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If you live in a hard water area then the Quooker Scale Control Filter is certainly worth the investment.

Quooker boiling water taps are exceptional quality, however, if you live in a hard water area it is important that your Quooker receives the care it deserves. Quooker developed the scale control kit specifically to lengthen the lifespan of your Quooker by descaling and reducing the water hardness.

The Quooker Scale Control Filter also improves the taste of the water in hard water regions as it works with a high capacity ion exchange cartridge to improve the water quality.

The scale control filters can be easily replaced to ensure your Quooker continues to work efficiently for many years to come.

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Special OfferQuooker, Scale Control PLUS Water Filter
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Quooker, Scale Control PLUS Water Filter
FEATURES: The Quooker Scale Control Plus. Re-designed from the existing system to save space in the cupboard, especially if you have the CUBE system or restricted for space.

The Scale Control will lengthen the lifespan of your Quooker by reducing the water hardness. It is highly recommended for those who live in hard water areas and is simple to install.

The kit includes a Scale Control Filter Cartridge. Water passes through this ion exchange cartridge where is it cleaned and descaled (700L litres at 10°dH) This process improves the taste of the boiling water and will help to keep your Quooker Tap in excellent working order.

New scale control cartridges can easily be replaced at the end of their lifespan. This will be indicated by an acoustic alarm from the accompanying Scale Control Plus meter.

Simply twist the old cartridge 90° anti-clockwise to loosen, then 90° clockwise to tighten for the replacement. It is essential that filters are replaced as mineral deposits caused by hard water, can create 'scale' which, over time, can cause damage to your Quooker tap.

Maximum operating pressure 8.7 bar
, In mm - 470 x 100
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