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Eating healthy, fresh and tasty food is easy once you have a built in steam cooker installed. Steam ovens cook meat, fish, vegetables and other foods beautifully retaining vitamins, moisture and locking in fresh flavours. You can even create the perfect roast with a built in steam oven as a combination of steaming and roasting functions allows you to cook succulent, juicy meat with a crispy outer skin.

Expertly engineered and bursting with the latest state of the art touch control technology and pre-programmed recipes a steam oven is a fantastic choice for any modern kitchen. Cleaning a built in steam oven couldn't be easier too as food spillages do not dry onto the inside of the oven due to the moisture content in the cavity.

We have an excellent selection of top quality built-in steam ovens available at Appliance House. Our team have carefully sourced all the built in steam ovens in our collection from a small selection of high quality brands including Gorenja, AEG, Caple and De-Dietrich.

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Caple, SO110, Built In Steam Oven
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from 629.00 was 799.00 save 170.00
Caple, SO110, Built In Steam Oven
FEATURES: Caple, SO110, Built In Steam Oven with 36 litre capacity, touch control, Descaling programme, and 10 functions.

40C-100C temperature range, In mm - 455 x 595 x 511.3
AEG, BSK782320M, Built In Steam Oven
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from 1,140.00 was 1249.00 save 109.00
AEG, BSK782320M, Built In Steam Oven
FEATURES: The AEG BSK782320M SteamBoost Steam Oven works just like a fan oven with the added benefit of steam to enhance cooking. Steam locks in moisture for succulent and moist food on the inside and crispy on the outside.The unique feature of interval steam alternatessteam and fan cooking with 25% steam and 75% hot air. Features include Hot Air technology to provide even cooking throughout the oven, soft closing door giving a premium feel, and steam cleaning saving your time. Functions include fan controlled defrosting, base heat finishing, a keep warm setting and a Food Probe to monitor cooking. , In mm - 594 x 595 x 567 COLOURS: Stainless Steel
AEG, BPE552220B, Built In Steam Oven
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from 649.00 was 1249.00 save 600.00
AEG, BPE552220B, Built In Steam Oven
FEATURES: AEG's BPE552220B SteamBake E Pyrolytic Oven is more than a standard fan oven, it has a PlusSteam function to allow you to add steam at the beginning of baking for great results. AEG's Food Sensor probe measures the core temperature of a dish for precise cooking.

The innovative pyrolytic cleaning function means no more cleaning as one touch of a button turns food residue into ash, which can be effortlessly wiped away. This quality appliance has a lovely look and feel and has Soft Closing door technology for a premium feel. The outside of the oven stays cool to the touch due to a quadruple glazed door with a heat reflective coating.
, In mm - 594 x 595 x 567
AEG, KSK892220M, Built In Steam Oven
Free Delivery
from 1,299.00 was 1499.00 save 200.00
AEG, KSK892220M, Built In SteamPro Steam Oven
FEATURES: The AEG KSK892220M SteamPro Steam Oven has three cooking modes; fan, steam or a combination of both. The food sensor probe allows precise cooking exactly to your taste, and a humidity sensor automatically detects how much extra steam to use to achieve perfect cooking results. Extra features include a child lock for added safety, an 80 degree keep warm setting and fan controlled defrosting even for delicate items.
The look and feel of this oven is second to none with soft closing door technology and a single responsive command wheel on a streamlined dashboard. Isofront Plus quadruple glazed door keeps the heat in the oven contributing to this A+ energy efficient oven.

, In mm - 455 x 594 x 567
COLOURS: Stainless Steel
AEG, KSK782220M, Built In Steam Oven
Free Delivery
from 999.00 was 1299.00 save 300.00
AEG, KSK782220M, Built In Steam Boost Steam Oven
FEATURES: The AEG, KSK782220M SteamBoost Steam Oven is a fan oven which also has the added benefit of steam which locks in moisture for a succulent juicy dish on the inside, and crispy on the outside. A food sensor is included which is used as a probe to monitor the core temperature of the food producing perfect results to your liking. The Hot Air convection system ensures even cooking as hot air circulates throughout the oven. Features of this oven include a 43 litre oven capacity and a Isofront Plus quadruple glazed door, a steam self cleaning system, and a keep warm setting to maintain a temperature of 80 °C to keep food warm before serving. , In mm - 455 X 594 X 567 COLOURS: Stainless Steel
AEG, KPK742220M, Built In Steam Oven
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from 819.00 was 899.00 save 80.00
AEG, KPK742220M, Built In SenseCook Steam Oven
FEATURES: The AEG KPK742220M SenseCook Oven contains a food sensor which can be inserted into the centre of the dish to measure the core temperature for precise cooking. This is a self cleaning oven; you will receive a notification when your oven needs cleaning for you to activate the pyrolytic cleaning function which converts dirt into ash, ready for you to effortlessly wipe away!

Special features of this steam oven include Soft Closing Door Technology, a quadruple glazed door, top heat browning, base heat finishing, fan controlled defrosting, a large LCD display, and it contains a new convection system called Hot Air which heats every area of your oven evenly; this saves time and energy as temperatures can be reduced by up to 20%! This compact oven is packed with features and also has an energy rating of A+!
, In mm - 455 X 595 X 567
COLOURS: Stainless Steel
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