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Go out there and explore the wilderness! Outdoor enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover our range of premium GPS tracking devices and satellite communicators. Theyre built to withstand the elements so whether you plan to explore in the seas, skies or land theyll see you through your next adventure!

When you take a Garmin handheld GPS device on your next venture youll provide extra peace of mind not just for yourself, but to those closest to you too! Many of the devices we have on offer enable you to track and share your location with family and friends and if a dangerous situation arises some models allow you to trigger an interactive SOS to GEOS, a world leader in search and rescue emergency response, who are on call 24/7.

Free Delivery On All GPS Handheld Devices

We have a fantastic range of tough, durable handheld GPS devices suitable for those who love to push the limits and explore the great outdoors.

All our Garmin GPS devices are eligible for free delivery meaning there wont be an extra hike in the price you see online! The price you see, is the price you pay!

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Garmin, eTrex 10 GPS Hiking Sat Nav 2.2inch Display
Free Delivery
from 94.99 was 99.99 save 5.00
Garmin, eTrex 10 GPS Hiking Sat Nav 2.2" Display
FEATURES: Garmin, eTrex 10 GPS Hiking Sat Nav with 2.2" Display is a fantastic accessory for any one, from a casual walker to the more experienced hiker.

This Garmin GPS hiking sat nav has monochrome display meaning it can be easily read in any lighting while the easy display navigation make it quick to organise your trip. With memory for 1000 waypoints and 50 routes you'll be able to plan your hike very easily.

Keep yourself active using paperless geocaching. Visit to begin geocaching and discover the hidden gems others have visited. The Garmin eTrex10 will display location, terrain, difficulty, hints, and descriptions so you don't have to manually enter co-ordinates or print out any paper.

The Garmin eTrex systems can track GPS and GLONASS satellites at the same time. GLONASS are 20% quicker than GPS at locking on to a location and gives you the option to lock on to 24 more satellites., In mm - 0
Garmin, eTrex32x Hiking Sat Nav GPS 2.2inch Display
Free Delivery
from 204.95 was 219.99 save 15.04
Garmin, ETREX32X, GPS Hiking Sat Nav 2.2" Display
FEATURES: Garmin, eTrex32x GPS Hiking Sat Nav 2.2" Display comes with a 3 axis compass and a colour display.

Usable in any conditions, this Garmin GPS is water-resistant and readable in sunlight, great for any hike. The 3 axis compass will keep your bearings at all times throughout your hike and the barometric altimeter will update your altitude. The eTrex32x GPS comes preloaded with TopoActive western European maps so the guide can be used for journeys off the grid.

IPX7 water rating,
8GB memory,
200 routes and tracks,
Paperless geocaching,
Includes points of interests e.g. campgrounds, picnic sites
Automatic routing,
25 hour battery life, In mm - 103 x 54 x 33
Garmin, GPSMAP 66s Handheld Sat Nav Multisatellite GPS
Free Delivery
from 359.99 was 399.99 save 40.00
Garmin, GPSMAP 66s Handheld Sat Nav Multisatellite GPS
FEATURES: Garmin, GPSMAP 66s Handheld Sat Nav Multisatellite GPS

Quad Helix Antenna
3inch Sunlight-Readable Colour Display,
BirdsEye Satellite imagery
Active Weather Forecast Updates + Weather Radar Display
LED Flashlight
16 Hour Battery Life in GPS MODE
1 Week Battery Life in Expedition Mode
Paperless Geocaching
MIL STD 810G Ruggedness - Thermal / Shock / Water Performance, In mm - 62 x 163 x 35
Garmin, GPSMAP78S Marine Handheld Sat Nav GPS
Free Delivery
from 299.00 was 359.00 save 60.00
Garmin, GPSMAP78S Marine Handheld Sat Nav GPS
FEATURES: Garmin, GPSMAP78S Marine Handheld Sat Nav GPS is perfect for those who love watersports.

3-Axis Compass, Barometric Altimeter,
Paperless Geocaching,
High-Sensitivity GPS Receiver,
IPX7 Waterproof,
Wrist Strap,, In mm - 152 x 66 x 30
Garmin, Foretrex 701 GPS Wrist Mounted Ballistic Navigator
Free Delivery
from 554.95 was 615.00 save 60.05
Garmin, FORETREX/701, Foretrex 701 GPS Wrist Mounted Ballistic Navigator
FEATURES: The Garmin Foretrex 701 GPS navigator with elite softwear is constructed to military standards for thermal, shock and water performance. Complete with Applied Ballistics Elite softwear this compact device is capable of calculating aiming solutions for long-range shooting making the Garmin Foretrex 701 a superb companion for hunters and target shooters out in the field.

