and peace of mind.
  • Video DoorbellsRing Video Doorbells Install a video door bell outside your home & you will no longer need to worry about missing another important parcel delivery again! Video doorbells provide any home with security and convenience as you can watch over your home and interact with people at your front door, from anywhere!

    Our Ring Video Doorbells feature a wide angle lens to capture superior HD video footage. Ring doorbells work by detecting motion when people come to your property. Once motion is detected a notification is instantly sent to your smartphone, tablet or computer. If someone rings the bell, it tells you someone is at the front door and you can see them via your device.

    Complete with built in speakers and a microphone you can also hear and perform a two-way chat to your visitors in real time, from wherever you are! Night vision ensures clarity of footage even at night-time.

  • Security CamerasRing Security Cameras With such busy daily schedules the majority of our lives are spent away from our home. Smart Home Security Cameras add protection and security to our properties whilst we are not there. They enable owners to keep watch on their property, inside and out, from anywhere, anytime!

    Security cameras are capable of covering every corner of your home. Within our Ring Security Camera collection youll discover models suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With a choice of power options including battery operated, hard wired, solar and power over ethernet youll always find a security device to suit your requirements.

    Featuring a wide angled lens, built in microphone and speakers all our Ring Security Cameras provide excellent quality live, HD video footage. Once synced to your devices you can see, hear and speak to anyone who is at your property from your smartphone, tablet and PC. The cameras also have adjustable motion sensors so you will receive instant motion activated alerts. No matter where you are, youll always be the first to know who is on your property.

    A selection of Smart Home Security Cameras feature built in spotlights and night vision for when the lights are off. This ensures youll have clear video footage every minute of the day or night. For added security look for models fitted with a siren alarm.

  • Robotic Vacuums CleanersRoborock Robot Hoover Experience cleaning with a futuristic twist with a fantastic Robotic vacuum cleaner. Imagine returning home from work and the hoovering has been done, without the need to source a cleaner! With a Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner you can experience just that! You can programme your robot cleaner to work on a regular basis at specific times of the day.

    Our robotic vacuum cleaners can differentiate between carpet and hard flooring adjusting the suction level to suit the floor type. Robotic vacuums featuring 3D cyclone cleaning systems provide very powerful suction. They pick up the tiniest pieces of debris with ease to help keep your home smelling fresh and dust free. Select models are even capable of mopping the floor too!

    Our Roborock Robot Vacuums feature intelligent technology and dual electronic compasses making them capable of scanning rooms and auto mapping the layout. Using the Mi Home App you can schedule, save maps and set no go zones and more.

    You will no longer go to use your vacuum cleaner to discover you forgot to charge the appliance. Complete with an infrared dock charger, the robotic device is programmed to automatically return to the dock station for recharging once cleaning is complete or if the battery power is low.

    Recent engineering developments have seen a massive improvement in the cleaning performance of robotic vacuum cleaners. Fast, powerful and compact, our robotic hoovers are a great addition to any home.

  • Delivery Is Free On Orders Over 25 We offer free delivery on all orders over 25. This means every Smart Home product we sell at Appliance House within mainland UK will qualify for free delivery via our speedy and efficient courier service.

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