Simply pop on your wrist and navigate the world hands free, safe in the knowledge that the ultra tough, Foretrex 701 navigator is with you every step of the way. It also includes tactical features that are compatible with night vision goggles and jumpmaster mode.

The Foretrex 701 has the ability to track your location in the most extreme and harsh environments. It receives reception from three satellite navigation networks including GPS, GLONASS and Galileo.

Navigation sensors in the form of a built in altimeter and 3-axis electronic compass provide accurate tracking using GPS. The altimeter keeps you aware of your elevation bearing and accurately monitors ascent and descent while the compass keeps track of your bearings whether you are stationary or on the move. The built in barometer displays short-term trends in air pressure via the 200x128 pixel screen and can predict changes in the weather.

As you continue on your mission, you can save up to 500 important locations or waypoints in memory. Logging significant places such as your base camp ensures you can find your way back to a safe 'point' should the need arise.
When paired with a compatible smartphone you are able to receive emails, alerts and texts to your device. Download the Garmin Connect App and activate LiveTrack to enable colleagues within cellular coverage, to follow your journey too.

Battery life exceeds 48 hours in GPS mode, provides up to 1 week in UltraTrac mode and up to 1 month in watch mode.

In The Box;
Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition
Hook and loop wrist strap
Strap extender
USB cable
Documentation, In mm - 0
Garmin, inReach Mini Handheld Outdoor GPS
Free Delivery
from 279.00 was 299.99 save 20.99
Garmin, inReach Mini Handheld Outdoor GPS
FEATURES: Travel light on your next adventure with the Garmin inReach, Mini Satellite Communicator. Experience worldwide connectivity in the palm of your hand! The compact, lightweight inReach Mini enables you to stay in touch with emergency services and loved ones while you embark on land, water or sky bound activities!

inReach SE+ provides communication, location sharing and SOS functions all from one palm sized, durable device. Built to last, the small device is tough, impact resistant and water rated to IPX7 making it suitable for use in rain or snow. The Garmin inReach Mini also has a built in compass for basic navigation.

Explore anywhere and maintain off grid communication with the global Iridium satellite network. There is no need to worry about being within range of a mobile phone signal or encountering poor coverage! You'll need to subscribe to join the network but with a number of packages on offer there are options to suit everyone. With seamless worldwide coverage via the Iridium network, regardless of your location, you will be able to exchange two-way text messages to any mobile phone number.

Wireless connectivity and GPS-based location tracking allows you to share the progress of your trip and location via social. You can also communicate with other compatible Garmin handhelds or wearables in the field.

If you find yourself in a risky situation an SOS can be triggered via the inReach Mini device. Your distress signal will be sent to GEOS, the world leader in emergency response. GEOS operate 24/7, all year round. They'll track your device, alert the appropriate emergency responders, and continue to stay in contact with you until help arrives.

Downloading app's dedicated to the Garmin brings the ultimate convenience! You can sync a compatible iOS and Android device to your Garmin inReach Mini via Bluetooth wireless technology. The free Earthmate App is a navigation platform that allows you to access inReach features on your paired mobile device with access to maps, aerial imagery, U.S. NOAA charts and more.

For those interested in aviation,the Garmin Pilot App will turn your inReach Mini into an air communications link! You can send and receive texts while in the cockpit too. The inReach Mini is a handheld GPS device, therefore Garmin Pilot can determine its exact position to secure a georeferenced, aircraft position symbol on your tablet's moving map display. Using the web-based MapShare portal, the inReach Mini can track and share the progress of your flight to those following your journey on the ground!

The inReach Mini is available in orange or black.

It features a rechargeable lithium battery to ensure long battery life in every mode of operation;
Up to 90 hours use at the default 10-minute tracking mode
Up to 35 hours at 10-minute tracking with 1-second logging
24 days in power saving mode

You can recharge the device using a standard microUSB power cable or optional in-vehicle 12 V charger.

Dimensions; 5.17 x 909 x 2.61cm
Display Size; 2.3 x 2.3 cm
Display Resolution; 128 x 128 pixels
Weight; 100g
Unlimited Cloud Storage Included.

Included In The Box;
inReach Mini Device
Charging/data cable
, In mm - 0
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